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3 Apps To Make Money Playing Games! - Legit Methods

Updated: Nov 17


Hello everyone Vince here Today I'm excited to share my journey exploring three incredible apps that actually pay you to play games. Yes you heard that right playing games can earn you real money I've personally tested these apps and am eager to guide you through each one.

Lovely Pet

Overview of Lovely Pet

First on my list is Lovely Pet an app that's as engaging as it is rewarding The interface is user friendly with in game coins and premium gems displayed prominently. Your task To interact with an adorable virtual pet dog.

Earning Mechanics

The earning process in Lovely Pet is straightforward as you accumulate coins by tapping on hearts that appear on the screen which respawn as you engage in activities with your pet. For instance playing with a tennis ball not only entertains your pet but also helps in generating more hearts and thus more coins.

Conversion Rates and Cash Out

With Lovely Pet 10000 coins equate to $1 The minimum cashout is 2 USD for 20000 coins I was pleasantly surprised to find a variety of cashout options with the highest being 25 for 250000 coins.

Additional Earning Methods

Apart from playing with your pet Lovely Pet offers a Playtime area where you can earn by playing other games. The rewards system is based on the time spent playing and the offers vary by country Additionally the app features offer walls with different tasks that can help boost your earnings.


Introduction to GameXpert

Next up is GameXpert an app that many might not be aware of but is a gem in the world of play to earn apps. The app rewards users with coins for playing games which can be converted into PayPal cash.

Earning Potential and Cash Out

GameXpert starts you off with a welcome bonus close to the minimum cash out threshold. The app offers a variety of games across different categories each with its own coin earning rate for example playing Slottomania can earn you 175 coins per minute.

Unique Features

What sets GameXpert apart is its ranking system. Your rank increases with more gameplay leading to higher earning bonuses this system adds an exciting layer to the gaming experience encouraging you to play more and earn more.

Lovely Plants

The Concept of Lovely Plants

Lastly we have Lovely Plants similar in concept to Lovely Pet but with a twist instead of a pet you're nurturing a plant and by tapping on fruits you earn coins akin to the heart tapping mechanism in Lovely Pet.

Earning and Conversion

Like Lovely Pet Lovely Plants offers a similar conversion rate for coins to USD The app also features a Playtime rewards area with a level based system offering a different approach to earning compared to the per minute model.

Additional Features

Lovely Plants mirrors Lovely Pet in its offer walls and minigames section however I found the minigames less impactful in terms of earnings and the referral system is a bonus offering free points for both the referrer and the referee.

Are These Apps Worth Your Time

After thoroughly testing these apps I'm thrilled to report that all three Lovely Pet GameXpert and Lovely Plants are legitimate I successfully cashed out from each app receiving payments swiftly to my PayPal account these apps offer a fun and unique way to earn a little extra cash in your spare time.

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