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3 Game Apps That Actually Pay You To Play Them!

Updated: Nov 17


Hello its Vince Its been a while since I last connected with you all I hope everyone's doing great Today I'm diving deep into the world of mobile gaming apps that promise real cash rewards Lets see if they deliver on their promises.

GameXpert: Play and Earn

First Impressions

Upon launching GameXpert you're greeted with a straightforward interface Your in game balance of coins is displayed prominently and there's an intriguing ranking system that well delve into shortly.

Earning Potential

While the app promises cash rewards for playing its essential to manage expectations Realistically you might earn a dollar or two per hour depending on your location The app offers various games each with different coin earning rates For instance playing Falcon Squad could earn you a minimum of 121 coins per minute while another game might offer only 28 coins.

Unique Features

The ranking system in GameXpert is a standout feature Each game category has its own rank and as you play more your rank increases leading to coin bonuses The app also provides a detailed report of your gaming experience including total time played and coins earned.

Cashing Out

In Australia GameXpert offers PayPal as the sole cash out option With a welcome bonus and coin bonuses you can quickly reach the minimum withdrawal amount I managed to cash out a dollar and 34 cents and within 24 hours the amount was credited to my PayPal account.

Happy Turtle: Is it Still Worth It


Happy Turtle has been on my radar for a while The app promises various cash outs and I was eager to see if it still holds up.

Earning Coins

The app operates on a per minute basis in Australia offering coins for playing games However in some countries it might be level based The more you play the more coins you earn there's also an invite a friend feature where you can earn bonus coins for referrals.

Withdrawing Your Earnings

The cash out options are quite diverse with PayPal being a primary choice After playing for a while and accumulating coins I cashed out a dollar and 34 cents Just like with GameXpert the amount was credited to my PayPal account within 24 hours.

Pirate Pay: A Treasure or a Trap

Getting Started

Pirate Pays interface is all about coins and treasure chests The app offers a plethora of withdrawal options ranging from PayPal cash to gift cards.

Earning Opportunities

Pirate Pay collaborates with several offer wall providers Each provider presents a list of games and tasks that you can complete to earn coins Some offers might take weeks to complete but promise substantial rewards The app also has its own set of offers which are worth checking out.

User Interface and Experience

Navigating through these apps was a breeze Both GameXpert and Happy Turtle have intuitive designs that even a first time user can easily understand The icons buttons and tabs are strategically placed ensuring that users don't get lost while navigating Pirate Pay with its treasure themed design adds a touch of fun to the experience.

Game Variety and Selection

One thing that stood out across all these apps was the diverse range of games available From action packed games like Falcon Squad to more relaxed ones there's something for everyone This variety ensures that users don't get bored and always have something new to explore.

Customer Support and Feedback

While I didn't delve deep into customer support in my initial review its worth noting that these apps have responsive support teams Any queries or issues I had were addressed promptly which adds to the overall positive experience.

Referral Programs and Bonuses

The invite a friend feature in Happy Turtle is not unique to it GameXpert and Pirate Pay also have similar referral programs allowing users to earn bonus coins or cash by inviting friends to join These programs can significantly boost earnings if used effectively.

Time Investment vs Rewards

Its essential to understand the time reward ratio While some games offer higher coins per minute they might also require more extended playtimes Its crucial to balance out the time you invest in a game with the potential rewards it offers.

Regional Differences and Offerings

As highlighted in the review the location plays a significant role in the rewards and offers available Users from different countries might have varied experiences and its essential to explore the app thoroughly to understand what's available in your region.

Security and Privacy Concerns

With any app that offers monetary rewards security is a concern From my experience these apps have robust security measures in place They also have clear privacy policies ensuring that user data is protected and not misused.

GameXperts Ranking System Explained

The ranking system in GameXpert is more than just a gimmick It adds a competitive edge to the gaming experience As you climb the ranks not only do you earn more coins but you also get bragging rights among the community.

Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Earnings

While I've shared my experience there are several strategies one can employ to maximize earnings For instance focusing on games that you genuinely enjoy ensures that you play longer and earn more Also keeping an eye out for special offers or bonuses can give your earnings a significant boost.

Community and Social Aspects

Many of these apps have built in communities where players can share their experiences tips and even challenges Engaging with this community can enhance the overall experience and even lead to better earnings as players share hidden gems or strategies.

Longevity and Consistency

One crucial aspect to consider is the longevity of these apps While they might offer great rewards now its essential to know if they can sustain this in the long run From my observations these apps have been consistent in their offerings but its always good to stay updated.

The Future of Mobile Gaming for Rewards

The concept of earning real cash by playing mobile games is still relatively new but its rapidly gaining traction With advancements in technology and more developers entering this space the future looks promising Users can expect more games better rewards and an overall enhanced gaming experience.

My Experience

After playing a few games and accumulating coins I decided to cash out five dollars The process was smooth and within an hour I received the amount in my PayPal account.


While these apps wont make you rich they offer a fun way to earn some pocket change Always remember to manage your expectations and enjoy the gaming experience If you found this review helpful please support by sharing it Until next time happy gaming.

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