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CashKarma App Review: Earn Cash Rewards for Just Using Your Phone

Updated: Jan 25

Here Is My CashKarma App Review!

Welcome to my Cash Karma review fellow moneymakers! It's Vince here and I'm excited to dive into the world of earning real cash rewards with this awesome app. CashKarma is promising that it will pay us quite a large amount of money just to use the application and complete offers and tasks but is it actually legit or a scam?

Earning Methods

Daily Rewards Check-In

At the top of the CashKarma screen you will find your account balance prominently displayed. Additionally, there is a section dedicated to free daily rewards check in where you can earn free currency every day.

Playtime Rewards and Surveys

CashKarma offers a Playtime Rewards area where you can get paid per minute or per level to play games. Moreover there is an impressive range of survey providers available on the platform. You can try and complete surveys from various providers which adds to the diversity of earning opportunities.

Additional Offers and Cash Karma Offers

Apart from surveys CashKarma also provides additional offers eliminating the need to navigate through offer walls. However, the most rewarding section in terms of earning coins for your time is the CashKarma Offers section. As you scroll down you will notice different amounts of coins offered for each task. The difficulty level determines the coin rewards and the availability of specific applications may vary based on your country, age, and gender.

Tailored Experience

It's worth noting that your CashKarma may differ based on your location and the content displayed on the screen will vary depending on whether you reside in the United States, the Philippines, Australia or any other country.

Cash Out Options

CashKarma offers a variety of cash-out options for users to redeem their earnings. In this section, we will explore the available withdrawal methods and the earning potential associated with each option.

Available Withdrawal Methods

In the CashKarma app, you can access the withdrawal methods by navigating to the "Rewards" section, located at the bottom of the screen. The available withdrawal methods may vary depending on your country.

Country-Specific Options

Cash Karma stands out by providing support for multiple countries. By accessing the top right corner of the app, you can change your country and explore the cash-out options available in that particular region.

Worldwide Option

For users worldwide, CashKarma offers a convenient PayPal cash out option. Currently this is the only withdrawal method available for users across different countries.

PayPal Cash-Out

Upon selecting the PayPal option, you will find various cash-out thresholds and corresponding coin requirements. The minimum cash-out amount is three dollars, which requires five thousand two hundred coins. Other cash-out options include:

● Five dollars (seven thousand seven hundred and fifty coins).

● Ten dollars (fourteen thousand five hundred coins).

● Twenty-five dollars (thirty thousand coins).

● Fifty dollars (fifty-two and a half thousand coins).

Redeem Bonus

Upon successfully cashing out, CashKarma provides users with a redeem bonus. Although the bonus amount is relatively small, it is a noteworthy feature of the app, adding a touch of generosity to the withdrawal process.

Checking Available Options

When planning to cash out on CashKarma each country has their own set of cashout options so this is something to keep in mind before using it. What this means is depending on where you live the amount of currency you get could be completely different.

Profile Bonus Tab

Unlock Achievements and Earn More Rewards

At the bottom of the screen you'll find the profile tab which serves as a valuable resource for tracking your progress on CashKarma. By using the app more frequently you can unlock various achievements and earn additional coins. Each achievement tier offers a greater number of coins making it easy to grasp the system. You'll notice different badges associated with specific actions within the app such as signing up, verifying your account, or inviting friends. These badges represent extra earning potential providing you with a permanent bonus feature.

Play Time Rewards and Screen Out Bonuses

CashKarma offers PlayTime reward achievements, where you accumulate points based on the duration of your app usage. The more time you spend using the app's Playtime reward feature, the more points you'll receive. Additionally, CashKarma even rewards you for being screened out of surveys. When you encounter disqualifications, the app grants you a small bonus in the form of screen out credit. This thoughtful gesture sets CashKarma apart from other applications that overlook such circumstances.

Daily Check-ins and Offer Completions

Consistency is key to CashKarma, as checking in every day earns you achievements. The more consecutive days you check in, the more rewards you'll receive. Furthermore, completing multiple offers can also unlock achievements and boost your earnings. For every set of completed offers, you can earn up to 500 points.

Video Badge and Advertisements

While there are no specific options to watch videos for earning currency on CashKarma, the video badge suggests that watching advertisements may be involved. Although not explicitly mentioned, the app does provide incentives for watching ads, ensuring that you receive something in return for your time and attention.

By highlighting these key aspects of the Profile Bonus Tab on CashKarma, users can better understand how to maximize their earning potential and enjoy the benefits of the app's reward system.

Referral System

Have you heard about the "Invite a Friend" tab on Cash Karma? It's actually pretty cool. You see Cash Karma has this referral system that rewards you for inviting your friends to try out the app. So here's how it works the first time your friend earns a reward through Cash Karma you get 500 points as a bonus! And that's not all you'll also receive 30% of everything they earn for free. Yep you read that right completely free and without affecting their earnings at all.

Plus, when your friend signs up with your code they get 300 Karma points just for joining!

Earning Potential

1. Daily Rewards: Scratch Cards for Different Days

You can access a section with scratch cards representing various rewards by tapping on the daily rewards area. Missing a single day will reset your progress. Scratch the card to reveal rewards, such as multipliers and points. While the points earned may not be significant, it's a free opportunity to accumulate some points.

2. Bonus Section: Watching Video Ads for Points

In the bonus section, you can watch video ads to claim points. However, the points earned per ad may not be worth the time invested. The primary incentive to engage with this section is to attain an achievement badge.

3. Playtime Rewards: Limited Earnings

Cash Karma offers Playtime Rewards, allowing users to earn points by playing games. However, the earning potential is capped, with the highest amount being 350 points. Generating 14 points per level, it may be challenging to earn substantial rewards through this feature, at least in certain countries like Australia.

4. Tap Research: Limited Points and Lengthy Surveys

The Tap Research section offers surveys but caps earnings at around 280 points. Unfortunately, the surveys tend to be lengthy, making them less appealing. Users might find better alternatives for surveys on other platforms.

5. Ethereum Reach: Improved Bonuses and Decent Surveys

Ethereum Reach provides additional bonuses and decent surveys. With the option to complete offers and earn karma points, it presents a more favorable alternative to Tap Research. The surveys available on Ethereum Reach tend to be comparatively better.

6. In-Brain Surveys: Better than Tap Research

In-Brain Surveys offer better options compared to Tap Research. Although the payout for surveys may still be low, the variety of surveys available makes it a more promising choice.

7. Ascend Media: Variety of Offers, but Comparatively Lower Pay

Ascend Media offers a variety of offers, but it may not provide the highest payout. While it is decent, other applications and platforms might offer better-paying alternatives for the same types of offers.

8. Polefish: Straightforward Surveys with Low Points

Polefish is a survey provider that directly takes you to a survey without much browsing. While it offers straightforward surveys, the points earned are relatively low.

9. Additional Offers: Varying Coin Difference

Cash Karma promotes additional offers, which can significantly differ in terms of the coins earned compared to survey providers. Explore this section to discover potential offers available in your country. However, it is advisable to consider other applications in your country and manage your time wisely.

Overall, cashKarma provides various ways to earn points, but the earning potential may vary depending on the feature or provider. Exploring different options and comparing with alternative applications in your country can help maximize your earnings.

Is CashKarma Legit or Fake?

CashKarma is like the most basic entry level money making application okay you're not going to earn anything serious but I'm only talking from my own experience and the prices I have available in Australia. So, with regard to cash Karma and if they actually do pay out, in my experience I had no problems with it, and it only took two to three days to get paid out.



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