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8 Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards In 2023!

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey there, fellow bargain hunters! Vince here, and I have some exciting news for you. If there's one thing we all love more than snagging a great deal on Amazon, it's getting free gift cards to spend on our favorite products. That's right - in today's blog post, I'm going to show you how to earn those coveted Amazon gift cards completely for free in 2023! Whether you're an avid online shopper or just looking for ways to save some cash this year, stick around because this is something you won't want to miss. So could you sit back, relax, and let me guide you? Let's kick this off!


Freecash provides many ways to generate coins. Surveys and offers will bring you rewards, but you can also watch videos for a quick influx of coins. Then those coins can be easily converted into Amazon currency. One of the great things about free cash is that it only takes 1 000 coins to receive a dollar's worth of Amazon money, with a minimum payout of around five dollars worth of currency here in Australia. I have been able to accumulate this amount within one to two hours by completing surveys and offers, some of which pay up to hundreds of dollars if you have the time spare. It's still considered one of the top platforms out there, and they pay out instantly. Of course, individual experience may vary depending on your age, country, and gender -but hopefully, you get similar results in your area too!

Survey Time

Survey Time offers amazing opportunities: every survey is worth a dollar in US currency, and you can cash out in Amazon credit! This platform has considerable potential, but the availability of surveys depends on your location. From my experience, Survey Time is available across multiple countries - so there's a good chance it could work for you, too. If you want to try it out, I've included referral links in the description below. THEY'VE PAID ME INSTANTLY whenever I've cashed out with Survey Time.

Poll Pay

Poll Pay provides an opportunity to receive Amazon currency, with a minimum of around 15, depending on your location. They offer very lucrative surveys, especially in Australia, where you can obtain five to ten dollars for lesser-difficult tasks and up to forty or fifty for the more challenging ones. Additionally, they sometimes provide one hundred dollar rewards! Poll Pay has been reliable in terms of payments which are processed instantly without any issues; moreover, they provide several other currencies apart from Amazon for those who wish to have varied options.


Grab Points is an amazing platform in Australia that features a multitude of ways to get free Amazon Gift Cards. With every 1000 Grab Points you can receive approximately $1 worth of currency and cash out your Amazon funds with a minimum of $3. After I complete a survey or two I can achieve this goal within 30 minutes. Additionally, they offer high paying offers and videos to generate more Grab Points. Through my own experience with the platform, I was paid out within 3 to 4 hours after requesting my Amazon cashout. If you would like further information about this program, please visit my YouTube channel for an in-depth review!


Ysense has some of the highest paying surveys I've found on the internet. It is willing to pay you up to 20 dollars depending on how long you want to invest. What really sets it apart from other platforms is the variety of cash out options and that Amazon Cash Out option has a three dollar minimum. Even though there's no instant cashing out here in Australia, Ysense pays within five days after requesting money. I for sure think it could be faster yet I have never experienced any issues and highly recommend using it to get free Amazon gift cards.


Life Points is a legitimate platform available in multiple countries that rewards its users with their own currency - 100 life points currency equals one dollar. Here in Australia, you can easily earn five dollars in an hour. One of the best features of this survey site is that not only can you cash out Amazon currency, but they offer PayPal currency and various other gift card options too. To redeem a five-dollar Amazon gift card, users need 550 life points currency. However, there's no instant payout system, and some transactions can take up to a week to complete.

Idle Empire

Idle Empire is an amazing money-making platform that has plenty of surveys, offers walls, and 40 to 50 Cash Out options. The currency system is Coinbase which works on a 10 000 coins to 1 dollar ratio. In Australia, it takes 70 000 coins for 10 dollars worth of Amazon gift cards. Although they aren't the highest-paying surveys I've seen, they do the job, and it may be useful to add this to your rotation of online earning methods. When I cashed out in the past, it took one to two days as no instant cash-out option exists, but this may have changed as your cash-outs must be manually reviewed. Just be aware that you won't get an Instant Cash Out, and you may have to wait a few days - however, they always pay me every time and offer a gift card option which makes it fantastic!


Qmee is an exceptional survey platform and application. Not only that, but they also offer cashback offers, shopping discounts, and even free games you can download for cold hard cash. What makes Qmee stand out from the rest to me is their no minimum PayPal cash out which is instant. Plus, Amazon gift card options start at just five dollars per minimum cash out - easy to attain, in my opinion, thanks to Qmee providing some of the highest-paying surveys currently available. Unfortunately, though, it isn't accessible everywhere in the world. That said, if it's available in your country, then I highly recommend giving it a try because it really does have some of the most generous surveys and an effortless layout compared to other sites I've experienced online. Now hopefully, you understand that you can actually acquire complementary Amazon currency by completing surveys and offers on different websites and applications. And with any luck, some of these methods I've mentioned will assist you on your money-making mission!


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