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7 Apps That Pay Money Right Now! - LEGIT & Tested

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey everyone Vince here are you looking to earn some extra cash from your mobile device I have tested various apps that promise to pay money and I'm excited to share my findings with you below you will find my breakdown of the best options to make money from your smartphone.

Discovering Make Money Cash Earning App

Understanding the CoinBased Currency System

The Make Money app runs on a coin based currency system where 35 million coins equal five dollars in USD or its equivalent in your local currency It supports Bitcoin PayPal and Ethereum cash out with a minimum cash out amount of five dollars.

Exploring the Offers and Daily Rewards

Make Money offers a variety of ways to earn such as gaming and casino offers surveys and more The Bingo Holiday game is one such offer willing to pay a substantial amount of coins Some offers are multitiered requiring complete steps to get the full reward amount Plus there's a daily reward section to claim free coins every single day.

Payment Timeline

Though it has a plethora of offers the downside is that it may take up to one month to get your payment But from my experience they do pay.

Streetbees: Share Your Stories for Money

Submitting Stories for Cash

Streetbees pays you for submitting stories about your everyday activities like eating out You can snap photos of your food and earn money depending on where you live you can get different amounts for these stories.

Payment within 48 Hours

One of the best features of Street Bees is the quick payment processing within 24 to 48 hours Its one of the most unique applications for earning money and highly recommended if its available in your country.

Attapoll Paid Surveys: Simple Way to Earn Money

With Attapoll you can earn PayPal or gift card currency by completing surveys daily Setting up your account correctly and answering profile questions will increase your chances of getting more surveys.

Instant PayPal Payments

Attapoll offers either a five dollar minimum cash out or a three dollar one depending on where you live The instant PayPal payments make it one of the best ways to earn from surveys on your mobile phone.

Toloka: The Micro Task Platform

Toloka is an application that allows you to earn money by performing various tasks such as comparing AI images or matching keywords for Amazon searches.

Earning Potential with Toloka

Here in Australia I was easily able to earn around twenty dollars in a single day by using Toloka The minimum cash out is just two cents of PayPal currency usually arriving within five days.

Qmee: Fast PayPal CashOut

Qmee probably offers one of the fastest ways to get a PayPal cash out thanks to its no minimum cash out system You can earn instant PayPal cash by completing surveys playing games and even getting cashback rewards

Restrictions and Tips

Qmee is strict on the countries it accepts and monitors your survey input so take your time while answering Sometimes the offer wall might take up to a month to register your completion but overall its a flawless application.

Exploring Other Apps Survey Pirate Earnly and More

Survey Pirate

Survey Pirate offers playtime rewards offers and surveys cash out is quite simple with payments made within two days of the request.


Earnly allows you to earn through playtime rewards videos surveys and referrals Though not the best it pays usually within about two days with 10000 points equalling one dollar.

Conclusion : Choosing the Right App for You

Whether you're into gaming taking surveys or sharing daily life stories there's an app for you while some may have geographical restrictions or different pay out timelines the options I've presented have shown to be reliable and varied in their ways to earn.

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