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Gaming Your Way to Cash: 6 Apps That Let You Make Money Online

Updated: 7 days ago


Full Written Review of 6 Game Apps That Actually Pay Money!


Hey, how's it going? Have you ever found yourself feeling like you're just wasting time playing games and getting nothing in return? Trust me, I've been there too. But don't worry, because I've got some great news to share with you! I'm excited to tell you about some fantastic apps that actually pay you to play games! Depending on where you live, the games and rates may differ, but you could earn cash for each minute or level played. This is a super popular topic, so I hope you find this post helpful and informative!

Cash'em All

Cash'em All is probably one of the most well-known playtime reward applications on the market right now. It runs on a coinbase currency system, and you can install various types of applications to generate these coins. For instance, if you install Kegsor Puzzle, you can earn up to 46 coins per minute. Depending on how long you play the games, the amount of coins that you generate from each game will increase. Cash'em All also recently updated its payment system to include various different platforms that you can cash out on, although the most well-known one is PayPal. The minimum cash-out is about 4,999 coins for 67 cents, and you can cash out within about 10 to 15 minutes of playing Cash'em All. In my experience, Cash'em All pays within one to two days.

Money Cash - Play Games and Earn Now

Money Cash surprised me because I went into it not expecting much. It runs on a coinbase currency system with a minimum payment threshold of five dollars. If you install the Poker game, apparently, you can earn up to 467 coins per minute. However, when you install the application, that amount changes, so that's why it's the maximum amount of coins you can earn per minute. You can also see the bonuses underneath the games where this one states, "play 17 minutes to earn five dollars," but that's more of a premium offer where they want you to spend money within the app, and then they'll give you the five dollars. In my experience, on Money Cash, they paid me out instantly.


Mistplay runs on a unit-based system that allows you to play various different games to generate these units. There are so many different applications available on Mistplay that it's hard to put into words. To simplify it, you pick the game you want to play on Mistplay, then have the reward speed of the units that will be generated for playing the game. There is also a PXP multiplier, which is profile level X experience. The main thing about Mistplay is that, depending on where you live, the cash-out experience is going to be completely different. In my experience, Mistplay takes up to about a week or so to actually pay you your currency.

Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is a very interesting one. It runs on a gem-based currency system, and you'll notice under the featured tab, it states that every time you complete a level, you generate coins, aka The Gems. There are many different applications here that will reward you for playing games, and you can cash out using PayPal or Amazon. In my experience, Cash Giraffe pays within a few days of requesting payment.


JustPlay is a cool app that lets you earn real money by playing games. However, the coin system they use to track your earnings can be a bit unclear. They don't disclose how the coins are valued, making it tough to figure out how much you can earn per hour. But, if you play games like Treasure Master or complete offers on their offer wall, you can earn coins. Just keep in mind that the value of the coins seems to vary, so it's hard to predict your payout. The good news is that you can cash out your earnings every three hours via PayPal, Amazon, or gift cards. You can even donate your earnings to a good cause. If you're up for some gaming and don't mind a little uncertainty, give JustPlay a try!

Money Turn

Hey there! Wanted to share about this cool app called Money Turn. Basically, you earn coins and can invest them to increase your earnings even more. It's super easy to do, and the higher your investment level, the more interest you can earn - up to 10%! I've been using it here in Australia and have already cashed out 67 cents, with higher cash-out options up to $27. Money Turn has always paid me straight to my PayPal account, but it does take up to two days to process. If you're interested in making some extra money, give it a try! And if you want to see more reviews like this, check out my YouTube channel and website. Stay safe!


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