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This Poll Pay review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

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Thoughts On Poll Pay

Here's what we know about the Poll Pay app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my poll pay review today we're going to find out if poll pay is legit or a scam i hope you enjoy let's kick this off something to always keep in mind about money making applications is depending on your age country and even gender they can change the way they behave today's review is completely based on my experience here in australia.


Poll pay is promising that you can earn real life money by completing surveys playing games and completing tasks and offers now once you've signed up to poll pay you'll notice that it has such an incredibly easy design and this is something that i can really appreciate because when we use these money making applications we want it to be as smooth and easy as possible and thankfully that's what the developers of poll pay have managed to achieve for us today now the home tab on pole pay has four available options for me to instantly start earning with the main function.


I love to earn on poll pay with are the surveys you'll find surveys on poll pay ranging from 30 cents all the way up to sometimes three dollars or more depending on the day you're using poll pay just remember with surveys you do run the risk of getting disqualified and on my experience with poll pay i was disqualified multiple times which was completely expected if any of you guys out there have used the survey application before you know what to expect with this qualification some advice that i can give you straight off the bat here with disqualification is always answer surveys honestly and do not try and rush through them.


I think those are the two main factors of disqualifications on poll pay you'll notice on poll pay you'll have to complete profile questions this is because poll pay is trying to understand you as a user so if you go ahead and answer questions that are different to what you've signed up with on your profile or answer in a dishonest way whole pay is going to pick up on that and more than likely you end up getting your account banned same thing goes for rushing through surveys make sure you take your time and answer the questions with some actual thought behind them don't just tap buttons or you will be disqualified pretty fast as well now if you've done everything correct and still get disqualified sadly more than likely the provider just wasn't looking for someone like yourself to complete the survey which happens all the time all you can do is just keep on trying to go through other surveys like i did i just sat there for an hour or two non-stop going through as many surveys as i could.


The second option to earn money on poll pay is the rewarded play time feature this will allow you to actually get paid real life money for the amount of time that you play a game for which i really can appreciate when i reviewed poll pay in the past this feature was not available you can generally earn up to one dollar per game from what i can see in my country and to make things even better poll pay features an offer wall system but not just one they feature two different offer wall providers in my country of australia where you can easily earn up to 25 or more on some offers something to always keep in mind is that offers take time so make sure if you do take on the offer walls on poll pay you are ready to dedicate some time to them and be sure to also follow the rules and terms and conditions the fact that they have two different offerable providers with different prices and rewards for you guys out there is absolutely awesome in my opinion make sure you check out both of the offer walls to make sure you're getting paid the highest amount of rewards for your time.


If you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment join my free newsletter and be sure to share this video to anyone you think would need to see it thank you so much you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers now underneath those four earning options you will see the see more area this is where you'll find the survey overview button which takes you to the survey page now underneath that you have the referral button poll pay has actually a very solid referral system so for anyone out there that would like to invite their friends to use their referral code you will gain a 15 commission on whatever surveys they complete completely for free without impacting their earnings at all and not only that if your friend uses your code.


They start off with a free 36 cents in their account balance which i have to admit is actually pretty cool of the poll pay developers to allow that to happen in fact if you guys want to use my referral code you're more than welcome to do so i'll leave it in the description below and of course you can see it on the screen right now now the earn tab is where a majority of you guys are going to make your money on poll pay this is where i check back regularly to see what kind of new surveys are available for me to complete you'll notice that the amount of money that you receive per survey will obviously change depending on the difficulty and the topic you really cannot ask for more of a simple layout than what poll pay is offering you plus there is also a little flame icon at the bottom of the screen where if you tap that it will take you to the best paying survey available at the current time.


There are also survey streaks as well where if you complete a survey every day on pole pay for a certain amount of days you'll get an earning bonus which again is a very cool feature if you're going to do what i do on poll pay and just literally attempt to complete every single survey available you have to expect to get disqualified which i've already mentioned at the start of the video so i won't go back into it now you'll find the more tab at the bottom right corner of the screen that will list any giveaways or any news that's going on with poll pay so always check back there regularly as well moving on to the cash out options that poll pay is offering.


You guys out there at least here in australia i had the options of either cashing out paypal currency or xbox currency the different paypal cash out options that i was allowed to withdraw on poll pay started off at 15 25 and then 50 and for xbox i was only allowed to cash out one option and that was 50 worth of xbox currency for today's video i'll be cashing out two separate times to make sure that poll pay pays me every time you can roughly earn five to ten dollars per hour on poll pay by the way at least in my country of australia fifty five dollars of my current balance was earned by referring people within the last year but i was able to generate the last 10 dollars within one hour on whole pay i was disqualified at least 11 times though now it's time for my poll pay payment proof and cash out experience so i cashed out two separate times on poll pay one with a fifty dollar cash out and one with a fifteen dollar cash out straight to my paypal account i'm extremely happy to say that poll pay paid me out both times instantly by the way and i have to say guys poll pay has come a long way since i first reviewed it it is crazy how time flies thank you all for watching i hope you guys enjoyed today's review thanks to the poll pay team for sponsoring today's video i will catch you all tomorrow for the next review see you next time.

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