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This MoneyTree Rewards review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!



Thoughts On MoneyTree Rewards

Here's what we know about the MoneyTree Rewards app so far!


Hey, everyone, it's vince here today we're reviewing money tree rewards now this application is promising to pay you guys out there real life PayPal money but not only that they're also promising gift cards as well today we're going to find out if it's a legit or a scam let's kick this off as soon as you open up money tree rewards you'll be greeted to a literal tree that you can help grow now the way you grow this tree is by if I'm correct signing in every single day now I personally have used the grow system on money tree rewards and I have to say guys I didn't get to the point where it actually meant anything because if you grow your tree enough you will be able to actually gain benefits from.

It when it comes to your earning now depending on how high of a level your tree is your earning bonus will obviously be different once your tree gets to level three you will then earn a five percent earning bonus level four and five will put you at a ten percent earning bonus and apparently more levels are on the way something to keep in mind here you can also refer people to play money tree reward as they have an invite a friend system and the more you grow your tree the more bonus rewards you get from your referrals for anyone out there that likes to refer people to play apps with them in this application the referral system is called teams so your goal is to obviously invite as many people to the teams as possible but that's not the whole application okay that's just one portion of it let's move on to how you can actually earn money on money tree rewards the earnings tab actually allows you to earn points and then you can transfer those points into real life money in the form of PayPal or gift cards.


My earnings tab here in australia has the options to either earn points through completing surveys or completing tasks and offers so there's no play time rewards at least in my country for money tree reward maybe in your country though you'll have that option upon further investigation of the offers and surveys you'll find that generally the offers pay the most amount of points but they do take the most time to complete of course just like any other money making application out there if you do have the time everyone you can get rewarded quite nicely with money tree rewards thanks to how many points they actually reward you for completing said tasks now the thing is though when it comes to surveys surveys to me are very mixed bag just for the fact of disqualifications anyone out there that uses money making applications knows exactly what i'm talking about for this video though i did focus mainly on completing surveys in fact i earned all of my points specifically via survey i generally have the best experiences with surveys because you usually get rewarded straight away once you complete one whereas with offers you do have to wait some time in some cases or the companies of these applications to approve your offer.


For reviewing sakes i don't want to waste time we are on the road to 100 000 subscribers guys please remember if you enjoyed to hit the like button subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter links in the description below thank you so much now it's time to discuss the actual cash out options on money tree rewards so here in australia i had the options for not only paypal but i also had amazon google play playstation steam pubg and free fire today's video specifically is going to be focusing on paypal everyone but if you want to try out the other gift card options you're more than welcome to the minimum points here in australia is around 15 hundred for five dollars worth of paypal currency in usd currency to make the earning as fast as possible on money tree rewards i targeted the highest paying surveys every single time so the surveys here in australia i was aiming for ones that would pay me at least a thousand points minimum if i had to do the ones below that it definitely wouldn't be below four or five hundred points think about it everyone you have to try and get to fifteen 000 points.


You don't want to waste your time on surveys that will only reward you with like a few hundred points that same concept should go towards completing offers as well you want to try and complete the highest paying offers but you want to do on applications that you know won't screw you over in the long run such as casino application you might see offers for casino applications that will reward you with a huge amount of points but just remember you have to get to a certain level on that app and generally you run out of the in-game currency on those applications which makes you have to spend real-life money to buy more of that in-game currency this is why i prefer surveys over offers sometimes surveys are just so much more safer in my opinion there is a gold leaf tv system as well on money tree rewards where apparently you can earn points by watching videos but i don't really care for this option too much any type of application that generally has hideout tv or one of these watch and earn applications or websites attached to it.


They don't really pay that many points guys and the thing is you have to watch hundreds of videos usually to earn anything decent that's why i tend to stay away from any watch and earn video portions of applications and unless they're going to be paying you a lot of points per video i recommend you do the same thing before we get to the cashing out on money tree rewards i want to give you guys some other applications that i really do recommend you look at while you're using money tree rewards if you guys like completing tasks and offers for big money i really do recommend you try out why sense why sense is such a high paying application and website if you'd like completing surveys check out cumi of course we have free cash as well we also have aterpol i've covered so many different type of applications that you guys can all use in conjunction with each other so please keep this in mind going into any review just remember i personally test these applications on youtube so you can see the in-depth reviews for all the applications.


I recommend don't just use one application I suggest you hop between different apps to see which ones pay you better on a certain day money tree rewards will also have different pay scales on different days depending on what survey providers are paying at the time the same thing with offers and tasks now on the flip side of that if you guys like just playing games try out missed play or cash them all or at flame or even scratch cards pro or golf cash there are so many different applications on my channel the only downside to all of these money making videos across youtube is that you don't know how they work in your country so you really need to try them yourself to see the pay scales that are available to you the worst thing about making videos regarding earning money is that it changes for everyone because I'm really trying to get you guys to earn the same amount that I am on my videos.



It's so hard when developers really do limit certain countries that's why i recommend you try multiple apps instead of just one so after around two hours of constantly pumping out the surveys I was able to generate enough points to actually cash out on money tree rewards via PayPal currency now everyone it took roughly one week to actually get my payout for money tree rewards so keep this in mind they are a legitimate application at least in my experience but it did take a week at the end of the day at least it actually paid me I'm actually quite impressed at how fast i could earn points on money tree rewards compared to some other survey applications this was actually very fast just remember though your earning experience will change if you get disqualified heaps or you don't have good offers or they just don't reward you that many points in general in your country so now we have another legit application to add to the channel thank you for watching see you in the next video.

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