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Play To Win: Win Real Money VIDEO REVIEW


This Play To Win: Win Real Money review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Play To Win:

Here's what we know about the Play To Win app so far!


Hi everyone vince here today we're reviewing play to win win real money now this application is free on the google play store at the moment and it is apparently promising you guys out there real life money to play either slot machines or play live bingo now when any of these applications come up on my feed i usually throw up a red flag straight away because a majority of the gambling applications on google play are complete scams.



When i saw play to win and the amount of ratings that it has i figured i might as well give it a shot jumping straight into the actual way that you can apparently earn money on play to win you have two options one is either playing the slot machines that exist on the app or you can play the live bingo the live bingo has tournaments of fifty dollars one hundred dollars and seven hundred and twenty dollars while the slot machines have tournaments of twenty five dollars fifty dollars and a hundred dollars.


The one thing i want to get clear straight off the bat here even though they say it's a free-to-play game to supposedly earn money what you'll notice is that there is an actual in-game shop where you can spend your real-life money on the virtual currency of coins now coins will pretty much dictate your whole experience on play to win and as you can see from the shop prices the amount of money that you can spend on this application is insane they also allow you to earn coins through either completing offers taking surveys or watching video ads you can also purchase boosters with real life money you can also purchase briefcases with your coins or you can actually purchase the showtime cards and golden ticket cards that are available for the premium bingo games.


One thing i want to point out here as well is that there is a vip section this is a game where you see that you have to spend quite a bit of money to become an apparent vip of this game to really actually start benefiting from it playing to win also has a giveaway section where they state they'll give up to ten thousand dollars away at the end of the year while also giving away fifty dollars every single day and also having seasonal giveaways as well for one thousand dollars the way that you can enter into these giveaways is simply just by participating in either the slot machines or bingo games.


I would just like to say please remember to hit like and subscribe and be sure to drop a comment and while you're there please join my free newsletter links in the description below you can also furnish your own home in play to win which i don't even understand why this feature is really in the game like who really cares even if you earn extra rewards it just seems like such a weird feature to have in a gambling game when it comes to actually earning money on the slot machine playing to win does state you can earn any time by the random symbols that come up on the screen so what you'll notice when you're playing the slots everyone is that sometimes you'll get either one dollar cash rewards showing up or you'll get five dollar cash rewards or ten dollar cash rewards and the bonus games will apparently reward you with a certain amount of money as well if you manage to get the right symbols.



What i found everyone in my multiple hours of playing this application is that every time you come even close to winning those bonuses or those instant cash wins you just miss out by a symbol or two and i do understand that they can't let you win all the time right but i would love to know the chances of actually winning on this application because i had no luck whatsoever on the slot machines.


There is a piggy bank section as well where you have to watch an advertisement to get a pretty much fraction of what you've spent on the slot machine itself back to you as a reward i don't really like the piggy bank either i think that it's just a way for the developers to get us to watch more advertisements with the bingo portion of things i didn't really care about it too much either i just focused mainly on playing the slot machine look at the end of the day i absolutely love how much variety they have when it comes to the slot machines themselves.


I seriously believe that this application would be better off just being a simple gambling application that you can play for free and just watch ads to win the coin i'm not saying that this is a fake application by any means they might pay you out a dollar or two dollars here and there if you're lucky enough to ever match up those symbols but you'll be watching hundreds if not thousands of advertisements before you get that lucky win in my honest opinion i easily watched over 100 advertisements everyone and i won nothing if they took away any real life money aspect to this application.


I think it would thrive better than it is right now but i understand they have to lure people in with the chance of winning real life money this application in my opinion is not worth the time if you ever want to win some money but if you like gambling and you want the chance to maybe just maybe win a couple of dollars here and there throughout your time playing it then yeah sure give it a shot but i can't come on this channel and recommend it guys even if the slot machines look fantastic and it's such a basic and easy to understand application when it comes to the money side of things there are much better options right now on the play store let me know what you think of play to win because i would love to hear your opinion i'll see you all tomorrow for another money making review catch around.

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