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This Playsmart review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Playsmart:

Here's what we know about the Playsmart app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen today we are talking about a money making application called playsmart now play spark to me really does frustrate me okay the reason is because i believe this application has fantastic potential but can you really earn as much as these advertisements say the thing is guys.


When it comes to an application like playsmart the whole goal is that we play games to earn apparently money okay which is all well and good they're apparently going to pay me for the longer i play the games for so this is one of those applications to actually reward you for game play time instead of completing levels at least here in australia this is the big misconception with these money making applications depending on your country the experience is going to change and i have to make this crystal clear because this is one of the main factors of when people get disappointed with these applications.


depending on where you live playsmart will behave extremely different to how it was for me on this review so please take that into consideration while you're watching this video okay if you enjoyed today's video i ask that you take a moment out of your time to hit like subscribe and drop a comment telling me what you think of playsmart i really would appreciate it playsmart has a coin based currency system that you can then convert into real life money now the way you obviously get paid these coins are by playing games and applications so something to keep in mind here everyone it will take you quite a long time to earn even five or ten dollars on an application like this when i say quite a bit of time i'm talking like five or ten hours okay.


it's really not an application for people that don't have time to waste so in the circumstance of let's say you're at home and you're bored then playsmart in my opinion is a good alternative to start earning some revenue while you really have nothing else to do or perhaps you're working and you just want to put an app on and start earning a little bit of currency in the background that's the thing with playsmart at least here in australia i was rewarded for time played instead of levels completed so because of that i was able to launch up some of the games that playsmart had and literally just had the game running while i was doing other tasks again depending on your country though your experience will be very different so in your country.



you might have to actually play the applications and complete levels so that's something to definitely keep in mind here while you're considering using playsmart in my opinion though playsmart at least here in australia was a pretty solid application all around you having the choice to convert these coins into real-life currency was a great function for me because there are multiple cash out options on playsmart usually with these type of money making applications it's either paypal or itunes but thankfully playsmart has different alternatives for cashing out again i'm not going to get too much into the cash out options because they change so drastically ideally for this video though i was targeting the paypal cash out option so please keep this in mind okay this video will be showcasing the paypal portion of playsmart.



i think that's what a majority of you guys out there like to see either way straight after you've signed up with playsmart you'll then be greeted to a whole bunch of different games and applications that you can start to install and earn a little bit of revenue with i absolutely love the layout of playsmart it literally reminds me of missed play so much so either playsmart took the inspiration from miss play or vice versa because these applications really do behave the same and look the same to me funny enough the layout is that easy to understand you literally only have four tabs on the bottom of the screen that will direct you throughout this whole application so the first tab is the games tab this is where you'll find all your applications and games that you can earn with obviously the second tab is the shop tab now you're going to find all your cash out options in this tab so what you're seeing on the screen now are the options that i have available to me here in australia.


again completely different to you obviously if you live in another country now the next tab after that is the invite to friend tag you do gain bonus coins if you invite your friends onto playsmart and i have to say the referral bonus isn't that bad for a money making application i've covered many of these applications that play smarts is pretty decent i think you get like a hundred points or so if you refer your friend plus there might be some residual bonuses as well it all depends again where you live you're going to be hearing that a lot on my reviews guys because a lot of people don't really understand the applications change on countries so as long as we understand that part it's going to be a great experience here next tab of course is the profile tab and that is where you can see all the statistics about your account how long you've played for and your experience on games because there are two separate sections you have the player experience for your level on your account and then you have the game experience which will pay you so think about this guys okay.


who really cares about the profile experience at the end of the day you do get a little bit of a bonus coins if you level up your account but what you really should be concerned about is the game experience the game experience is how you actually make your money on playsmart this is how the game rewards you for completing levels now levels on playsmart kind of act like miss play if you get to a certain threshold on a game such as you play a game for a certain amount of time you gain a level on that game and then playsmart rewards you exactly like misplay guys i can't stress it enough if you ever use miss play you'll be straight at home with playsmart now at the top of the screen of the playsmart application you'll then see your total coins the daily login streak because yes you do get bonuses if you use playsmart every day then you'll see the vip tokens now this is apparently the rising star section of playsmart so aka the premium section where if you spend money they'll give you a little bit of bonus tokens that then you can convert into real life money.



 i don't want to spend any money on the premium stuff so i completely skipped over this part and last but not least you'll also find badges now these badges act as challenges for each of the applications and games that playsmart allows you to play aka badges are pretty much achievements if you play an app or a game to a certain amount of time or what playsmart wants you to do they'll grant you a badge which will then grant you extra coins so it's pretty much an achievement based system on each of the applications and games now it's time to actually talk about my earning experience on playsmart and really is it worth it or not bottom line is this the playing experience is very straightforward all you need to do is literally install an application or a game and just play it for a certain amount of time what i noticed with playsmart and what i'm starting to notice with a lot of these money making applications is that they'll let you get to a certain point throughout the day and then they'll put some sort of blocking on your account.


so then you can't actually gain any more experience for the day on that certain game or application that's a big problem to me unless they actually specifically tell me they've blocked my account for that game or app for the day i'm not gonna know so i'm sitting there playing king of avalon for let's say an hour or two okay then all of a sudden i look back at my account and my experience hasn't moved at all and the game experience hasn't changed so not only have i not leveled up my profile and playsmart the game hasn't leveled up either so essentially playsmart has just wasted my time this is something i really don't like about these money making apps don't block your players and don't slow down people from earning it's very frustrating or at least tell us that we've been stopped in our tracks for earning times the most precious thing you're going to get everyone if developers are wasting it.


you really got to let them know by either rating them one star making sure you drop your reviews so then people get warned like i'm doing right now i like this application but the problem is i don't like the way that they run things behind the scenes if you're gonna block players you need to let us know other than that the playing experience was very streamlined i had fun playing the games there are many games to choose from on playsmart i mean they don't have the category that miss play does they definitely don't have nowhere near as many apps but i think you guys will understand exactly what i'm saying if you do give playsmart a shot experiences are going to vary on a multitude of factors.


i just really disliked how they stopped my earning and i'm starting to see this more and more and it's really starting to worry me because it's going to screw up my job big time here speaking of which let's now talk about my experience with cashing out on playsmart now with all the time wasted on playsmart by not getting rewarded for certain games it took me around six hours to reach the seven dollar cash out on this application the only problem is everyone at this point i was a bit curious to see how the cash out system is going to work playsmart has a email verification system plus a face verification system which i know some people out there really do not like i'm never going to understand why we have to submit our faces for five or seven dollars or anything like below five dollars it just doesn't make sense to me guys this is not serious money here and yet we still need to submit our face look email verification i understand but face verification i just don't get it either way i did the verification and yes playsmart did pay me literally within a day so bravo playsmart developers you did a good job there i'm happy i just don't understand such strict verification for such little money either way everyone that is my playsmart review thank you so much for watching i'll catch you all tomorrow see you next time.

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