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FeaturePoints App Review: Earn Real Cash Completing Tasks! (Payment Proof)

Updated: Sep 13

Hey everyone, Vince here! Welcome back to another blog post. Today, I want to share my experience with a new money-making app called FeaturePoints. Now let's dive into the review of FeaturePoints.

What is FeaturePoints?

FeaturePoints is a money-making app that offers real-life money in exchange for completing surveys and offers. The app also features a referral system where you can refer friends and family to earn additional rewards. One unique aspect of FeaturePoints is its variety of survey options, ensuring that you won't get bored with the available choices.

Is FeaturePoints Legit or a Scam?

The burning question many users have is whether FeaturePoints is legit or a scam. Based on my experience and research, FeaturePoints is a legitimate platform for earning money. However, there is one significant issue that some users, including myself, have encountered—the disqualification from surveys. FeaturePoints, like many other survey apps, may disqualify you from surveys frequently. This can be frustrating, especially if you're investing your time in hopes of finding a suitable survey. Keep this in mind if you decide to try out FeaturePoints.

My Experience with FeaturePoints: Surveys vs. Offers

In my pursuit of earning money on FeaturePoints, I primarily focused on surveys rather than offers. I found the offers to have high requirements, such as reaching a specific level in a game that often required spending real money. Personally, I prefer not to spend my own money while trying to earn rewards from free money-making apps. Therefore, I quickly gave up on the offers and shifted my attention to surveys.

Surprisingly, I have grown to enjoy completing surveys. Despite the time investment required, surveys on FeaturePoints are relatively easy to complete. The app provides a wide variety of surveys, which keeps things interesting. It's worth mentioning that FeaturePoints also offers a giveaway section where you can enter to win weekly cash prizes. While I didn't participate in the giveaways, they might be appealing to some users.

FeaturePoints Payment Proof and Pending Points

Now, let's talk about the most crucial aspect—getting paid. I am pleased to announce that FeaturePoints did pay me promptly after cashing out my initial five-dollar withdrawal. The turnaround time for the payment was impressive, taking only about 30 minutes. FeaturePoints allows a maximum cashout of $500, although personally, I can't imagine grinding surveys to accumulate that much. But who knows, maybe someone out there will achieve it!

However, I must address the issue of pending points. FeaturePoints has a pending point system where some surveys go into a pending state and require approval from the app. While in this state, the credits remain inaccessible. Unfortunately, half of my credits were in the pending state, which prevented me from cashing out the full amount. This pending point system can cause difficulties for users, and I hope FeaturePoints addresses this issue soon.


In conclusion, FeaturePoints is a legitimate money-making app that offers real-life money through surveys and offers. While the disqualification from surveys can be frustrating, the variety of survey options and the prompt payment I received are noteworthy. However, the pending point system needs improvement to avoid inconveniencing users.

It's essential to approach FeaturePoints, like any other money-making app, with realistic expectations. While FeaturePoints paid me, I can't guarantee the same experience for everyone. Remember to provide feedback and share your experience with the app to help others make informed decisions.



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