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3 Apps To Earn PayPal Money In 2023 - Make Money Online

Updated: 2 days ago

In a digital era where smartphones are as common as house keys making money through mobile apps is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn some extra cash Today we dive deep into the nittygritty of three moneymaking apps Money RAWR, GReward and Roaster Earn Well cover the mechanics of how each app operates the variety of tasks offered the pros and cons and ultimately the reliability of their payment systems Whether you're a college student looking for some pocket money a stay at home parent seeking to contribute financially or someone in between jobs these apps could be of interest to you.

Money RAWR Turning Gameplay into Paychecks


Money RAWR presents itself as an enticing option for avid mobile gamers promising a way to earn while enjoying different games But how does it stack up when it comes to actually paying out.

In-Depth Mechanics

Coin Based System

Money RAWR allows users to collect virtual coins through gameplay.

Increasing Difficulty

As you make progress the games get harder effectively increasing the time required to earn the same number of coins.


Theres a competitive aspect as the app features leaderboards where you can compare your coin count with other players.

Cash Out

The coins you accumulate can then be converted into real money via PayPal.


Simple and Fun Perfect for people who are already spending a good amount of time playing mobile games.

PayPal Payouts

Great for those living in countries where PayPal is widely used.

Welcome Bonus

A nearly instant way to hit the minimum cashout amount for first time users.


Scaling Difficulty

It becomes increasingly harder to earn a substantial amount as you progress.

Limited Earning Potential

Youre not going to make a living out of it just some pocket money.


While Money RAWR is legitimate and pays out as advertised it is probably best suited for those who already spend a lot of time gaming and wouldnt mind earning a little something on the side.

GReward The Jack of All Trades


GReward distinguishes itself by offering multiple avenues for earning money not just games but also surveys ad watching and more.

In-Depth Mechanics

Point Based System

GReward converts your earnings into points.

Multiple Earning Options

Games, surveys, videos and offer walls to complete tasks from third party companies.

Instant Cashout

Once you hit the minimum points you can cash out immediately via PayPal.


Variety of Tasks Good for people who enjoy doing different kinds of online activities.

Quick Payouts

Almost instant PayPal payouts make it a reliable option.

Community Support

There is an active community of users and the developers are also responsive to feedback and queries.


Identity Verification While ensuring security the face ID verification system may not be comfortable for everyone.


GReward is a versatile app that allows users to pick and choose the kind of activities they enjoy While its not a fulltime gig it offers a decent payout for your time and is worth exploring if you're looking for a more varied experience.

Roaster Earn


Roaster Earn is unique in that its not available on standard app stores a red flag for some but a treasure trove for those who dare to explore.

In-Depth Mechanics

Credit System

Much like the other apps Roaster Earn also uses a virtual currency system referred to as credits.

Offer Walls

Here you'll find various tasks from third party companies some of which offer a higher payout compared to the other apps.

Cash Out

These credits can be converted into real money gift cards or vouchers.


High Paying Offers

Some tasks pay significantly more than similar tasks on other platforms.

Timely Payment

Roaster Earn promises to process PayPal payments within 24 hours.

Exclusive Offers

Some companies prefer to use Roaster Earn for their offers making it possible to find tasks that aren't available elsewhere.


Unconventional Downloading Process Since its not available on Google Play or the App Store some people might find the process of downloading and installing it to be cumbersome.


If youre looking for high paying tasks and dont mind going the extra mile to download the app Roaster Earn could be your goto platform.


All three apps offer genuine opportunities for earning extra cash but they cater to different interests and commitments Money RAWR is a haven for gamers GReward is the best allrounder and Roaster Earn is for those looking for the highest paying tasks.

The amount you can earn greatly depends on how much time you're willing to invest Remember that while these apps offer a legitimate way to make some extra money they wont replace a fulltime job Always read the terms and conditions and exercise due diligence.

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