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Bling Games App Review: Are They Real or Fake? - Payment Proof

Updated: 2 days ago


If your intrigued by the idea of earning Bitcoin while playing games on your phone you've probably heard of Bling Financial This developer has created a suite of seven different apps that promise to reward you with Bitcoin for playing casual games But is it worth your time I spent hours diving into these apps to find out.

How Does Bling Financial Work

The Earning Mechanism

Bling Financials apps are essentially games that reward you with Bitcoin for playing them The way they manage to pay you is through advertisements As you play you'll encounter ads and a fraction of the revenue generated from these ads is then given to you in the form of Bitcoin

Payment and Withdrawal

To withdraw your earnings you'll need a Coinbase crypto wallet as Bling currently only supports Coinbase Once the Bitcoin is in your Coinbase account your free to trade it hold it or do whatever you please

The Seven Apps A Quick Overview

Bitcoin Blast

This is a match3 game where you have to align similar colours of Bitcoin icons Its simple but gets challenging as you progress I earned around 20000 to 30000 in game coins from this app

Bitcoin Blocks

Another match3 game but this time your matching coloured blocks Again its straightforward but gets harder as you go along

Bitcoin Pop

In this game you shoot balls at other balls to match colours and earn coins Its a fun and easy way to earn some Bitcoin

Bitcoin Food Fight

This app involves throwing knives at pieces of fruit on the screen Its fun but can get challenging as you need to time your throws perfectly

Sweet Bitcoin

This is another match3 game but with a twist You have to spread bubble gum around the screen and pop objects Its more challenging than the other apps

Bitcoin Solitaire

If your a fan of Solitaire this app is for you Even if your new to the game the app provides hints to help you along

Bitcoin Sudoku

This is Sudoku with a Bitcoin twist If your familiar with Sudoku you'll find this app easy to navigate For beginners there's a hint system to help you out

Earning Potential What Can You Really Make

After playing these games for about five and a half hours I managed to accumulate around 200000 in game coins When I cashed out I received approximately 17 cents worth of Bitcoin While the payout was quick within three hours the amount was disappointing given the time investment

Is It Worth It

The answer depends on your goals If your looking to make a significant amount of money these apps may not be for you However if you enjoy casual gaming and are interested in accumulating small amounts of Bitcoin over time you might find these apps worthwhile

User Experience and Interface

Design and Usability

One of the first things you'll notice about Bling Financials apps is their user-friendly interface The design is clean intuitive and doesn't require a steep learning curve This makes it easy for anyone regardless of age or Tec savviness to jump right in and start playing The games are simple enough to understand and the in-app navigation is straightforward

The Shared Account Feature

One Account Across All Apps

A unique feature of Bling Financials suite of apps is the shared account system You can use a single account across all seven apps which means the balance you earn in one app rolls over to the next This is a convenient feature for those who plan to use multiple apps as it simplifies the management of your earnings

Skill Based Gaming

A Challenge for Everyone

While the games are generally easy to understand they do offer varying levels of difficulty This makes them accessible to both casual gamers and those looking for a bit of a challenge Whether your matching colours in Bitcoin Blast or timing your knife throws in Bitcoin Food Fight there's a skill curve that keeps the games engaging

Time Investment vs Earnings

Is It Worth Your Time

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the time you'll invest in playing these games versus the Bitcoin you'll earn I spent about five and a half hours playing these games and earned roughly 17 cents While the games are fun the low earning potential may not justify the time investment for everyone

Market Value of Bitcoin

How It Affects Your Earnings

The amount of Bitcoin you earn is also influenced by its current market value When Bitcoins value is high you'll earn less of it and vice versa This means that your earnings could potentially be worth more in the future if the value of Bitcoin increases but its a gamble

Daily Limitations

Up to 20 Levels Per App Per Day

Each app has a daily limit of up to 20 levels that you can play This limitation could either be seen as a way to prevent users from earning too much too quickly or as a method to keep users coming back each day Either way its something to consider when calculating potential earnings


The Role of Ads in Earnings

Advertisements play a significant role in these apps They are the primary revenue source for Bling Financial part of which is then distributed to the users While ads can be a bit disruptive they are the reason the apps can offer Bitcoin rewards in the first place

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings

Playing Smart

If your committed to earning as much as possible consider developing a strategy For instance you could focus on the games your best at to maximize your daily earnings Alternatively you could play all seven games each day to accumulate a more significant amount of Bitcoin over time

Withdrawal Process

Speed and Reliability

One of the strong points of Bling Financials apps is the quick and reliable withdrawal process I received my Bitcoin in my Coinbase account within three hours of requesting a withdrawal This quick turnaround is a positive aspect that adds to the overall user experience

Community and Support

What If You Run Into Issues

While I didn't encounter any problems during my time with the apps its worth noting that Bling Financial has a support system in place If you run into any issues or have questions you can reach out for assistance adding an extra layer of reliability to the service

Final Verdict

To Play or Not to Play

In conclusion Bling Financials apps offer a fun and straightforward way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin However the low earning potential may not be worth the time investment for everyone If your a casual gamer who enjoys skill based games and is interested in earning some Bitcoin on the side these apps could be a good fit for you


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