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8 Games That Pay Real Money In 2023 - (Legit & Tested)

Updated: Sep 26

Are you tired of playing mobile games that only give you virtual rewards Well get ready because today I'm going to show you some amazing games that pay real money straight from your phone That's right you can earn actual cash just by playing a game. So sit back relax and lets dive into the world of winning big with mobile gaming. Dont forget to share this blog and drop a comment telling me what game you'd like me to review next because trust me these games are too good not to share Lets kick this off

The Lucky Miner The Cash App

Lucky Miner is a cash app that allows you to earn reallife currency by collecting gold pieces. When you first launch the app youll see your current balance of gold pieces at the top of your screen. And guess what You get 4499 gold pieces as a welcome bonus Thats a great start already.

To find out how much these coins are worth in real life currency all you need to do is tap on the cashout button located at the top right corner of your screen. Depending on where you live various gift card options will be available for withdrawal. But don't worry if gift cards aren't your thing because they also offer PayPal withdrawals with an extremely low minimum requirement of only 4999 coins for 67 cents worth of real life currency

If that isnt enough motivation to collect more coins scrolling down through their payout options will show multiple other choices going up to around twenty or so. The best part is that some games like Coin Master are willing to pay almost a thousand gold pieces just for playing them Plus if you invite friends to join Lucky Miner too then they'll give you an additional 250 coins its a win win situation

Lovely Plants

Have you ever heard of Lovely Plants Its an interesting and surprisingly good moneymaking game. The unique aspect of the game is that you grow your own little plant which drops fruit and this fruit can be turned into real money The game has a playtime reward system along with a wide variety of plants to choose from.

You even have the option to water and fertilize your plants to make it produce more fruits. If you're wondering how much fruit you need for cash simply tapping on the wallet icon at the top of the screen will take you to the cash out page where two dollars worth of PayPal currency equals twenty thousand fruits

As per my experience Lucky Plants claims that it takes three days for payment processing. To generate more fruits players can complete offers or use the Playtime Rewards area in a very solid way. For instance there's currently an offer available in Bingo play offering up to two hundred thousand fruits now isn't that amazing

Tapping on the fruit will increase your balance by one. So you can go back here every single day water your plants and collect more fruit constantly. The last time I cashed out on Lovely Plants I was paid out within three days again.

Royal Slice

If you've ever wanted to play Fruit Ninja and make some cash from it then Royal slice is definitely worth checking out. Although its not the most popular app out there I think it has some serious potential.

When you launch the app youll see that there are several goals to accomplish such as cooking ramen soup fish and chips and making ice cream. Once you tap on the play button for each of these missions the game begins just like in Fruit Ninja The goal is simple chop up all the fruit without hitting any dynamite.

However to start earning real money with Royal Slice you have to finish all of the missions first but don't worry they're super fun Once completed a claim button will appear which will give access to your prize. From what I can tell so far if I collect almost 200k vouchers I can earn 1.75 not bad huh Getting those vouchers though requires playing time towards the area that needs improvement but trust me when I say this app isnt just an awesome way to pass the time it could also be a lucrative side hustle as well

Its pretty straightforward here. Everyone on this list will generate these vouchers for now. This might not be for everyone out there. By the way if you dont have games in your playtime rewards list it probably wont work for you. But if youre lucky enough to have some this could be a pretty fun little application to play on the side.

Money Turn Play and Invest

Money Turn is a super unique application with a very very special feature of investing your balance. What this means is that you play games on Money Turn and the balance that you have will then gain interest. Its like having your own little investment portfolio in your pocket

Its a very cool system in my opinion guys and it really sets Money Turn apart from other gaming apps out there.

You can see here I currently have 39000 of the coins and am on level 1 of an investor level every seven days I get my investment bonus which just keeps adding up over time Right now I can play Empires and Puzzles to earn 206 coins per minute not bad for playing games during my downtime right

This is what the investor area looks like you can see on level one I get a three percent interest on my investment.

The next level will generate seven percent and all I need to do is play a game for 60 seconds today to earn that extra return. At the bottom of the screen you can even see how much money youre going to earn when those seven days are up and mind you this continuously happens every day. Thats how Money Turn gets people coming back daily it really incentivizes them to keep playing their favorite games so they can watch their investments grow. Let me install Empires and Puzzles here so you can see what I mean.

Okay now that Ive done that you can see here I have some new games and Im now able to play to generate more coins per minute again of course depending on your country. Your game list is going to look completely different to mine and the amount of coins you get per game will also be different now.

Level 2 Investor

You can see Im a level two investor that has now given me a seven percent interest on my investment AKA 40000 of the coins invested at the top of the screen. And now if I wait seven days Ill get 2800 of the coins. This is the withdrawal area. I only have PayPal withdrawal options available here in Australia but you can see it goes all the way up to about 26 to 27 which is pretty decent plus 4999 coins equals 67 cents worth of Australian currency so Im already getting closer to that 6.68 withdrawal here which is excellent when I last withdrew on money turn.

Make Money & GiftCard Boints

Have you heard of Boints? It's an awesome app that has a unique feature a node limit withdrawal for PayPal currency. And what does that mean you may ask well it means that even if you have just two cents in your account you can cash it out right away.

When you launch the app at the top of the screen is your "points" currency where 1000 points equals one cent in United States dollars. But what really caught my attention was the real cash rewards area where I had accumulated $56.45 from completing tasks on Boints.

However I must admit that their task area seems to be broken at the moment.

For instance when I clicked on "play game one" Boints didn't specify which game to play and instead took me to a playtime rewards area with over 10 or 20 games to choose from without any clear instructions as to which game completes an offer. Nonetheless through trial and error I managed to complete five out of six tasks required for unlocking this bonus cache only for them not counting some games towards completion upon reaching number six.

As you can see here on my playtime rewards we have so many games played and most of them are actually finished now because I went through and played them all the way until the end. But I was never able to unlock this play for the 60 Minutes area because I believe the points Cash System is broken either way though they have Platinum offers which have so many different types of offers for you guys to complete whether that be playing games or installing various applications for these points coins. They also have tournaments where essentially they try and figure out who can get the most points in a week and every day. Then they also have various other offer World providers that you can go through as well.

Cash Giraffe Play and earn

Cash Giraffe is one of these applications that I really do like featuring on the channel because it has so many different games that you can play. The only thing is depending on your country you're either going to get the get paid per minute system or get paid per level system which makes a big difference in the earning rate.

But here's where it gets interesting the cash giraffe has a gem based currency system and pays out in PayPal currency (depending on where you live gift cards might be available too). In Australia 499 gems give you 67 cents not bad for just playing games! And what's even better is that it has the exact same payment system as money turn and even Lucky Miner.

You can earn up to twenty six dollars and there are surveys and offer walls available too. Every time I've cashed out with Cash Giraffe I've been paid within two days impressive!

JustPlay Earn or Donate

I've been using the Just Play app for a couple of weeks now and I must say it's definitely one of the top tier gaming apps out there when it comes to earning money. I was skeptical at first because most apps that pay you to play games are hit or miss but Just Play has proven to be very reliable.

All you need is $2 worth of PayPal currency and you can cash out instantly! Plus they offer Amazon and gift card cashouts as well which is super convenient. The fact that you can cash out every three hours is impressive too especially since payment arrives instantly. From what I've noticed you earn on Just Play by playing games and watching advertisements within the app itself every time I watch an ad coins get added to my account which then gets converted into real life cash at the end of every three hour cycle.

It's such a fun way to make some extra pocket change while doing something enjoyable! However my only wish is that they were more transparent with how much each coin equals in terms of actual dollars but other than that minor detail this app rocks!

MISTPLAY Play to earn reward

Mistplay is probably the most well known playtime rewards application on the market right now. The concept is simple you play games and earn GXP which can then be converted into real life currency. And depending on the game that you play you'll earn GXP faster.

Personally I've never had an issue with Mistplay before and I definitely recommend it if you're interested in trying out playtime reward applications it's a great way to start out in the market and n my own experience with Mistplay they generally pay out within a week and offer so many different games to choose from it's actually really impressive!

Although unfortunately it may not be available for every country yet... But for those countries that do support it trust me you'll be happy with your earnings! If playing games for rewards sounds like something up your alley or if you want to see more ways that you can earn by playing games check out my other videos.


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