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This Playspot review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Playspot:

Here's what we know about the Playspot app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen today i'm reviewing an application called play spot now play spot might vary between countries okay because this application here in australia is called play spot australia now i'm assuming each country will have its own variation of play spot either way today we're going to find out is placebo actually going to pay us any type of money now obviously this is fake money everyone which i'm sure you can understand since it says imitation on it but what we're looking for today is real paypal money.


hopefully we can achieve that cash out on play spot today please remember of course to hit that like and subscribe button drop a comment tell me what country you're watching from because i love to see where you're all from and consider joining as a member everyone as you get special emojis and benefits for this channel and it will help me out greatly now let's begin so starting off everyone play sport has a very basic layout okay it has the applications there that if you play it will reward you with coins now these coins can be converted into either paypal google play and amazon now that's for my play spot app you guys might have different cash out options in your country but i guess the same rule applies right if they're gonna pay me out and paypal on this app i'm sure they'll pay out the amazon and google play the paypal cash outs range from five dollars all the way up to two hundred dollars amazon is five dollars all the way up to two hundred dollars interesting enough though google play is 25 minimum but that also does go up to 200 now.


from what i can tell on my version of play spot there are two ways to actually earn these coins either play the applications that play spot is personally advertising to you i'm yet to actually figure out how exactly the payments are triggered but i did notice when i complete a level on play sport i do get rewarded a little bit of coin and the second option is to complete offers now these offers reward a massive amount of coins everyone but we're going to come back to the office right now i want to talk to you about the in-app games that play spot supplies these games are very generic and basic applications we're talking like merge block solitaire throwing objects at a log i mean in reality you can't really ask for anything more than what it's offering.



at the end of the day as long as it's actually going to pay us it's not really that big of a deal i just did not like the fact of how little these applications will pay you in coins you can definitely tell that play spot really want you to complete offers on this application to earn those coins far be it from me though to tell you that you can't earn on these applications that play spot supplies though because as i said earlier i actually did get rewarded with the 10 to 15 coins per level completed on these apps you guys might get completely different to me though so it's up to you to try them out i noticed as well that you can watch advertisements for coins but there's such little amount of coins i think it's like two coins per ad watch it's not even worth it everyone now apparently there are also levels that you can actually unlock on play spot.


funny enough so i think i have the beginner level but then i noticed if i unlocked 7 800 or so more coins i would unlock the pro status now apparently you get even better payouts and offers on this pro status so you have to keep that in mind everyone it looks like play spot really wants to reward its players in like a loyalty program type of situation where the longer you play play spot the better reward you'll get down the line it looks like now moving on to the offers section i have to say i'm quite impressed with play spots offer selection i didn't find any surveys to complete because usually i love completing surveys guys but what i did find was a whole bunch of install application and play application offers the coins that you're rewarded for completing each of these tasks vary i had some tasks that rewarded me with like 100 to 1 000 coins but then i had offers from casino apps that were saying that they're going to offer up to 28 000 coins which is massive.


the currency on play spot works in thousands everyone so 1 000 coins equals one dollar so you can do the maths they're offering up 28 to complete a certain task on this casino app so for people that just want to earn a passive income playing casino apps you can definitely earn some big cash on play spot by completing tasks but i feel like once you complete the task you can't do it again so you kind of have like that once off offer if that makes sense then you have to move to the next offer down after playing for like an hour or two on the applications that playspot supplied me i only earned like 380 coins or so which is nothing to everyone for the hours i just put into the app i decided to move over to the offer section and actually complete an offer this application was called words with friends too and i had to complete 100 moves against opponents for 4 500 coins everyone that is right 4.50 this task was going to reward me just for playing online matches of course i decided to go with that offer and i actually got it completed guys and play spot rewarded me for completing the task which is excellent.



sometimes when i play apps like play spot it doesn't reward me when i complete offers and i have no idea why that happens but thankfully this did not happen on playstore which i'm very grateful for so now thanks to me completing this offer i was actually able to cash out the five dollars worth of coins so that's exactly what i did everyone now here i am thinking that play spots probably gonna take a whole week to pay me but guess what everyone amazingly playspot actually only took one day to pay me out the money straight to my paypal account which i cannot believe it didn't need any face verification like cash email or app flame just interrupting here during editing everyone the really weird thing about playspot though when it comes to the verification system is that it doesn't want your face verification but for some reason it asks for your full name and postal address.



i mean in my books i don't know why they would need your full postal address to give you a paypal payment so do with that information as you will everyone whether you enter your real address in or not that's up to you i really cannot see why they need your full address to give you paypal money so just keep that in mind all right let's get back to the review i'm actually pretty amazed that this application did come through i did a review on this app months and months ago without completing any of the offers and i said the application was bad but now honestly after completing the offers and actually looking into this application in depth i'm actually quite impressed with how fast they paid me out and i'm impressed with the offers that play spot actually gave us so there you have it everyone there's the answer to is play spot legit or fake and will they actually pay us out all right.


everyone this part of the video is for the people that try to use this application on bluestacks now the thing is guys i don't know if you are allowed to actually use emulators to play this app on the computer okay because the problem is i'm starting to get comments with people telling me they try to use the emulators but then the apps do not pay them out which is very worrying okay i was going to recommend this on this video but the thing is i'm a bit worried that once you guys do all the work you won't actually get paid because maybe it's against the terms of service of play spot so something to keep in mind here everyone please be careful when you're completing these offers read the terms and conditions you don't want to waste your time could you imagine actually doing all these tasks and never getting paid because apparently you broke terms of service.


i know apps like these will definitely try and jump on the opportunity to say you broke terms of service so please be careful out there all i can do is offer you my advice you guys can do whatever you want funny enough though the offers on the bluestacks version pretty much match up with the android version on the actual mobile phone so that's very interesting guys but yeah again i just want to stress this so much please be careful when using emulators do not use vpns either okay i've seen so many people get banned for using vpns these apps are smart everyone you're talking about money here so they're not going to let you use vpns all right just thought i'd put that out there for you all thank you all so much for watching as always i'll be back soon everyone please remember to subscribe like drop a comment tell me what country you're from and please join my channel as a member if you want to keep me running here on youtube without any worries stay safe everyone catch around.

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