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8 EASY Money Making Apps To Cashout At $1! - Make Money Online 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

Do you want to use apps that promise big bucks only to be disappointed when you can only cash out once you reach a high threshold? Well, today's your lucky day because I'm here to introduce you to some amazing money-making apps with a minimum cash-out of just one dollar! Hi everyone, it's Vince here, and I am excited to share with you my top picks for easy and convenient ways to make extra cash. So sit back, relax, and let me show you how these apps can help fatten up your wallet in no time. Let's dive in!

Lootup: Paid Surveys Earn Cash

The first application is called Lootup. The amount of surveys offered and even games that you can play on loot up to earn the one-dollar minimum PayPal is insane, in my opinion, and definitely probably one of the first places you should check out if you have the chance. On Lootup, 1 000 points equal one dollar in United States currency, and the minimum cash out is one thousand points.

Spin-the-wheel area

I think one of the best features of Lootup is the spin-the-wheel area. You can spin the prize wheel once every 24 hours, and this prize wheel has multiple earning bonuses that can be applied to your account on a daily basis.


You can also win straight-up cash. Lootup has surveys that will pay me a one-dollar minimum for just 10 minutes of my time here in Australia, and at least in my country, there are 11 different survey providers.

Watch videos area

A watch videos area where point per minute lets me watch videos and easily over 150 different offers for me to browse through, whether signing up for applications or installing games. Bluetooth also has a playtime rewards area, granted it doesn't really pay you that many points per game, but at least the opportunity is there.

GReward: Earn Money Online

GReward is a platform that I think has the potential to be great, but it depends on where you live in the world. The platform offers multiple offer walls and even its own little personal playtime rewards where you can earn points just for playing games within their application.

Play-to-earn area

What I find most interesting is their play-to-earn area, where you can earn thousands of these GReward Points by completing various tasks and activities. One particular offer from Sign Streams caught my eye - they were willing to give me a whopping 25,000 points! And get this - all you need is 3,000 points to cash out for 20 cents!

Tapping on the "more" tab will bring up even more opportunities to earn points through various surveys and research studies like CPX Research which was willing to pay me almost 15,000 of the G reward coins in exchange for taking a single survey. Although some users have reported high disqualification rates with certain offers, overall, I believe that GReward has a lot of potential as a fun way to earn some extra cash or prizes simply by participating in different activities offered within their app.

Toloka: Earn Online

Have you heard of Toloka? It's a microtask application that is absolutely fascinating! If you look at the screen you'll see all these little tasks. Each one of them is a job, and if you're able to complete them, you can earn straight-up PayPal currency.

The more tasks you do with Toloka, the better jobs they offer. They have training exams for each job too! Each job has an average earnings per hour system so that people know what kind of pay to expect. For example, there's a quiz search relevance evaluation job that earns around $1.10 per hour on average. But then there are some jobs like "does this image belong to the category" which cap out your earning potential at $1.93 per day.

Multiple payment options

It even offers multiple payment options such as PayPal cash out option or Papara and Payoneer One too! But what's really great about Toloka is their super low withdrawal limit - just 2 cents minimum! Although it usually takes a few days for payments to hit your account after withdrawing.

If you have time and patience, then definitely check out Toloka because who knows? You might be able to upgrade your account and land those really high-paying jobs! I've personally used Toloka in the past, and every time I've cashed out, they paid me promptly without any issues whatsoever. So why not give it a shot?

Zoopark - Make and earn money

Givvy Zoo is a super cool app where you literally get to build your own zoo and earn coins in return. And the best part is that these coins can be converted into real PayPal currency! You even get daily rewards just for using the game for a certain amount of time per day. Although it's relatively new, I'm hoping they continue improving because it is such a fun concept. Now, here's the catch - there are ads thrown at you every 15-30 seconds in exchange for those precious coins.

But if building your own personal zoo isn't enough motivation, then earning some extra cash will convince you to give it a try. The withdrawal options are pretty great, too - depending on where you live, of course - with one option being able to cash out $1.04 USD via PayPal in just three days! Personally, I think Givvy Zoo is definitely worth checking out."

Money Turn - play and invest

Have you heard about the latest mobile application called Money Turn? It's an all in one platform that allows you to play games, invest your money and earn interest on your investments.

Let me give you a little tour of what it looks like - as you can see on my screen, it has a coin-based currency system where I currently have 39,000 coins in my account. But that's not all; below the coin balance, there is a small trophy with L1 written next to it, indicating my current level status.

And on the right side of that, there is a countdown timer displaying seven days - which means I will get some free coins at the end of this period.

What's exciting about Money Turn is that playing various games available in its library helps generate more coins for your piggy bank. For instance, Alibaba is one such game where players can earn up to 53 coins per minute!

The best part?

The more coins you keep within your account balance generates interest too! Currently, being at Level One Investor status grants me a three percent interest rate on my investment balance, but getting to Level Two Investor status could increase it up to seven percent.

However, if investing seems daunting or risky for someone who isn't familiar with finance trends and market predictions, don't worry because Money Turn makes everything easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! All they need to do is regularly play their favorite games and watch their investor levels grow steadily over time.

That's not all, though - if your investment amount grows significantly over time due to continuously accumulating these earned bonuses through various ways like referrals or playing frequent high-earning games, then so will your returns! How cool is that?

Survey time - Paid Surveys

To me, Surveytime is a very, very good application for the simple fact that every time you complete a survey there, you are instantly rewarded one dollar USD no matter the length of the server. It's just amazing! What that means is that even if you complete a survey, whether it be five minutes long or 15 minutes long, you get one single dollar worth of United States currency.

But I think the best thing about it is the fact that you earn it instantly. You don't have to wait for days or weeks like other survey apps would make you do before cashing out your rewards. Survey time has such an easy-to-understand design, by the way; once installed, and with just a tap of a button on your phone screen, our algorithm finds surveys based on your profile information and lets you take them right away to earn instant cash - how cool is that?

And when it comes to cashing out, this app offers multiple options, including PayPal currency, Bitcoin currency (which, let's face it, can be pretty valuable), and Amazon currency, so really, what more could we ask for? Not only does this innovative platform pay us in real-time with no delay whatsoever, but it also guarantees payment without any hiccups, making Surveytime my go-to app for making extra money online!

Curious Cat: Paid Surveys

Curious Cat is a survey application that allows you to complete surveys in exchange for PayPal cash. Sadly, I feel like many people overlook this app and miss out on its potential rewards. The surveys themselves make Curious Cat unique - they reward you with points that accumulate towards a payout goal. And guess what? That goal is only 100 points!

You read that right; my previous payouts were dollars and eighty-seven cents for just a hundred points or less. While it's not exactly one dollar, it's pretty close and incredibly easy to achieve within the app.


The only minor setback might be your need for an active mobile number since they require it from their users, but other than that, once you hit your 100-point goal, your PayPal account will receive payment instantly upon redeeming them.

SurveyKing - Earn from surveys

SurveyKing is a pretty solid application that offers heaps and heaps of offer wall providers for us to complete in order to generate points. And guess what? These points can be converted into United States currency! I just checked my account and saw that 1426 of my currency equals 1.43 USD - not too shabby if you ask me.

The withdrawal area on the app requires a minimum cash out of one dollar for PayPal, but they also offer Pay Year Finance Advance Cash, Perfect Money, and Wise as withdrawal options. Of course how fast we generate our points depends on the provider we go through and where we're located. But with so many different Aqua walls available, it should take little time to build up some good rewards. The last time I used SurveyKing they paid me within two days (although there was a small PayPal fee).


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