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4 Legit Paying Apps To Make Money With! - But Are They Worth It?

Updated: Nov 17

Hello there Its Vince and after a short hiatus I'm back with something special for you all Today were delving deep into the world of moneymaking apps sifting through the noise to determine which are genuinely worth your time and which aren't.

1. Gaintplay Make Money Now

First Impressions

Gaintplay presents itself with a coin based currency system where 1000 coins translate to 1 USD At its core its a get paid to website turned mobile application The range of offer wall providers can be to put it mildly overwhelming From offer walls to surveys to video watching there's a multitude of ways to earn coins.

Cash Out Options

Tapping the cash out button brings up a diverse withdrawal menu Being in Australia I observed options like Litecoin Bitcoin PayPal Netflix Visa gift cards and a feature named top up Notably while the minimum PayPal withdrawal starts at $5 cryptocurrency fans only need 1000 coins or $1 to cash out via a Coinbase account.

Earning Potential

Numerous offers are available some fetching as much as 166 USD And while there's a plethora of surveys offering tempting pay outs like $2.30 for just 10 minutes the qualification criteria can be tricky Another feature catching my eye was the staking option allowing users to stake coins or crypto for interest.

Payout Experience

Having withdrawn $1.62 I was delighted to receive my payment within a day Gaintplay does seem to vary based on location but at least in my experience it stands true to its promise.

2. Ocean Bubble

Game Mechanics

Ocean Bubble feels like a laidback casual game where you pop matching color bubbles to complete levels and earn gems The real appeal Promises of PayPal withdrawals.

Earnings Cash Out

A quick look showed I had about 0.273 worth of PayPal cash The app operates on a coinbase currency system with daily and weekly cash out limits Earnings mainly revolve around a treasure chest system where watching ads can lead to coin rewards.

Payout Experience

I cashed out twice 6 cents each time and received instant payments to my PayPal However earnings equating to roughly 1 cent per 10 minutes make it less appealing for serious earners.

3. Roaster Earn


Roaster Earn since my last review has seen upgrades A multioffer app users can earn PayPal cash or gift cards by tackling offer walls videos or surveys.

Earnings Cash Out

Currently I have 15000 credits For context $55 in PayPal is 500000 credits Periodic limited edition cash outs also give more bang for your buck Various offer walls and surveys have significant earning potential.

Payout Experience

I successfully withdrew $15 receiving it within 24 hours.

4. Money Turn Play Invest


Money Turn operates on a coinbase currency system Cash out options include real life store vouchers and PayPal.

Unique Features

Money Turn offers gold deals where playing games earns you coin coins per minute However the unique twist is the investment system Investing coins in the apps piggy bank grants interest maximizing earnings passively.

Payout Experience

My withdrawal request was processed promptly within a day.

Maximizing Earnings on Money Making Apps

Most moneymaking apps like Gaintplay Ocean Bubble Roaster Earn and Money Turn offer a variety of tasks to complete Its essential to prioritize higher paying offers and tasks to maximize your earnings Remember to set realistic expectations You might not become rich overnight but these apps can offer a handy side income with consistent effort.

Understanding App Currency Systems

Understanding the currency system is vital for every app As we saw with Gaintplay coin based currency and Money Turns coinbase system each app has a unique point system Before diving in familiarize yourself with the conversion rates to make informed decisions.

Safety Measures to Consider

Always ensure the apps you're investing time into are legitimate and have good reviews Scams can exist Check if the app has a secure HTTPS connection and read reviews from other users to learn from their experiences.

The Importance of Regular App Updates

Apps like Roaster Earn undergo updates offering newer tasks and offers Always ensure you have the latest version installed to benefit from new opportunities and any potential bug fixes.

Geographical Differences to Remember

As seen in the review some apps have different offers and payout systems depending on your country Its essential to note this and set your expectations accordingly especially if you're outside of popular regions like the US.

Diversifying Your Money Making Strategies

Don't put all your eggs in one basket Diversify your efforts across multiple apps Each app has its strengths and by balancing your time among them you can maximize your earning potential.

Staying Motivated on Money Making Apps

Its essential to remain consistent These apps reward regular users and the more time you put in the better your chances of earning Set aside a specific time each day or week dedicated to completing tasks on these platforms.

The Role of Advertisements

Advertisements play a significant role in these apps often being the primary source of their revenue Understand that watching ads like in the Ocean Bubbles treasure chest system can be an integral part of the earning process.

Time vs Reward Striking a Balance

While these apps provide an opportunity to earn always weigh the time you're putting in versus the reward you're getting out Its essential to value your time and ensure you're getting a fair return on your investment.

Using Offer Walls Effectively

Offer walls as seen in Gaintplay and Roaster Earn provide numerous opportunities Its essential to pick offers that match your interests ensuring you complete them and earn the associated rewards.

The Impact of Surveys on Earnings

Surveys can be a hit or miss While they promise good returns there's a risk of disqualification Always approach them with an open mind understanding that not every survey will be a perfect match.

Exploring Additional Features

Some apps like Gaintplay stake feature offer additional functionalities Always explore these features as they can present unique earning opportunities beyond the standard tasks and offers.

Remember while these moneymaking apps provide an opportunity to earn its essential to approach them with a discerning mindset and an understanding of the effort required to see significant returns.

Final Thoughts

Exploring these apps has been an illuminating journey While some are more rewarding than others all have unique features catering to different users As always ensure you read the terms and conditions and don't invest money or excessive time without doing thorough research Until next time happy earning.

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