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6 Legit Ways To Make Money Watching Videos Online In 2023!

Updated: Sep 26

This 6 Watch Video To Make Money Methods review will cover all aspects of applications and platforms with it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


6 New Legit Ways To Make Money Watching Videos With Payment Proof and Cash Out Evidence


Hey everyone Vince here today I'll show you some methods on how you can earn money by watching videos online I hope you enjoy let's kick this off so the first platform is called grab points you can either go to grab points from your mobile phone by simply typing in into your web browser you can also go to their website on your computer as well once you've logged into gram points you can see that there's a watch tab available you'll now have two different methods to earn money by watching videos either by watching videos on lootably or Hideout TV lootably has an average of five points per three videos with ads whereas Hideout TV has seven points per three videos with ads hovering your mouse over the provider will give you a more in-depth detail about them as you can see videos must contain ads either before or after the video in order to be credited so what that means to me is that at the start and the end of a video the advertisements that you watch will be credited whereas the ones throughout the video will not copy let's go into the gift cards area of grab points so here you can see all the various different gift cards that are available for you guys to cash out to here in Australia I usually have about 15 gift cards available so for five dollars worth of real PayPal currency I need 5250 points and as you can see the cash out methods go all the way up to 100 everyone so that's quite nice to see essentially one thousand points or so equals one dollar worth of real currency as I know a lot of you guys are mobile phone users I'm going to use grab points on my mobile phone going forward.

Is Watching Videos To Make Money Legit Or a Fake Scam?

So I'm going to tap on the watch tab now so they lay it out very straightforward here just like the website we have the two watch options I'm going to choose lootably for today's video so here's where I can choose three different categories of videos to watch let's watch the food category so simply tap watch videos so here's the rules Page by the way where it pretty much states no vpns or any sort of funny business okay now that we've accepted the terms we are now watching the videos that Luke TV wants us to watch to earn these points at the top of the screen you can see that I only have zero points at the moment but we'll keep watching these short videos and hopefully soon that point balance will grow just remember these sort of methods are very slow in my opinion but they are legitimate and I know a lot of you guys out there have asked me to make a video like this so that's why I'm doing it today okay so now you can see an advertisement is playing at the start of a new video and you also notice here that my points are now 2.5 so they will continue to grow the more advertisements that we watch during these little Clips I'm almost at the end of this video now so we'll see what happens once it refreshes and there we go we're now on Five Points now for us to withdraw on Luke TV we need a 10 point minimum so I'll continue to watch some ads and I'll be back in a second okay so we're back here I've watched a couple of little clips and now we're up to 10 points simply tapping on your account balance will take you to the Redemption page you can see here at the bottom of the screen the linked account area you'll also find a loot TV balance here as well.

Simply tapping on redeem points will then ask you what account you want to withdraw these points to here you can see grab points is listed this is where loot TV will convert your points into grab points currency which I showed you earlier and all you do is tap the redeem button and that is it I've now successfully redeemed my 10 points then you can just tap continue watching okay so that's the combination of grab points and loot TV let's move on to the next method the next method is using anably just like grab points anably can be accessed from your mobile phone by simply typing in into your web browser and of course you can do the exact same thing from your computer as well enables for sure one of my top earning Methods at least here in Australia because you can earn straight up USD currency by completing offers surveys playing games and of course watching videos here's a withdrawal area for enabling as you can see here it runs in a point-based currency system.

Now I have many different Cash Out options available here in my country your country might be a little bit different but I'm hoping it's still roughly the same options okay let me show you the PayPal option quickly so for a dollar worth of PayPal currency I just need 125 points and here's the rest of the list of the withdrawal options the best thing about earnable is that once you cash out once and wait a couple of days you can then Cash Out instantly every other time which is fantastic by the way so as long as you remember that 125 points is one dollar worth of PayPal we can now move on to the watching videos area available after you tap on the menu button at the top of the screen you'll have the earn area tapping on earn will bring up various earning options but we want to focus on the videos tab you see this is where Anna really shines because you have so many different categories of videos to watch including cooking gaming doing it yourself so here you can see we have Hideout TV music let's tap on the star earning button okay so on Hideout TV the average user earns three Hideout points for every video plus add watch let me show you how it all works so it's just taken us to the watch page now you have to sign in everyone don't forget that important step okay.

I've just signed in and you can see here already I have 13.2 Hideout points that was from me previously testing this out before I recorded by the way but let's continue on so now we have this person playing the guitar technically after watching this video my Hideout point should go up because I saw an advertisement before the video and I'm sure I'll see an advertisement after the video let's find out in a second alright so there you go now my Hideout TV points have increased to 16.5 and you'll notice here as well that the advertisements are still playing so I'm still earning those points while the ads play but now let's see how much of the early points I'll get for those 16.5 Hideout points so let's tap on the redeem button since I went through earnably in our states that I have my account linked and I can redeem my points here I'm going to tap on start redeem process.

So apparently some of the points I earned earlier may be under review still but as you can see nine Hideout points equals almost one full point on earnably so roughly a thousand points or so of The Hideout TV currency will equal about a hundred of the earnable currency which we saw equals about a dollar worth of USD currency and that's how you can break that system down at least here in Australia but now you understand on how you can use anably to earn money by watching videos through Hideout TV the next method is called media rewards media rewards is a money making application that allows you to have the chance to win gift cards every single month by simply installing the application and letting it run in the background to pick up on all the advertisements that your favorite TV shows or YouTube video videos that you watch play so this application is a little bit out of the ordinary because essentially the application is always listening so there may be some privacy concerns there to some people which I completely understand I personally tested out the application and I was rewarded a gift card completely for free simply by using media rewards and allowing it to run in the background although it did take three weeks or so for me to actually earn that gift card because their price system is kind of like on a Sweepstake system where the more points that you earn on a daily basis gives you a greater chance to win prizes on their application.

You'll know when you win on media rewards because they'll send you a survey to complete and once you complete that survey you then earn that gift card completely for free every single month select users will win quite a bit of money and other various prizes as well next up we have givi videos although giving videos used to be probably one of the best ways to make some money by watching YouTube videos on your mobile phone these days I have to say it doesn't really pay as much as it used to which really does not make it the best method anymore the whole concept is fantastic you simply watch YouTube videos through the application they reward you a certain amount of points each minute you watch a video and at the time of this recording 10 000 points equals one cent USD currency depending on your country give your videos is going to be a fun way to earn or a complete useless method because while they used to pay at least a dollar an hour to watch videos now it seems like you're only going to earn 10 cents per hour if that so while giving videos has paid me every single time and they have literally multiple different Cash Out methods including cryptocurrency I cannot guarantee that you're going to have a good time on the application as much as I want to support it they really need to increase the payment for sure next up we have the money making app loot up lutop is a fantastic money making application that allows you multiple opportunities to earn real life currency in the form of points one thousand points roughly equals one dollar worth of USD currency and on the loot Up application you have a watch videos tab here is where you can browse through multiple different categories of videos to watch on the loot Up application now this runs in the exact same system as grab points and earnably.

The video provider is Hideout TV so let's find out how many points we can earn if we use Hideout TV through Luda let's watch some pet Clips okay so now it tells us the rules we can earn three Hideout points for every video and add watch let's go test it out so again you have to sign in and now I'm back on my Hideout TV account and as you can see I still have those 16.5 points there I'll continue watching me back in a second okay we're back now and as you can see we have 36.3 points let's tap on redeem button same exact situation my account is now linked I can then convert my 36 Hideout points for 40 of the loot up points remember 1 000 points equals one dollar USD currency on looter so I have to say this is actually a pretty decent way to earn these points guys especially if you literally just have a playing in the background while you're doing other things next up we have a coinbase now to be fair this one's a little bit different to what you're used to because you can earn free cryptocurrency by watching video tutorials on coinbase this is the coinbase website and on the left side of the screen you'll see something called learning rewards tapping on this button will bring up various different little cryptocurrencies tutorial videos on what coinbase would like you to watch to learn these lessons to see here for the graph I can earn four dollars worth of GRT currency if I simply watch these lesson videos I'll get three dollars for watching amp videos and I'll get three dollars for watching near protocol videos this is all 100 free by the way that will be added to your coinbase account for people that want to start earning some cryptocurrency without doing anything but watching a few lesson videos let me click on this one here called what is the graph so this is it everyone here you go this is what you actually have to do you go through and you read about the actual cryptocurrency this one here is talking about sub graphs and now here's the question so the answer is blockchain data and that's it done I've just earned my first GRT and now you can see that coinbase has actually paid me 1.43 worth of GRT currency I actually think that's pretty cool stuff be sure to check out my website and my YouTube channel for other videos I will see you all tomorrow for another review stay safe I hope you enjoyed see you next time.

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