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This PlayKarma review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On PlayKarma

Here's what we know about the PlayKarma app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen today i am here to bring you another money making application called play karma now play karma is an application that promises to pay worldwide this is a rarity for me because i struggle to find any application that actually pays worldwide so let's hope today that play karma can keep their word and actually pay us i do hope you all to enjoy thank you so much for watching guys we're about to hit 40 000 subscribers the amount of gratitude i have for you all i cannot put into words okay but thank you all so much i do hope you enjoy this video please remember to like comment and subscribe let's kick off this review.


So everyone play karma runs on a reward system that will give us money for playing games and applications for a certain period of time now the thing is with play karma it has its own in-game currency of coins these coins can then be converted into real life money now the cash out options vary depending on what country you are in the thing that i noticed though if you click on the worldwide tab when you go to cash out it will only have the paypal option but if your country is listed in the cash out list you might get different options to actually cash out too so we're talking itunes google play paypal amazon it all really depends on what country you're from it looks like but when it comes down to it they're promising a worldwide cash out to paypal on today's video we're going to be testing out two cash out methods one method is going to be amazon and the other method is going to be paypal.


When it comes to games or applications that will reward you for your time what you don't want is an application that is going to take forever to earn little amounts of money and the sad thing is everyone at least for me here in australia play karma really did not offer me that much money per my time to play these games or install these applications let's just put this into perspective here you install a game called dragonscape it will reward you with three coins for the first minute you play that at now you've just completed the first minute then it would say okay play for another five minutes and we'll give you four coins okay that's great you play for another five minutes then all of a sudden it will say okay we'll give you six coins but you have to play now for 15 minutes do you understand what's going on here slowly but surely they're actually going to make you work harder to get not that much more of a currency reward and look i understand these apps have to make money somehow i'm sure they get some sort of money for getting you guys to play the applications on play karma from the developers of these games.


What i don't want when i make these videos guys is to give you guys apps that really don't reward you with hardly anything and when i find apps like these i do call them out because i feel like your time is the most precious thing available and i don't want to sit here all day and waste it either way though i decided to go ahead and try and make the minimum cash out of three dollars paypal and three dollars amazon money i needed 5 000 coins to get three dollars worth of paypal and 4 500 coins worth of amazon money i installed any game or application that was available for me at the time and let me just tell you this guys i had literally like 10 different games and apps on my phone my notifications were blowing up it was ridiculous and to think that i'm only gonna be earning three dollars apparently it literally took me almost five days to work up enough coins to get a three dollar minimum cash out on play karma.


Now in my head that is not acceptable five days of playing apps just for three dollars usd currency we've covered now 40 real life money applications on this channel i've shown you evidence for almost every single one of those apps and i have to say play karma is probably one of the lowest rewarding apps for your time i think i've seen so far while doing these videos for the past almost year now i understand the whole currency conversion situation three dollars usd might be a lot in your country and the thing is as long as this application actually pays worldwide it gets a pass from me so as i said everyone it took about five days to get to the minimum cash out reward of playing constantly now you can get extra coins by actually registering your account entering a referral code and completing other challenges that armor actually will give you per your account the only thing is everyone it still took me five days to get to the minimum cash out of three dollars usd i just can't get my head around it i was absolutely miserable trying to grind up these coins i think when it comes down to it this is more of an application that you'd want to play if no other money making apps are available in your country.


It's simple as that because if you have the opportunity there are so many more better apps to play than this one that is coming from the heart here everyone so now we are at the point where we see is the cash out legitimate or is this application fake well everyone i cashed out the paypal reward and it took about two days to hit my paypal account that is a full 48 hours by the way but yes it's safe to say that play karma actually did pay me out which i do appreciate it's always nice to get rewarded for the long amount of hours i dumped into this app i also tested out the amazon cash out on another device and it did work everyone so yes they did pay me out in amazon currency as well three dollars for 4 500 coins so it seems the amazon currency has a little bit of a discount there or it must be because of the currency conversion either way karma did pay the only problem is everyone i truly believe unless you are the most desperate person in the world and you cannot find any other apps that will pay you that you should actually use this app to earn money if you want to play the games that it supplies you and you earn a little bit of revenue on the side that's fine but if you're actually looking to get paid for your time i do not believe karma is the app for you personally.


If you guys disagree with me let me know in the comment section below you guys might get rewarded more coin than i did on this app i think the highest amount of coins that i saw was about 30 and then it stopped at around 60 per bracket of leveling so i eventually got to like it reward you with 60 coins per two hours of gameplay which again is completely ridiculous of course when you have minimum cash outs of 4 500 and 5 000 coins going a little bit more in depth into the actual reward system of play karma guys i looked at it as some sort of punishment for the fact of us waiting to make 60 coins for two hours of gameplay almost it just does not seem fair to me especially when cash outs range from as i said 4500 to 5000 it all depends on what you're trying to cash out though and it all depends on what country you're in and this is something that some people out there have to remember.


This is my personal experience on play karma you guys might have a whole nother experience where the app might reward you massive coins for your time but sadly for me that was not the case and all in all that's the developer's problem nothing to do with us as the consumers if anyone from play karma is watching this i do really hope that you guys maybe revamp your reward system at one point i actually thought i got banned because it took two days for the reward to actually kick in for me playing a game i was going to rage so hard everyone.

If i spent all that time and i got banned but thankfully it just seems that there was a delay with the coin counting just be careful out there with your time guys alright that's all i want to stress these videos are to try and make you guys earn money in an efficient way after almost a year of making videos like these i do understand people's skepticism with these apps guys you are perfectly fine to think that these apps are a complete waste of time my job here though is actually play through them and show you the results thank you all so much for watching it has been an amazing experience this year guys i'm not going to be posting as often because i'm trying to come up with new ideas for the channel so i do hope you'll stay tuned because when i post a video i want it to be special each time please stay safe out there i'll catch you all in the next video coming up very very soon see you all next time catch you around.

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