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Discover 6 NEW & Easy Money Making Apps for 2023 - Earn Legit Money Online 2023

Updated: 7 days ago



Survey Pirates

Survey Pirate is a great application for earning money online. Despite the name suggesting that it’s only about completing surveys, it offers multiple earning opportunities like playing games, completing tasks, offers, and of course, taking surveys. The system uses a Coinbase currency, where 4,650 coins are the minimum cash out for $5 worth of PayPal currency. However, the cash-out options vary depending on your country, age, gender, and other factors. According to the author's experience, Survey Pirates pays $5 per hour if all earning methods are combined, and the payment is processed within 1-2 days. Note that a mobile phone number is required for SMS verification.

Buck Joy

Buck Joy is another money-making application with a $5 minimum cash-out and three different cash-out options, including PayPal, Amazon, and Visa. The author found two main sources of income on Buck Joy - surveys and offer wall. After trying out the offer wall, the author earned around $7 playing a game for a few days. Although the author didn't like the earning from the surveys, Buck Joy has changed their application based on the author's recommendation and now, cash-out is possible without verifying personal details like tax information. The author was paid instantly, which makes Buck Joy a reliable application to have on the side.

Survey King

Survey King is an application with a $1 minimum cash-out, which is a rare feature these days. The application offers multiple cash-out options, including PayPal, Payeer, and other methods. The earning system focuses mainly on surveys, and the earning rate varies depending on disqualifications. The author was able to earn $1 in 30 minutes by completing two surveys. Survey King paid the author within 48 hours of cashing out.

Money Gun

Money Gun is another application that promises fast withdrawals and low cash-outs. It mainly prioritizes surveys, but also has offer providers. The author earned $1 in one hour of using the application, which some people may find too low. Money Gun has various cash-out options, including PayPal, crypto, and Payeer, with a $1 minimum withdrawal. Money Gun paid the author within 48 hours of cashing out.

Cash Piggy

Cash Piggy is a game that has a low minimum cash-out of points, which can be converted into real money. 250 points are worth $1 worth of Amazon currency, and 600 points are worth $3 worth of PayPal currency. The points can be earned by completing surveys, playing games through the playtime reward system. Cash Piggy doesn't have offer wall providers, but it’s still a legitimate application that pays within 24 hours of requesting a cash-out. The author earned around $1 per hour on Cash Piggy.


JustPlay is a fantastic little application that allows you to earn real paypal money and cash out every single 3 hours but not only paypal cash but also various other methods as well including amazon currency and giftcards. You will also see that JustPlay has an instant cash out system which really does pay you within 1 minute of cashing out.


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