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9 Ways To Get Paid From Surveys In 2023! (Real Payment Proof)

Updated: 7 days ago


Hey there, friends! It's Vince here to talk about one of my favourite topics - paid survey applications. Are you ready to make some extra cash on the side? Well then, stick around because I've got some great recommendations for you today that will help you earn money by simply sharing your opinion. So grab a cup of coffee and get cozy as we dive into the world of paid surveys!

1 - Toluna Influencers

If you're looking for a survey platform that offers great rewards and plenty of options, look no further than Toluna Influencers. This platform is often overlooked, but it shouldn't be - with surveys that can earn you up to 12,000 points at a time (not to mention 5,000 and 3,000 point surveys), there's plenty of potential here. And don't forget about the rewards tab; there are so many cash out methods available depending on your country. Here in Australia, I'm excited to see the huge selection of gift cards on offer - but there's also a new PayPal function that could be really useful. Best of all? There are surveys every single day! So if you want to make some extra cash or just enjoy sharing your opinion with others, give Toluna Influencers a try today.

2 - CashBaron: Play To Earn Money

Cash Baron is an excellent app for those seeking to earn extra cash by completing surveys. The currency system of coins makes it easy to track your progress, and with the extensive list of available surveys, there's always something new to complete. Plus, Cash Baron even recommends surveys tailored to your interests - making it easier to find surveys you'll enjoy.

In Australia, there are two withdrawal options: Amazon or PayPal. With just 17,500 coins (worth $25 AUD), users can receive $25 worth of Amazon currency. For those who prefer PayPal, 35,000 coins will get you $50 AUD - though there is a small fee involved.

Overall, Cash Baron offers a legitimate option for earning money through survey completion. So if you're looking for an easy way to make some extra cash in your spare time, be sure to give this app a try!

3 - Freecash: Earn Crypto & Prizes

Freecash is a platform that allows you to earn free cash and crypto while allowing you to win some amazing prizes. If you're unfamiliar with how it works, let me explain it. Essentially, Freecash partners with various offer wall providers and survey wall providers who offer surveys in exchange for coins which can then be converted into US currency - 1,000 coins equal $1!

So, if we take a look at CPX research survey provider, completing just one 10-minute survey could potentially earn you around $1.70 worth of coins! And that's not all, when exploring the different survey partners available on Freecash (like Bit Labs or Brain Tap Research), users will find varying payouts ranging from $1 up to around $2 per completed survey.

Of course, like with any platform offering surveys as a means of earning money or rewards – there may be some surveys that aren't worth your time, but by taking advantage of those worthwhile opportunities out there on Freecash; users have an awesome opportunity to put their time to good use and get rewarded handsomely for their effort!

4 - Grabpoints

Grab Points is a website, not an app, and it works perfectly well on mobile. Just type 'Grab Points' into Google, and you'll be taken straight to the earning tab, which shows surveys. Scroll down, and you'll also find offer wall providers. For this video however, I'm focusing mainly on surveys, so let me show you how much money you can make on GrabPoints via the survey providers here in Australia.

At the top of the screen, just change the category to highest paying survey, sort them via that option, and you can then see surveys with up to 10 000 points available. You might be wondering what these points are worth in conversion rates, but before we get to that, there's a huge range of surveys available - 8 pages or more! Now let's look at the currency system and cash out options for Grab Points here in Australia (they may vary where you live).

There's a great selection with low minimums - Amazon = $3 min., Visa/PayPal = $2 min. I was paid instantly when I cashed out last time.

5 - LifePoints - Paid Surveys App

The major thing I like about Life Points is that it's available in a variety of nations, which is great because many individuals are unable to use these platforms. This is how basic and simple life points are. You can see on the screen your list of surveys that they want you to complete to generate the life points, and depending on your country, the life points will convert into a real amount of currency.

For example, here in Australia, I need about 550 life points to redeem $5 in real money, and you can see right away that I have surveys that are willing to pay me up to 125 of these Liv points. Of course, as you go down the list, different amounts of life points will be rewarded for different surveys, as will the duration of the surveys. Again, use your discretion and choose the ones that you believe are worth your time.

Survey here for 25 minutes of my time but 200 life points. That's a very good deal in my perspective in terms of surveys but you can see here, the list just goes on and on. It's a very very solid platform in terms of Redemption options. They do have quite a large range here in Australia, a lot of donation options though if you do wish to do that, but there are also gift card options and even PayPal as well the minimum though for the PayPal withdrawal is ten dollars (1300 life points) or twenty dollars for (2600 life points) so it appears PayPal is a little bit more expensive than Five dollars on Amazon equals 550 life points, ten dollars equals eleven hundred life points, and twenty dollars equals 2200 like points. There's even 50 cash out there for 5 500 life points. In my experience, life points do not pay instantly, but they do normally pay within a week.

6 - Qmee: Paid Survey Cash Rewards

Qmee's paid survey cash rewards app is one of the best on the market! Can you believe they're willing to pay almost three dollars just to complete a survey?! It doesn't stop there though - one of their standout features is that PayPal withdrawals have no limit and are instant.

This certainly isn't common among survey platforms, which makes Qmee unique. Gift cards are also available if you'd prefer those to PayPal. With a five dollar minimum, Amazon gift cards are one option. Overall, I've never had any issues with Qmee so if you complete surveys each day for five days straight, you'll get a 10 earning bonus (though it won't last forever).

7 - Survey Pirate: Earn Rewards

At first glance, it appears that we have a number of different offer wall providers and survey providers here; however, despite the name, there aren't very many survey options within SurveyPirate itself. The one I'm most interested in discussing is CPX research.

There is a huge country list on surveypirate, so hopefully it is available in your own country as well. CPX research surveys now, you'll notice that I have surveys that are willing to pay up to 1500 of these coins now, the coins on survey pirate can bear obviously into real currency, so let me just show you what you get if you complete at least four or five of these surveys on CPX research. Payments via PayPal, starting at 4.5 gold coins.

To the right, you'll see the various amounts of coins required for each currency withdrawal; for example, 45,100 coins can be exchanged for a Cole's gift card, my gift card, or a David Jones gift card; 4,500 coins can be exchanged for PayPal currency; and so on. I know a lot of you guys out there love your PayPal; when I've withdrawn on surveypirate, they generally pay within one to two days.

8 - Lootup: Paid Surveys Earn Cash

Lootup paid surveys is an amazing platform to make money on a daily basis. On the screen right now, you'll be able to spot all the surveys they offer - tapping the 'Show All' button will let you browse through each one without having to go to each individual provider.

Here, we can see that 1000 points = 1 dollar in US currency, which translates into decent rewards per survey. My favourite part of Lootup is their Spin the Wheel bonus section, where you can spin for your bonus prize or straight-up points. I just spun and got 23 points - not great but it'll do! For those wanting gift cards, PayPal and crypto there are multiple options available; PayPal has a minimum cash out of 1 dollar while crypto requires 5 minimum. Every time I've used Lootup they've paid me within one-two days too.

After claiming the prize I received my five Satoshi bringing my total balance to 24 Satoshi roughly equivalent to one cent in USD. It's a straightforward process that involves transferring the earned Satoshi to your Wallet of Satoshi. Now I can consider upgrading my abilities in the skills area using the coins I've accumulated.

9 - HeyPiggy

HeyPiggy is one of the most generous survey sites out there - look at all these different surveys paying easily a dollar or more, and even one that offers six dollars and 22 cents for just 16 minutes of your time! They usually process payments within 1-2 days too, plus there are plenty of Cash Out options available depending on what country you're in. There's PayPal, gift cards and many other real life stores to choose from - so many ways to make money with Hey Piggy!


Surveys are a great way to make some extra money, and with the right approach, you can really increase your earning potential. I hope this article has given you an insight into the different methods available for getting paid by surveys, from taking part in studies to signing up with online survey companies. Why not give it a try today? You never know what kind of rewards may be waiting for you!



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