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Arc8 App Review: Mine Free GMEE Tokens! - Payment Proof

Updated: Sep 13

The world of gaming and cryptocurrency is colliding in fascinating ways and I've recently stumbled upon a platform that's caught my attention GAMEE and its associated Arc8 platform In this blog post Ill share my personal experience and insights into this intriguing ecosystem.

What is GAMEE

GAMEE is a mobile gaming platform that initially offered tickets that could be converted into real-life money The platform has now evolved to include its own cryptocurrency token known as the GAMEE token This token can be used within the GAMEE ecosystem and is currently valued at 26 cents in American currency although the price is highly volatile.

How Does GAMEE Work

GAMEE started as a platform where you could earn tickets by playing games or completing mobile game offers These tickets could then be converted into real money However the platform has now introduced its own cryptocurrency token which can be earned in similar ways GAMEE is also pushing its new platform called Arc8 which allows you to mine GAME tokens The mining is cloud based so it doesn't affect your mobile phones performance.

Ways To Earn Money On GAMEE

There are several ways to earn money on GAMEE.

Playing Games

Compete against other players in various games to earn tickets or GAME tokens.

Completing Offers

Complete mobile game offers to earn tickets or GAME tokens.


Use the Arc8 platform to mine GAME tokens.

Referrals Invite

friends to join the platform and get a 20 increase in tokens mined.


Yes GAMEE is free to join and participate in The platform makes money through in-app purchases and advertisements but you are not required to spend any money to earn tokens or tickets.

My Personal GAMEE Experience

I initially thought GAMEE was just another gaming app that offered tickets for money However upon revisiting the app I discovered the GAME token and the Arc8 platform I was intrigued by the idea of mining tokens and participating in a new form of competitive gaming Although I'm new to this I find the concept extremely exciting.

Can You Earn Money On GAMEE

Absolutely you can earn money on GAMEE through its token system The tokens can be converted into real money and there's also the potential for the tokens to appreciate in value offering another avenue for earnings.

Is GAMEE Legit or a Scam

Based on my experience and research GAMEE appears to be a legitimate platform It has a transparent business model and offers real ways to earn money through gaming.


While I haven't encountered any issues with GAMEE its essential to exercise caution especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies Always do your own research and understand the risks involved.

Is GAMEE Real or Fake

GAMEE is a real platform with a tangible product They have an app available on the Google Play Store and their own cryptocurrency token making them a legitimate business.

Withdrawing and Cash Out Experience

I haven't reached the point where I can withdraw my earnings yet but the platform does offer ways to cash out your GAME tokens Always make sure to read the terms and conditions before withdrawing.

The Arc8 Platform A Closer Look

While GAMEE is the parent platform Arc8 deserves its own spotlight This sub platform is where the cloud based mining of GAME tokens happens Its also the platform that will eventually host competitive cryptocurrency games Currently you can only play one game on Arc8 as a preview but the promise of more games and an entire ecosystem based on the GAME token is tantalizing.

The Fluctuating Value of GAME Tokens

The value of GAME tokens has been highly volatile going from around 10 cents to 26 cents in just three months This fluctuation could be a double-edged sword On one hand if you invest and the value goes up you stand to make a profit On the other hand the value could just as easily plummet leaving you with less than you started with.

The Role of Referrals in Earning More Tokens

One of the features that caught my eye was the referral system By inviting friends to join the platform you can increase your mining rate by 20 per friend This is a clever way to grow the platforms user base while also incentivizing current users to earn more tokens.

The Timeline What to Expect and When

The referral bonus and mining features are only available until October 20th according to the platform After that Arc8 is expected to go live with its full features This limited time offer adds a sense of urgency to get involved and start mining as many tokens as possible.

The Transition from Tickets to Tokens

GAMEE initially started with a ticket system where you could earn tickets by playing games and then convert these into real money The introduction of GAME tokens is a significant shift in the platforms model moving from a simple ticket system to a more complex cryptocurrency based ecosystem.

The NFT Factor in GAMEE and Arc8

While the platform has not fully launched its features there is talk of introducing NFTs Nonfungible Tokens into the ecosystem This could add another layer of complexity and opportunity as NFTs have proven to be valuable digital assets in other platforms.

Staking Features An Unexplored Territory

The platform also hints at some sort of staking feature for GAME tokens While I don't have all the details yet staking usually involves holding a cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the operations of a blockchain This could be another way to earn more tokens or even passive income.

The Competitive Aspect How Games are Played

Arc8 promises to bring competitive cryptocurrency games into the market Currently you can play a game called Pixel Dungeon which seems to be a preview of what's to come The competitive nature of these games could make the platform more engaging and could be the key to its success.

The Variety of Upcoming Games

The Arc8 website teases a variety of games that will be available once the platform is officially launched From what I could see the games look diverse and interesting promising something for every type of gamer out there.

The Absence of Gambling Features

One thing I noticed is that there doesn't seem to be a gambling aspect to Arc8 You cant wager your GAME tokens against other players in games which could be a positive or negative depending on your perspective.

The Importance of Community Involvement

The platform seems to be encouraging community involvement not just through its referral system but also through its competitive gaming features The more people get involved the more valuable the ecosystem becomes which could in turn increase the value of GAMEE tokens.

The Learning Curve Cryptocurrency and Gaming Combined

For someone new to both gaming for profit and cryptocurrency there's a bit of a learning curve involved However GAMEE and Arc8 seem to be user-friendly platforms that could serve as a good introduction to both worlds.

Final Verdict

GAMEE and its Arc8 platform offer an exciting intersection of gaming and cryptocurrency While I'm still new to this world I'm genuinely excited about the potential it holds If you're interested in gaming and want to dabble in cryptocurrency GAMEE could be a great starting point.


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