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4 New Instant Paying PayPal Game Apps: Fast Cash or Waste of Time? (My Real Payment Proof)

Updated: 2 days ago


Hey everyone, Vince here and in today's blog post I'm going to review four different games that claim to pay you instant PayPal money. But the question is, are these apps actually worth your time? Let's dive in and find out. In this review, I'll be discussing the gameplay, earnings potential, cash-out options, and my overall opinion on each app. So let's kick this off and see if these apps are worth your attention.

1. Ocean Match 3 Review

Ocean Match 3: Gameplay and Earnings Potential

When you launch Ocean Match 3, you'll see the account balance at the top of the screen, followed by the minimum cash out requirement of 30 cents. The game board and the goal of the game are displayed below. The gameplay itself is simple—just tap on the colors to clear the board. It's incredibly straightforward and not challenging at all. However, the earnings from this app are quite minuscule. Watching a large number of advertisements is necessary to reach the 30-cent mark, which can be a waste of time.

Ocean Match 3 Cash Out and Payment Proof

Ocean Match 3 offers several cash out options including a custom amount, $2, $5, $10, and $50. In my experience the developer pays instantly but the earnings are too low for my liking. To provide an example after watching five minutes of ads, I only earned around three cents. This translates to roughly 30 cents per hour of watching advertisements, which may not be worthwhile for most users.


2. Goodies Crush Review

Goodies Crush: Gameplay and Earnings Potential

Goodies Crush, developed by the same company as Ocean Match 3 is essentially the same game with a different theme. The gameplay earnings potential, and user experience are quite similar. The game mechanics involve tapping on colors to clear the board, and the earnings are equally minimal.

Goodies Crush Cash Out and Payment Proof

Goodies Crush offers cash-out options starting from 50 cents for PayPal withdrawal. Other options include $1, $4.75, $10, and $50. The withdrawal process is similar to Ocean Match 3, where you have to accumulate a significant number of coins to cash out. While the app does pay instantly, the low earnings and time investment required may not make it worthwhile for many users.


3. Kitchen Crush Review

Kitchen Crush: Gameplay and Earnings Potential

Kitchen Crush, another game from the same developer, follows a similar pattern as Ocean Match 3 and Goodies Crush. The gameplay, earnings potential, and user interface are practically identical. You tap on colors to clear the board and earn coins, which can be exchanged for real money. However, the earnings remain quite low compared to the time investment.

Kitchen Crush Cash Out and Payment Proof

Kitchen Crush provides cash-out options starting from 50 cents for PayPal withdrawal. Like the previous apps, the earnings are minimal, and it may take a considerable amount of time watching ads to reach the cash-out threshold. The instant payment is a positive aspect, but the effort required may outweigh the benefits for many users.


4. Block Puzzle Space Review

Block Puzzle Space: Gameplay and Earnings Potential

Block Puzzle Space stands out from the previous apps in terms of gameplay. It features a Tetris-like puzzle game, which adds a level of engagement compared to the simple color-tapping games. However, the app still utilizes the same system of watching advertisements to generate revenue. The earnings potential remains low, even with the slight variation in gameplay.

Block Puzzle Space Cash Out and Payment Proof

Block Puzzle Space offers similar cash-out options to the other apps. The minimum cash out for PayPal is 50 cents, and higher amounts are available as well. While the app pays instantly, the earnings per time spent watching ads remain disappointingly low, making it questionable whether the trade-off is worthwhile.


Are They All Legit or Fake?

After testing these instant PayPal paying apps, I can confirm that they do pay instantly. However, the low earnings and substantial time investment required to reach the cash-out thresholds make them questionable in terms of their overall value. Spending five minutes watching ads for just a single cent may not be a good trade-off for most users.

While these apps are legitimate, I cannot confidently recommend them as worthwhile options. There are many other paying methods available that offer better earnings potential and a more satisfying user experience. You can explore over 100 paying methods on my website, which I will provide in the video description along with the links to these apps.


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