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This News Pie review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On News Pie:

Here's what we know about the News Pie app so far!

Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another video guys on today's video i am reviewing a money making application called news pie now news pie is a application where obviously the news is available on it and the whole concept here is that we get paid real-life money to read the news articles the thing is guys with news pie there's actually multiple ways to earn money on it funny enough there's a lot of stuff i want to actually talk about if you ever plan on using news pie.



I will be going through the whole process of start to finish including the cash out and payment proof on this application on today's video now to start off with news pi is a very basic and easy to understand application essentially as soon as you sign up you'll be greeted with an article page on this article page this is where you can actually start to read the news the whole concept here is that the longer we read these news articles we'll get paid pies that is right everyone news pie has a pie currency hence the name news pie.


So the more pies that you earn the more money that essentially you can make now looking here at the cash out values of news pie you'll see that you do need quite a bit of pies to actually cash out any type of money this application for me here in australia is offering usd cash outs only to my paypal account so maybe in your country you might have different options but for here in australia i only had the paypal cash out option so that's something you have to keep in mind throughout this review everyone okay essentially i wanted to test will this application even pay us at all but before i talk about the cash out process let me talk about how you can actually earn money in this application other than just viewing news articles.


There is a daily task section on newspaper where you can earn pies for obviously completing daily activities i can't see any real pattern to know what day is gonna bring us what activity so it seems completely random so what i'm showing you on my screen might look completely different to your screen when you install the application but i'm sure you guys understand the premise here you complete a daily task in return for pies now of course the pies that you receive per task will vary on the task itself obviously the harder tasks will reward you with more pies there is also a collection section where you can collect different items throughout the application to earn pies as well so let's say throughout your journey earning pies on news pie you can collect lobsters or hams now of course these are just fake items everyone but if you collect let's say 10 pieces of ham you can convert them into pies so again it's just a little extra activity you can do to earn pies okay the amount you're rewarded will depend on various things like your country.


Pretty much what the developers feel like rewarding you i don't think there's set prices on these pies everyone i really believe that each country will have a different type of reward system there is a lottery system as well where you can win weekly and daily so these amounts that you can win will change obviously based on the week and the day so keep that in mind at the moment the daily lottery for me will let me win apparently five dollars if i get those lucky numbers the weekly will be 88 this whole time i've covered money making applications here on youtube i've never actually won a lottery so i don't really use the lottery systems but you guys might like the lottery system so feel free to enter them.


News pie actually does have a referral system as well everyone so for the people out there that love referring their friends to these money making applications you're more than welcome to do so on news pie as well for various amounts of different pies awarded to you for referring your friends depending on how far they get into the application but i do know for a fact that you do earn 10 of their pie earnings permanently now we move on to the more major ways to earn pies everyone okay and that's the bounty system and the survey system so yes news pi actually has news articles that you can earn pies through the daily activities the lotteries the inviter friend system and it also has a bounty system aka the in-game offers and a survey system which i'm sure you're all used to anyone that's used a money-making application will feel right at home with newpie and that is a massive benefit to the application about how user friendly it actually is you see the thing is everyone when you have a minimum withdrawal limit of one million pies the best way to actually earn these pies would be through offers and surveys in my opinion.


You complete these news articles you only get around 250 pies or so at the start you might get 500 but then what happens is the more articles you read you get diminishing returns now i think it's based on a daily system though so i'm pretty certain you can only read a certain amount of articles at the start of your day and then the deeper you get into the article system the less and less it will actually reward you for that day you can earn literally millions of these pies through the offer system on newspaper and i was actually quite surprised of how many offers there really were on news buy guys it actually did shock me quite a bit and thankfully because of how user-friendly it was i was able to understand the system quite easily and i feel like you guys out there will understand it easy as well when you start an offer it will have a continued playing section.


So when you do come back to the application every day you can pick up where you left off on your offers and actually have some sort of graph telling you how far you are into your offers everyone so that's something to keep in mind here as well usually with offers it might take 24 hours for you guys to see that the offer has been completed but on news pie it was instant which was great to see i did attempt to do a few offers guys and i did get like literally one or two offers completed because there's different tier levels in offers so you might have 12 different offers for one single application that you can complete that's a really cool thing about news pi as well is that it's just not a generic one single offer that you get per app you might get 12 different offers per single applications i have personally never seen an actual application that offers multi-tier offers so that was pretty cool to see i also did complete surveys though everyone because the surveys offer literally hundreds of thousands of pies per completion and i do believe that surveys are probably one of the easiest way to earn money online no matter what application you actually use.



The thing is though guys to earn the pies does take time so even though i completed these offers it still took me 10 hours to get to the minimum cash out of one single dollar and that is with completing offers and completing surveys interesting enough everyone this application allows you to track your earnings as well so you can see exactly how much you're earning per day so after around 10 hours of using this application to get to the minimum withdrawal limit i was actually able to cash out that one dollar you won't believe it everyone that money literally arrived within hours of asking it to be withdrawn.


That's not the craziest part we've seen that kind of payment before on applications the craziest part is that the company that owns this application judging from the paypal invoice that i received is clip claps now if you have ever dealt with clip claps before you know that i have actually given a warning on this application that it's not paying its users correctly so to see that clip claps is managing the payments for news pie makes sense now because the article section of how you earn pies is exactly how you earn money on clip claps.


The treasure chest system this is something that i'm very worried about and in my opinion is a big red flag the fact that clip claps is in control of newspie makes me worry about the payment system on it but i thought at least i'd make this video to get you guys to understand what you might have to go through and what you can expect when you use the news pi application will i use it again probably not everyone i felt like it took way too long to earn one single dollar 10 hours for one dollar in my opinion is unacceptable but maybe in your country this application will be better okay that's up to you to all decide out there thank you so much for watching i hope you learned something from this video and i hope you continue to enjoy my other videos on the channel as well stay safe everyone i'll catch you all in one to two days see you next time.

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