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Here's what we know about Money Slots so far!


This Money Slots review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Written Review:

Hey everyone Vince here Welcome to My Money Slots review can we really earn PayPal currency for free by spinning this slot machine every single day that's what we're going to find out today I hope you enjoy let's kick this off from what I can see Money Slots has just been released on the Google Play Store of August of 2022. their motto is play Slots and win real money as it's a new application Money Slots only seems to have 10 000 plus downloads at the current time of this recording now generally whenever I see money making applications like this one I do have to be a little bit worried because the chances of us actually earning real life money through playing slots for free are pretty slim but I'm going into this with an open mind to hopefully show you guys exactly what you can expect.





You're definitely going to have to watch this video to the end to actually understand how it works properly so then you're not disappointed okay so now I've opened up money slots and we're greeted to the big slot machine this is essentially all you're going to be really focusing on while you're playing buying money slot let me just break down exactly what you should look for and pretty much how to earn money on this app so top left corner of the screen we have the balance this balance represents how many coins you currently have I'm going to explain to you right now why coins are so important on Money Slots you'll notice on the right side of the screen there is a Next Level will be at a certain amount of coin for me right now it's 1.5 million coins that's because there's a level based earning system on Money Slots the higher level you are the more chance you have to earn bigger PayPal money at least according to this application.








You'll notice at the top of the slot machine it states that I'm level 10 and my next level top prize is at 75 tapping on the little information button next to my level will show you the amount of money that you can earn based on the level that you achieve on the screen right now you can see how much money that I can actually earn per certain level that I am on Money Slots now it's something to keep in mind these are not guaranteed earnings these are just a chance to win that certain amount of money so even though it might stay if I get to level 14 for instance I can earn 200 worth of PayPal money that's not the case it's really a chance of winning that amount of money and from what I've experienced in the past with these type of money making applications you have a very slim chance of ever getting that actual amount but at least now you should have a basic understanding of what to expect with the currency system and the level system on Money Slots so now we can continue on with our review.






Alright so now that we know how that all works let's go and try and actually earn some PayPal money well what you'll see is that you actually have a certain amount of spins that are allowed per 20 minutes or so because yes money slots does refill your spin counter for free every certain amount of minutes here in my country it's 20. you can find how many spins you're allowed right above the green spin button now speaking about this spin button let's press it now and see what happens so I've just tapped the button as you can see here apparently I've just one ten thousand of the in-game coins so now that my balance has gone up by 10 000 I'm getting closer and closer to that next level to 1.5 million since I'm level 10 my Max prizes are fifty dollars but once I get to level 11 I will then be able to earn up to 75 so essentially we're just going to keep spinning this slot machine until we can achieve the next level that's how the game really works you can turn on an auto spin feature as well so you don't have to keep continuously tapping on the screen which is nice to see so you notice that I'll just keep on earning those coins non-stop essentially then it will state that you've just had a super win this super win will take you to the actual PayPal section.








So tapping on the payouts tab at the bottom of the screen there you are now at the actual PayPal earning area so this is where you can activate your cash outs once you have enough of the in-game currency now scrolling along here you'll also see there's other top prizes you'll notice that it's only a low amount of currency except for the end one you see everyone with these type of money making applications even though you expect to always get that high amount of PayPal currency because you have a high level what you'll notice is that you cannot activate any of the high paying orders unless you actually cash out the low rewarding ones first I'll explain to you why this becomes a problem and why it really limits how much money you can earn on money slots and applications like this you see everyone if you haven't caught on yet essentially the coins that we earned through the slot machine are only relevant to leveling up our account level which then grants us access to better PayPal unlocks.









Now the reason why this becomes a problem is because we need something called vouchers to be able to redeem that PayPal cash as I just mentioned the only way you can get the vouchers is by playing games through a rewarded Play Time feature now at least in my country of Australia I'm actually fortunate enough to have a few games that I can play so unless you're lucky like I am to play games to earn these vouchers and just remember you only earn a certain amount of vouchers per specific time you play a game for and if you've ever played one of these systems before you know for a fact that it gets harder and harder the more you play these games you're going to have a very bad time on Money Slots a lot of people out there actually cannot earn through these type of systems in their country so that pretty much makes money slots useless to them the biggest issue I've noticed as well is that you're going to end up using a lot of your vouchers on really low paying rewards because the application forces you to cash out at least three to four times before you can apparently get the high paying rewards but by then you've probably already exhausted all the games that you can play take for instance Money Slots rewarding me to play me chat you'll see that mechat has about 16 000 out of 64 900 vouchers claim.








You'll notice that I don't really get that many vouchers for the longer time that I play the app for so that's actually saying if I play for 15 minutes I only get 1600 of the vouchers now when you have a chance based system this becomes a problem okay because as I mentioned you're not guaranteed that PayPal cash out it will give you a range between let's say 10 cents and 50 and more than likely you're probably going to get the lower end let's just be real here so even though this top prize claims that I can win fifty dollars more than likely I'll probably earn between one and two dollars and when you have a minimum cash out of at least 54 000 vouchers and from what I've experienced in the past the voucher level actually does go up quite a bit each time you cash out you're going to find yourself playing games for hours and hours with a small chance of actually winning anything decent if it was not for the fact that the developers actually force you to cash out these lower rewards first before you can get to the big cash out I would say this is not that big of a problem but I feel like it's a bit of a trick to make sure that we don't keep cashing out the high rewards constantly and to blow through the rewarded playtime games that we have on our list before we get to the good stuff if that makes sense alright so all this will mean nothing if the application isn't legit so let's test out the cash out I have to say everyone the cash out was very straightforward as you can see on the screen there's not really much to it you will have to have a verified PayPal account for what I can see so keep that in mind what that means is that usually you have to have some sort of credit card or something like that assigned to your PayPal account if you didn't know what that means tapping on the status tab at the bottom of the screen will bring up my current PayPal cash outs and the status if they've been approved or not so as you can see this one is saying that the status is done for 25 cents and I am happy to say guys that yes Money Slots did pay me it's made from the developers just dice from what I can see or they process the payments whether or not this is for everyone that is completely up to you I truly believe you probably won't be able to earn too much on these type of money making apps but it is nice to see developers like just dice that are still paying their players I hope I helped someone out there see you all tomorrow for another review catch around.

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