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5 Apps That Pay Out Quickly - Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online

Updated: 7 days ago


Full Written Review of Make Money Online 2023: These 5 Apps Pay Out Quickly and Honestly

Intro To 5 Apps That LEGIT Pay FAST!

Hey everyone Vince here today I want to show you some applications that will actually pay you fast. Let's kick this off.


The first application I'm going to mention is called winwalk. The whole concept of windwalk is to just walk and earn coins. 100 steps equals one coin and you can earn up to 100 coins per day, you can then redeem these coins for rewards so this is what wind walk looks like.

When you first turn it on, you have the big step counter in the middle of the screen, you have how many K's you've walked, how many calories you burn and how long in minutes you've exercised for in the top right corner of the screen you have the coin balance.

I'm gonna go get these steps up so you guys can see how it works alright so I've just done some steps here as you can see we have 1017 steps and now the stats have been updated at the bottom of the screen it states that I can collect my coins now so you have to watch a video ad to collect your coins and now my balance has been updated.

Tapping on the coin icon brings us to the main menu here of wind wall, let's tap on the shot here you can see there are so many different countries that wind walk actually supports so it's not like it's available in only one or two countries so that's nice to see and now here is the actual shot for winwall you can get a 10 Amazon gift card Cole's gift card JB Hi-Fi gift card Kmart gift card Maya gift card Priceline gift card 10 Target gift card Woolworths 10 gift card eBay twenty dollar gift card Google play 20 gift card and 15 worth of bitcoin.

Wind walk actually features other ways to earn these coins as well tapping on the missions tab allows you to earn by completing surveys. Something to always remember is that these types of applications will change depending on your country.

This includes the amount of coins you earn per survey or the available offers but as you can see, here we can earn so many more coins by completing some quick surveys mixed in with walking so that's a really cool little system they've implemented here.

The thing about surveys though is that disqualifications do happen quite regularly so that's something you're going to have to put up with for people that like referring their friends to these type of applications.

You can earn 300 coins when your friend uses wind walk but your friend must collect 100 coins first the best thing about wind walk is that it pays you guys instantly with gift cards straight to your email address so that's why it's on today's list.

Survey Time

Survey time is an instant paying survey application the only thing you have to do is create your profile make sure you give honest answers. When setting up the profile and then survey time will literally notify you when new surveys are available.

The best thing is about survey time is that they reward you with one dollar instantly no matter what survey you take so you might be thinking what exactly does that mean so even if it's a five minute survey or a 15 minute long survey you're going to get one dollar worth of USD currency no matter wall that is extremely good for a survey application if you did not know this is what it looks like.

When survey time finds a survey for you to complete all you literally need to do is tap the tag survey button survey time features three different Cash Out options remember though depending on your country these methods are going to change but at least here in Australia I have the PayPal cash out option, the Bitcoin Cash Out option, and the Amazon Cash Out option.

All you need is one single dollar, you literally get paid as soon as you complete a survey and I've been paid out multiple times by survey time I actually think it's a very very good survey application and platform and even if you don't have an Android you can just go to their website and simply use the platform.


Next up is an application called freecash. Freecash is probably one of the biggest money making applications and platforms on the marketplace right now this is what the freecash app looks like in my country.

We have the featured offers tab here you can see all the various featured offers that freecash thinks you'd like to complete 1 000 of these coins by the way equals one dollar USD so scrolling along here you can see that we have offers that are willing to pay us 14.21.15.

It just keeps going on and on. Essentially at this point everyone which I really do appreciate how high precache offers will pay the user underneath, that we have all the various offer walls here and you'll notice that some of them actually have a 50 bonus which is really awesome as well.

I absolutely love how many offer walls freecash features on their platform, it really does make earning online a lot easier to have so much variety. Underneath the offer walls we have the survey Partners again massive Variety in surveys there's nothing better than having the opportunity to earn through surveys and offer walls guys. For example, this is the CPX research survey provider as you can see here, we have surveys that are willing to pay us literally three to two dollars just to complete that which is on the very high scale of surveys. When it comes to completing surveys online, three dollars for 19 minutes of your time is actually very good. The only problem is you have to worry about disqualifications but here we have an off-the-wall provider called mm1. We have a broad Kings offer that's willing to pay us twelve dollars.

If we're able to get to level 20 in 10 days, we have a scratch magic offer here that's willing to pay us almost ten dollars. If we're able to scratch 251 cards and idle Factory offers, if we get to level 17 we'll then get three dollars. Apparently it's easy as well as an expressvpn offer. If we sign up for a seven day free trial we get 70 cents and it just keeps on going on and on.

This is actually a really cool waffle wall and I think it's a brand new one that they've introduced recently. Now here's the main reason, why I do like freecash they easily have over 20 25 different Cash Out options available my country Australia, and when it comes to cashing out online you want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck and I truly believe that freecash legit controls the market when it comes to the most Cash Out options maybe even prize Rebel was the only thing that Rivals it.

I absolutely love how many Cash Out options there are on this platform freecash pays out instantly by the way which gives it probably one of the biggest advantages against any other money making app out there. With all the variety that it has so I've actually had no problems with free cash before so that's exactly what I base my reviews off.

Survey Pop

Survey pop is a very straightforward survey application where they literally give you surveys every single day to complete as you can see on this list here, we have a survey that will pay us a dollar fifty two for 18 minutes of our time 1.28 for 19 minutes of our time a dollar twenty for 15 minutes of our time 1.52 for 18 minutes of our time and with a minimum cash out of only five dollars needed.

I definitely found nothing to complain about with survey part here in Australia they support two different methods we have PayPal and Amazon, they also have an offer wall system you're more than welcome to give the offer wall a try but I prefer to use the surveys on survey pop to earn that straight up currency because the best thing about survey pop is they pay out instantly which is incredible for such a low minimum cash out needed so that's why survey pop is on this list.


Next up, It is a fantastic survey application because of how basic it is to use they literally give you the surveys in a massive list here that you can just keep cycling through everyone if you don't know Attapoll more than likely going to be different in each country and of course depending on your age and gender as well because they're surveys but check this out 1.97 for five minutes of my time 2.74 cents for 18 minutes of my time 2 minutes and 59 cents for 21 minutes of my time and these little two cent surveys are profile surveys.

So the more of them, I complete the more that Attapoll knows about me the user to give me more surveys every survey you complete will add to your balance you can then either choose a gift card cash out a PayPal Instant Cash Out by the way Revolt cash out or you can donate it to charity for the gift cards.

Here in Australia, we have an Asos gift card for five dollar minimum, the good guys gift card for five dollar minimum, JB Hi-Fi gift card for five dollars minimum and a catch ten dollar gift card. I have championed at a poll for well over a year now and I have to say it is still a fantastic application that lives up to its word of paying their users instantly. I've never had an issue with my instant PayPal cash out on attapoll as a bonus I want to give you a website that you can access from your mobile phone as well this website is called Attapoll simply go to Google type in earnably and then go to Attapoll is a money making platform that will give you straight up USD currency if you choose it per survey or offer completed not only that though there have many many other Cash Out options available which I'll show you now.

So here's the offer wall selection for Attapoll, as you can see they do have quite a bit of variety which I really do appreciate, in total they have offers to complete daily surveys to complete videos to watch and apps to install to earn the currency of points here are the withdrawal options for earnably we have PayPal currency with a minimum of 125 points, a Kohl's gift card with a minimum of 370 points, Amazon gift card with a minimum of 95 points, JB Hi-Fi gift card with a minimum of 370 points, Apple iTunes gift card 690 point, an UberEats gift card 690 points, a Playstation store gift card 2 000 points, then we have a Myers gift card at David Jones gift card both for 370 points, last but not least we have Uber for 1700 points.

Here you can see the breakdown of currency and how much is needed. Essentially one dollar worth of PayPal is 125 points and you can easily make at least 500 points which equals five dollars in an hour on Attapoll.

I've done it myself everyone it's very simple Attapoll supports all the way up to 100 PayPal cash out at once here you can see the ah Studio off a wall for instance so now you can see how many points you can earn on average at least in my country by completing offers through ah Studio this is a 40 offer by the way for the ants underground here are all the different survey providers that you can go through as well on Attapol.

I've personally cashed out Attapoll multiple times and receive my money every single time instantly guys it is such a fantastic platform in my opinion if you want other legitimate methods be sure to check out my YouTube channel and my website.


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