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Is Bingo Jungle App Really Worth Playing? My Honest Review of Earning $20 Per Bingo Game

Updated: Jan 25

Introduction To My Bingo Jungle App Review

Hey everyone, Vince here, and welcome to my Bingo Jungle review! Bingo Jungle has been making quite a buzz with its advertisements, bombarding my phone incessantly. Today I'm going to find out if we can actually get some payment proof or cash out evidence for the Bingo Jungle App.

The Intriguing Features and Permissions of Bingo Jungle

When I first launched Bingo Jungle I was taken aback by its request for my location via GPS tracking. It even wanted permission to make phone calls on my behalf. While this could be a simple permission issue I still chose to deny these requests. Let's take a look at what Bingo Jungle offers once you start using it.

Unveiling Bingo Jungle's Main Features

Upon launching the app, you'll notice a promotion offering a free entry with a deposit of $5. This deposit supposedly gives you a chance to win $15. It's important to note that this app heavily emphasizes depositing real money to fully enjoy its features. Bingo Jungle presents various games with their own prize pools, creating a competitive tournament-like atmosphere.

The Gem Practice Area and Bonuses

You'll find the gem practice area at the bottom of the screen this is where you can familiarize yourself with the gameplay mechanics. When you first sign up you receive a bonus of 50 cents which can be claimed instantly. It's worth mentioning that despite the app's advertisements suggesting that you can earn without spending real money it appears that most of the app's benefits are unlocked through deposits.

Exploring Bingo Jungle's Premium Areas and In-App Purchases

Many of Bingo Jungle's features are locked behind premium areas, requiring additional funds. Tapping on the plus symbol reveals the different deposit options and bonuses available. The app provides bonus money for larger deposits, which may be enticing for bingo enthusiasts. The starter pack, in particular, offers great value as it doubles your deposit and provides additional tickets.

The Bingo Experience and Gameplay

Bingo Jungle offers a speed round version of bingo which can be exciting but quite hard. The app's design is visually appealing and it provides clear rules for gameplay. You can also customize the numbers that appear on your board allowing for a faster bingo experience. By utilizing power ups can become challenging as it can be overwhelming to keep track of everything.

Is Bingo Jungle Legitimate or a Scam?

Now, let's address the burning question: Is Bingo Jungle a legitimate app or a scam? From my experience, I can say that Bingo Jungle is not inherently a scam. It does provide a platform to enjoy bingo games, and if you're willing to invest real money, you can potentially earn rewards. However, it's important to approach the app with caution, as many features are locked behind premium areas and require additional funds.

Possible Payment Proof and Withdrawal Process

If you're considering using Bingo Jungle you might be wondering about the payment process and whether it's reliable since the app offers withdrawal options via PayPal or debit/credit cards. There are processing fees with PayPal withdrawals and it can take up to six weeks to receive your payment. Cashouts are limited to one per payment so keep this in mind before making a withdrawal.

Final Verdict: Is Bingo Jungle Worth It?

Bingo Jungle offers an intriguing gaming experience for bingo enthusiasts. If your primary goal is to earn money without depositing real funds it might not be the most viable option. While the app does provide opportunities to earn gems and claim some rewards the majority of the games potential lies in depositing money. Bingo Jungle is currently in early access which could pose some concerns.

Bingo Jungle can be a fun game to play but it's important to approach it with realistic expectations. If you enjoy the thrill of bingo and are willing to invest some money you might find the app worthwhile. For the average person looking to earn substantial money without spending the app might not be the best choice.



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