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Christmas Cash: Top 6 Apps to Earn Extra Money Online for the Holidays

Updated: 7 days ago


Full Written Review of Make Money Online for Christmas: 6 Apps to Help You Earn Extra Cash

Intro To 6 APPS To Earn EXTRA MONEY for Christmas!

Hey everyone, Vince here. Christmas is around the corner, so I'm writing an article to help you earn extra money to spend on Christmas gifts or whatever you fancy. I hope you guys enjoy it, be sure to let me know in the comments below if you're celebrating Christmas this year or not. Let's kick this off.

Curious Cat

So the first earning method is completing surveys through the curious cat application. Curious cat is a basic survey application that has an extremely low minimum cash out with a point system where 100 points roughly equal a dollar or so.

This is what the main page of the curious cat app looks like, tapping on one of these pictures will bring up a survey. Let's tap on this cat picture, so here you can actually see the stats and how much money you're going to earn by completing this survey 50 points which equals probably about 50 cents or so for four to six minutes of our time then 81 success rate it even States it's a metaverse Facebook fake survey apparently well.

I do have a lot of surveys to complete on this app. I do have to say disqualifications are quite high but the main reason why the curious cat application is on today's article is because it pays out instantly to everyone and you can cash out multiple times within the same day.


Next up we have qmee, this is what qmee looks like on the Google Play Store. It is probably one of the top premium platforms that I've found online to earn money with. You can literally see some surveys are willing to pay us over one to two dollars within six minutes or so. If you have used the money making application before, you know for a fact these prices are insanely High.

The only thing is everyone I found that qmee is not available for many countries out there so if you're lucky enough to use it you're going to be very happy and even if you don't like completing surveys that's fine because they actually have cash back rewards and offers as well.

Check this out, 28 dollars to play this slot machine app another 28 dollars here 12.50 to play board Kings and earn up to 116 dollars for playing mafia City. It's very rare, you come across a platform that really doesn't undercut the users by a bunch, and I feel like qmee is probably one of the best out there at the current time. You can even shop through it and earn cash back completely for free really does make it stand out above the crowd in my country Australia. It supports Amazon cash outs, Kohl's cash out, David Jones, Uber and even UberEats, the best thing about it is it has instant PayPal cash out so literally as soon as you're done completing a survey and from what I remember, there are absolutely no minimum withdrawals for the PayPal cash out, so let's say I finished this three dollar survey I can then instantly cash that out and it will arrive at my PayPal account.


Lootup is a money making application that not only allows you to earn straight up Paypal currency by completing surveys, playing games and completing offers, but it also has Cash Back Rewards as well.

If you shop through them and it runs on a point-based currency system where 1000 points equals one dollar USD, not only that though it supports gift cards as well as cryptocurrency you can find surveys that will easily pay you between three and five dollars. You can also find offers that will pay you into the almost hundreds of dollars again though the same concept applies with disqualifications.

When it comes to surveys and some offers will take a very long time to complete. I've had absolutely no issue with lootup in the past, and they've paid me every single time within two days.

Survey Pop

Next on the list we have survey pop, Survey pop is a fantastic survey application that gives you straight up PayPal or Amazon currency, at least in my country of Australia for completing surveys. The minimum cash out is literally only five dollars and as you can see they have surveys that will pay over a dollar for your time which I find absolutely great to see.

Of course, when you see some surveys that would take 40 minutes and only pay 49 cents, you'd probably want to skip over that. I'd at least want to go for almost a dollar for my time by completing a survey.

Tapping on the cash out tab allows you to see what withdrawal methods are available in your country, as I stated I have PayPal and Amazon with a five dollar minimum cash out if you're lucky enough not to get disqualified on every survey you complete you'll be able to cash out easily five dollars in one hour at least in my country which compared to other applications is super high.

The best thing about survey pop though is that they pay instantly to everyone at least in my experience so if you have the chance check out survey pop and see how it is in your country.

Poll Pay

Next up, we have Poll Pay, pull pay has reached over 10 million downloads, that is absolutely insane. Poll pay is another one of these multi-earning platforms that allows you to earn straight up cash by completing surveys, playing games and of course completing offers.

You can see here, if you tap in with surveys, it takes you straight to the survey area where you can straight up earn eight dollars or more by completing surveys.

Look at this, 10 minutes for eight dollars six minutes for eight dollars eight minutes for a dollar seventy one thirteen minutes for 3.51 18 minutes for 3.51 10 minutes for three dollars ten minutes for two dollars eighty six minutes for one dollar twelve minutes for two dollars sixty six minutes for 1.71.

Absolutely incredible numbers, here for what they're offering for surveys. Tapping on the offers tab, though you can see here that you earn straight up money guys so if I complete this rise of Kingdom's offer I'll get 36 dollars whole pay has always been an excellent platform in my opinion great to see how they're still improving their app after all this time you can cash out either Amazon or PayPal currency on Poll Pay, fifteen dollars twenty five dollars or fifty dollars for the PayPal and the exact same for the Amazon of course this all depends on your country so this might look different for you the best thing about pull pay at least in my experience is that they pay instantly everyone that's right instant PayPal currency really can't go wrong with that.

Life Points

Life points has so many different surveys available to complete. Roughly 105 of the life points equals one dollar worth of your local currency. There are literally so many different surveys available for us to complete for these life points, I have to say life points probably has one of the lowest disqualification rates that I've come across when it comes to survey platforms and that's a really big help of course because no one likes getting disqualified.

Let's be honest, but as you can see we're literally still scrolling here, there are so many different surveys available. The minimum cash out is roughly five dollars here in Australia. Life Points cash out system is like a shop you have various gift cards that are available and this is what the cash out shop looks like, we have Eco matcher Amazon cantar Coles wish e-gift which features multiple of real life shopping stores JB Hi WiFi and of course PayPal currency for ten dollars worth of PayPal.

The minimum cash hour is roughly 1300 life points, whereas twenty dollars is twenty six hundred life points. Another thing about life points though is that they do not pay instantly, they roughly take a week in total to pay you at least in my experience here in Australia.

Life points are available in multiple countries as well which is always great to see something to always keep in mind when it comes to earning money online through any type of platform or method you have to remember it all does change depending on your country, age and even gender.


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