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Is Boints App the Fastest Way to Cash Out? A Real Review.

Updated: Jan 25

Hey everyone, it's Vince here. Welcome to my Boints review! Today, I'll be sharing my personal experience with Boints and discussing whether it's a real legit way to earn money by playing games, completing surveys and participating in offers online. So let's dive right into it!

Introduction to Boints

When I first came across Boints on the Google Play Store, I was intrigued by its 4.2 star rating and over a million downloads. The app makes some enticing claims such as cashing out within five minutes and offering instant cashouts. I decided to put it to the test and see if they live up to their promises.

Exploring the Boints App

Upon opening the app, I noticed the Boints currency displayed at the top of the screen and a cashout button on the right side. One thing that immediately caught my attention was the statement that there's no minimum cashout. That was definitely a positive sign for me. The Play games button was prominently featured, and there were different sections to explore within the app.

Playtime Rewards

In the Playtime Rewards section I found a list of games that I could play to earn Boints. Each game had a maximum value and the longer I played, the more Boints I could earn. However I must admit that the Boints earned from these games were relatively low. It seemed like Boints wanted me to take advantage of their promotion where playing five games for at least 15 minutes each would earn me five dollars worth of Boints.

Quick Boints and Surveys

Under the Quick Boints area, I had the option to watch videos to earn Boints. However, the Boints earned per video were quite low, so it may not be the most efficient use of time. There were also surveys available to complete for Boints. The surveys offered different rewards, ranging from 10 cents to 56 cents. Whether or not to complete surveys is a personal preference, but it's worth noting that the Boints earned can be converted to real-life currency.

Referral System

Boints also has a referral system where I could invite friends and earn 10% of their Boints without affecting their earnings. It's a cool feature if I wanted to invite my friends to join the app and earn together.

Daily Tournaments

The app offers daily tournaments where the top Boints earners have a chance to win cash prizes. The tournament winners are announced at the end of each day providing an opportunity to earn extra Boints.

Extra Boints and Offers

In the Extra Boints section, there are different offer walls such as Platinum, Diamond, Gold, Bronze, Purple, and Easy Surveys. These offer walls provide various offers and tasks to complete for additional Boints. The Platinum offer wall, which currently has a two times earning bonus, seems to offer better rewards compared to the others. It's essential to compare the prices and rewards on different offer walls to maximize the value for the time invested.

My Experience with Boints

I decided to try out the cashout method on Boints and received my payment within two days. While the earnings from playing games were relatively low I managed to cash out around 14 cents USD after approximately 15 minutes of playing a single game. It's worth mentioning that if I had accumulated $2 or more, I could have received an instant cashout.

Is Boints Real Legit or a Scam?

Based on my experience, I consider Boints to be a legitimate app for earning money. It offers various ways to earn Boints, including playing games, completing surveys, and participating in offers.

Is Boints Payment Proof Possible?

While the earnings may not be substantial the low minimum cashout requirement and the Bonus Bank feature are definite advantages. As with any money-making app, it's important to choose the most rewarding tasks and offers to make the most of your time.



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