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7 Apps That Pay REAL Money For Playing Games! - Legit & Tested

Updated: 2 days ago


Hey everyone Vince here Today I’m excited to share with you some fantastic mobile apps that actually pay you to play games If you enjoy casual gaming and want to make a little extra money on the side these apps are worth checking out While you won’t get rich overnight it’s still a fun and entertaining way to earn some pocket change while indulging in your Favorite games like Candy Crush Lets dive right into the review.

Sweet Cash:Earn Real PayPal Cash or Cryptocurrency

Are you a fan of Candy Crush and looking to make some money while playing similar games Sweet Cash is the app for you The best part is that you get paid every time you watch an advertisement Although the earnings range from 50 cents to a dollar per day the low minimum cash out of just 10 cents makes it easy to redeem your earnings The only downside is the energy system which limits you to 20 tries per day nevertheless it’s a fun way to pass the time and earn some extra cash.

Games Up!: Instant Payment for Playing Games

Games Up offers a variety of games that you can install to earn Amazon or PayPal currency the app features hundreds of different game offers providing plenty of options to try out new games and earn rewards While the cash out limit may be relatively high at 25 for PayPal in some countries the instant payment system makes up for it If you’re someone who enjoys trying different game offers and wants quick payments Games Up is a good choice.

CashKarma: A Legitimate Global Money Making App

CashKarma is available in many countries around the world making it a popular choice among moneymaking apps you can earn PayPal and other currencies by playing games completing surveys and offers The minimum cash out in some regions is 5250 points equivalent to 3 USD and the average pay rate for each activity ranges from 2 to 5 USD While it may not be the highest paying app it is a legitimate and reliable option to make some extra money.

Money Cash: A Mixed Experience with High Paying Offers

Money Cash is a mobile app where opinions differ Some users claim it’s one of the best ways to make money by playing games while others have had mixed experiences The app offers Amazon or PayPal currency depending on your location with a relatively low minimum cash out for Amazon However some users have found that the points promised for certain games change once they install the game Its worth trying out but be cautious and compare offers to ensure its worth your time.

ySense: High Paying Offers with Variety

ySense stands out for its high paying offers compared to other apps It features about 10 different offer wall providers offering substantial rewards for completing offers While the playtime rewards section may not be as lucrative the primary attraction lies in the vast array of offers that can fetch you between 15 to 210 USD per task The cash out options vary depending on your location making it a popular choice for users looking for higher paying opportunities.

Lovely Pet: Earn PayPal Cash by Raising a Virtual Dog

Lovely Pet is a unique app that allows you to raise a virtual dog earning coins that can be converted into PayPal cash It also features a playtime rewards section and various offer walls including AdGem and OfferToro While it won’t make you rich it’s a fun and enjoyable way to earn some money while taking care of a virtual pet The low minimum cash out of 2 USD makes it easy to redeem your earnings quickly.

GReward: Instant PayPal Payments

GReward offers PayPal cash and gift cards for completing offers from different offer wall providers The playtime rewards section allows you to earn GReward Points for playing games the minimum cash out is as low as 20 cents for 3000 points making it easy to redeem your earnings One of the main highlights of GReward is its instant payment system ensuring that you receive your money quickly after cashing out.


If you love playing mobile games and want to make some extra money these apps are a fantastic option to explore While you won’t become a millionaire overnight they provide an entertaining way to earn some pocket change From instant payment systems to high paying offers each app offers unique features and opportunities Try them out and see which ones work best for you Happy gaming and earning.

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