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Earn Real Cash with These 5 PayPal-Paying Apps

Updated: 7 days ago


Full Written Review of Get Paid Instantly: The Best PayPal Money Making Apps

Intro To 5 Money Making Apps That Pay PayPal Cash

Hey everyone, Vince here, so today we're testing different money making applications. It's time to find out if they are still paying their players or have they turned into scams in the first application.

Cash Giraffe

Something very interesting has happened since the last time I reviewed cash giraffe. In order to actually earn money in cash giraffe, I have to install these applications and earn a certain amount of gems per level. This is completely different from when I first looked at it a couple of weeks ago, they've clearly changed their system a bit and now I'm curious to see what it's like in your own country.

With these type of systems, the best paying apps are at the top of the list and then as you scoot, your way down this list, you'll notice that it keeps going lower and lower and lower now. I have no idea why the developers have done this. I really do not like when these systems change on us, especially when I'm reviewing these types of applications and the systems change and it makes my video or article completely different to what you're going to see in your own country.

There is also a deal section, where it says earn with apps and with games and and with surveys. I don't know about you out there but I'm not going to go and complete any surveys on an app that's meant to pay us to play games.

Let's move on to the most important part if it's still legit or a scam so you'll notice at the top of the screen you have the balance area okay and apparently I have 20 000 gems now. This is the actual Cash Out area of cash Gerard here at least you can get some sort of idea of the gems needed for a certain amount of currency now obviously the higher the currency the higher amount of gems you're going to need a hat on today's article though we're testing out the highest cash out possible which is 26.74 but not only that, I actually withdrew about 38 worth of real currency from cash giraffe for this article.

You should be seeing those cash outs on the screen train right now for payment proof I am happy to say everyone that cash giraffe did pay me that 38 dollars within two days so at the time of this recording while cast giraffe is completely different from when I first reviewed it it is still paying the players which is great to see.


The next app is Cashyy play and win now. I really do want to love Cashyy play and win but I just cannot with how low it pays its players it has a very simple concept of completing missions and these missions are literally just installing games and playing them for a certain amount of time. It runs on a coinbase currency system and I have to say it does have a ton of missions now does variety always mean a better application in this circumstance no because as I said Cashyy to me could be so much better but it pays just so little to its plays which is a big problem.

When you play these type of applications, you want to make sure you get the best bang for your time and sadly I didn't find that with caching but let's just see if cash is actually still paying their players or not with a minimum cash out of being only 67 cents or so you can't really complain with Cash's little system here.

It's just it pays so little so it takes a long time to ever get to this point you need 4 999 coins to cash out 67 cents and as you can see here, it just keeps on going up and up and up as well as the actual Cash Out amounts so it all depends on how much time you actually want to dedicate I mean I would really skip this one if I had the choice someone cashed out 67 cents for today's article and within two days Cashyy did pay me that amount to my Paypal account so yes it is legit but does that mean it's actually worth it in my opinion absolutely not this should be like one of the last applications you try out on your list to see how it works in your country because I feel there are so much better out there.

Cash Karma

Next up we're checking out cash Karma rewards. I only actually recently covered Cash Cards around the channel a few weeks ago. It seems I've been rewarded a nice little bonus here. Cashing out on the application for those who do not know cash karma is a money making application that allows you to earn currency in multiple ways including surveys, playing games and completing tasks and offers.

It also has probably one of the most extensive Cash Out systems I've seen with many many countries supported which is always nice to see compared to other apps out there on the market runs on a point-based currency system as you can see here here in Australia I have three different Cash Out options with the minimum cash out for three dollars being 5 200 Karma points.

Every time you cash out on cash Karma, they actually will reward you as well for today's article,I tried the five dollar cash out for seven thousand seven hundred and fifty of the karma points and I was able to get a Redemption bonus there of almost 400 points while I wouldn't say cash karma is the highest paying application I've covered, it's probably lower tier to Mid tier.

It is still a solid application for what it promises and the fact that it's allowed in multiple countries is a big bonus I am happy to say everyone within two to three days cash Karma did pay me my five dollar PayPal gift card so that's always a great thing to see now while I'm not too sure what's available in your own country the only thing you can do is give cash camera a download and see what's available.

Money Turn

Next, we have money turn play and invest now. Money Turner was actually a very fascinating application to me because of the fact that you can actually have an investment system on this application of the coins that you generate.

The game runs on a coinbase system of course our job is to install the games that are available to clock up these coins per minute, the coins then become invested in your piggy bank then you have an investor level and then at the end of every week you get a certain percentage back based on your investor level completely for free.

This kind of system was completely unique to me and I've never really seen a money making app copy it by the way so what they have going on. Money term is very cool obviously the more games that you play the more coins that you're going to be able to generate for your time.

As you can see here on the list, now my job on today's article was to try and test out to see if money turn is still paying its players this is the cash out screen of money turn obviously the higher you go the more higher of coins that you need to be able to cash out this kind of runs in the exact same system as Cashyy and cash Gerard.

Today I cashed out 3.30 84 cents and I'm very happy to say within two days money turn did pay me my PayPal currency to my Paypal account the only problem is about money turn if you don't use it everyone it does take away your investor level so keep that in mind also when you cash out you actually lose the coins and your balance of course which means that you don't get that much back.

At the end of the week because you're going back to zero assuming you spend all your balance and funny enough at the time of this recording I only have one game available now for me to play on money turn so I really hope they update that list as soon as possible but thankfully yes money turn is legit.

Survey Spin

The last application is survey spin.Survey spin is a fantastic survey application that pays you straight up currency just for completing surveys as you can see on the screen right now.

In Australia, I have a whole abundance of different surveys to complete, as you can see here, four minutes of my time will give me 67 cents where five minutes of my time another 65 cents, 62 cents for five minutes of my time 63 cents, for three minutes of my time 71 cents for five minutes on my time the best thing about survey spin is that they have an actual bonus system when you complete a survey you get the spinner wheel I could give you a bonus up to 100 of the income that that survey would have earned you.

All it needs is a five dollar minimum cash out, survey spin now also has a wall system that was not there last time I reviewed it, so this is very cool to see whether or not it's actually worth your time or not that's to be decided still as I haven't fully in-depth tested it but that will be a future video/article coming up.

Don't you worry about that? It's nice to see that it does have an offer wall system though that wasn't there when I first reviewed it in my country Australia. I either have the PayPal cash out or the Amazon cash out and for the video I cashed out about eight dollars worth of currency of PayPal which you should be seeing on the screen right now that whole process and everyone I'm very happy to say within two days survey spin pain me my money without any issue whatsoever of about eight dollars and eight cents a very solid application indeed.


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