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12 Methods To Earn Money By Sharing Referral Links! - REAL Ways

Updated: 6 days ago


Full Written Review of 12 Methods To Earn Money By Sharing Referral Links!

How To Earn Passive Income By This Method:

Passive income is a great way to generate money without having to actively work for it. One way to earn passive income is by referring your friends, family, and people from around the world to various money-making platforms to earn an affiliate commission. If done correctly, this can start generating a sizable amount of passive income, depending on the platforms you use. In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the best money-making platforms that offer referral programs that can help you earn passive income.

Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is an app available on the Google Play Store that allows you to earn money by playing games, completing surveys, and tasks. By referring people to use Cash Giraffe, you receive 25% of the coins that they earn completely for free without affecting them, and they also receive 25% of the coins that you earn for free. This app offers different PayPal cash-out options that go up to $26.74, with a minimum of $0.67.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a fantastic money-making platform that offers over 100 different withdrawal options in Australia, where you can complete surveys, play games, and complete tasks and offers. It is available in multiple countries, and it has a referral program where every time one of your referrals completes a survey, you earn 25% of a bonus based on their earnings for free. If they earn 1000 points, which is equal to $10, you will earn 250 points, which is equal to $2.50 completely for free.

Easy Bucks

Easy Bucks is an earning platform that allows you to generate a decent amount of currency by completing offers, surveys, and tasks. The referral system allows you to keep 15% of your referee's earnings for free without affecting their earnings. Your friend also gets 250 coins as a welcome bonus. This app offers Amazon or PayPal currency withdrawal with a minimum of about $15 for 10,800 of the coins. You can generally make about $5 to $10 a day on Easy Bucks in Australia.

Buck Joy

Buck Joy is a relatively new application where you can earn money by completing offers, surveys, and referring people. The minimum cash-out on Buck Joy is $5 USD, and you can get PayPal, Amazon, and Visa as rewards. The surveys on this app are quite low paying compared to other platforms, but it has a solid referral program where you can earn 10% of what your friend earns with no limits whatsoever.

Survey Pirate

Survey Pirate is a money-making platform that offers various different ways to generate coins, including surveys, playing games, and completing offers and tasks. You can use these coins to cash out different rewards, including Amazon, app store, and PayPal cash. The referral system on Survey Pirate allows you to earn 100 coins plus 5% of all your friend's future earnings once your friend collects 200 coins from qualifying offers. This platform generally pays out within one to two days.


Honeygain is a bandwidth sharing software/application that allows you to share your internet connection with businesses in return for real money. It has a $20 minimum cash-out, and you can install it on multiple devices to generate more income. Honeygain has a great referral system where you get 500 honey gang credits by inviting friends, and you earn 10% of their earnings for free.

Loot Up

Loot Up is an outstanding platform in my opinion because of the simple fact that you can earn currency through doing so many different things such as watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, completing tasks and offers, and they even have giveaways on a daily and weekly basis. Not only can you cash out PayPal currency when you reach one single dollar, you have various other gift cards as well. You can even withdraw cryptocurrency once you reach five dollars. You can earn up to fifteen percent of your referrals' lifetime earnings, but it starts out at 10 and once you refer over 500 people it then goes to 15. Overall, very solid system in my opinion.

Free Cash

Free Cash is an outstanding platform in my opinion because of the amount of earning potential it actually has with so many different survey and offer wall providers. It easily has over 15 different withdraw methods as well. They've recently released a new referral system where you can now earn up to 30% commission on what your referees earn. Not only do your friends get a free referral case that includes various different prizes when they sign up, but if they earn one dollar or more within two days of signing up they get three more cases. You start off with a 5% commission rate and then you can go all the way up to tier 10 depending on your earning potential with the referrals. Free Cash has paid me every single time instantly by the way.


To me, YSense will always be probably one of the best survey providers out there on the market at the moment. It does have its own offer wall system as well, but essentially on YSense, you earn straight up USD currency. The amount of currency that you can earn on YSense is through the absolute roof. Depending on your country, age, and gender the prices are obviously going to change a lot. They also have a playtime reward area which doesn't pay that much. The referral system on YSense though is very impressive in my opinion. You can earn up to 30% of reoccurring commissions every time your referee makes money. Every time your friend completes a survey or an offer, you get 20% of that. Depending on how active your referrals are, you can earn up to 30% of that. They also have various different withdrawal methods.


Earnably is a money making platform where you can earn by either completing surveys, completing offers, or watching videos. It seems to have done an update recently where their system has gone to a point-based system where 10,000 points equal one dollar worth of USD currency. They have various different offer providers that you can go through as well. There are various different withdrawal options that I can go through if I choose to. This makes Earnably a very nice platform in my opinion, especially for completing surveys. Earnably also has a solid referral program where you earn 10% of whatever your friend earns, completely for free, forever without affecting them.


AttaPoll is the instant hang survey application where every single day you get rewarded with real PayPal currency for completing surveys. There are also gift cards available on AttaPoll as well. At the time of this recording, there's a five dollar minimum cash out needed here in Australia to get your instant PayPal currency. AttaPoll has an absolutely outstanding


the last method is called QMEE. QMEE is a top tier survey and offer platform everyone where you can literally complete surveys and offers on a daily basis to generate probably what I'd say is between three to five dollars per day without any real dramas whatsoever that reward you with straight up USD currency without any issues and the best thing is they literally have no minimum withdrawal from what I've seen and it's an instant PayPal cash out there is also shop back deals as well so if you shop through QMEE you get a little bit refunded back to your QMEE account. Now QMEE has quite the unique referral program when you're a fairy cashes out for the first time you can either choose to keep the full one dollar referral bonus keep 50 cents and give 50 cents to your referee or straight up give one dollar to your referee so that's why QMEE is very unique there is also the options of gift card withdrawals as well on QMEE which is excellent in my opinion although I'm fairly sure these have a minimum of around five to ten dollars okay everyone I hope that helps someone out there please remember to check out my YouTube channel and of course my website for many other money making reviews thanks for the support see you guys tomorrow.


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