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This Money Choice review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Money Choice:

Here's what we know about the Money Choice app so far!

This is my Money Choice App Review for the Android! This money making app is claiming that you can win real cash just by rolling some coins through a track. Is it real or fake and can I get Money Choice Payment Proof? Let's test it out and see if it's worth your time and can ever reach the cash out.

Remember everyone when it comes to money making apps and their scams you have to be super careful not to waste any time giving these developers money by watching countless ads! That's all these earn money online apps are made for. I'm yet to find any game app that pays real life money over 2-5 dollars per hour.

The biggest issue that I can see with Money Choice is that the application just flat out feels like a scam straight off the bat and the the thing is Google is currently doing nothing about these money making applications that are allowed to flat out lie to the public.

The amount of red flags that this money making application has is unreal and I think that Money Choice should personally be banned off the Google Play Store for completely fabricating their payment system and lying about their cash out options

Once you watch my review of Money Choice I'm almost certain that you will agree with me as well. The sad thing is that this is actually a fun casual game but the developers had to ruin it with their fake earn money promises.


Hi everyone vince here welcome to my money choice review money choice is promising you guys out there up to 777 to roll a coin on a track while avoiding obstacles is this money making application legit or a scam i hope you enjoy let's kick this off now have you ever wondered what would happen if a developer takes an already existing concept for a casual game and then adds a money making element to it that's what the developers of money choice have essentially done.


they've taken a working concept for a fun casual game and then inserted their own little money making aspect into it to try and lure you guys into playing it instead of having realistic money making options here where maybe you can win one or two dollars per hour playing a game money choice decides to go all out and straight away you claim that you can win up to almost a thousand dollars playing this application but not only that they're also claiming that they can support different cash out methods as well which you can see on the screen right now.


whenever i see this a red flag is risen everyone but not only that money choice is also claiming that you can win real life rewards by playing this game we're talking about a microsoft surface pro tickets to disneyland and even a macbook pro it just keeps going on and on but the catch is we have to collect enough puzzle pieces we've seen this kind of system before now there are two main different types of currencies on money choice the first one is the in-game currency which apparently can convert into real-life cash as well but mainly it's used to upgrade your coin to make your earnings supposedly better and then you have the more premium currency of diamonds.


now i have a lot to say about this diamond system in a couple of minutes but it's basically the same concept as the cash as you can see on the screen money choice is requiring you guys to collect a certain amount of cash or diamonds before you are allowed to actually cash out on it you can also buy skins for your coins but i don't really care about this kind of system because i'm only playing this application to try and win some real life cash now moving on to the actual earning experience on money choice the whole idea of money choice is that we have to roll our little coin through a track full of obstacles and hazards it's pretty straightforward everyone as i said i'm fairly sure there are games like this already made on the market if i can think of the top of my head there's one called money rush which i'm pretty sure is just a free to play type of game with no money making aspects it kind of seems like these developers have completely stolen that idea and inserted their own little money making scheme into it.


you can actually increase your earnings by avoiding the hazards and rolling through the bonuses on the track but i did find that the app did try its hardest to punish you with kind of ridiculous little hazards to make sure you don't earn too much of a reward money choice works in levels so the more levels that you complete obviously the more cash and diamonds that you can try and find along your way but something that i noticed as well the closer that you get to the cash out point on money choice the amount of diamonds that you are rewarded per track will start to decrease so straight away.


 that's another red flag that the application is actually punishing you for getting closer to the cash out point now we've seen this many times with applications that are complete jokes and obviously they do this so then you keep on playing the application and i'll tell you why in a second if you guys like what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe join my free newsletter drop a comment and of course share this video to anyone you think needs to see it you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers thank you so much the absolute worst part of money choice in my opinion is the fact that they actually play an advertisement almost every single 30 seconds to one minute.


so you are constantly bombarded with advertisements you cannot claim rewards without seeing an advertisement this is the most bare-bones and obvious attempt to try and farm you guys for ad views in my opinion money-making applications like this are still allowed on the google play store which just amazes me i got so frustrated towards the end of money choice i decided to call it quits and uninstall the application because i could tell straight away this is another money making application that will never ever pay you these rewards in my honest view.


especially with a system that has diminishing returns all the developers want to do is make the money off you guys through the advertisements it's as straightforward as that if you actually want to play games and earn money i've just literally put up a video on how you can do exactly that so feel free to check the comments section of this video and of course my descriptions as well for all the relevant links because they are actually apps that will pay you for playing games unlike money choice any game that punishes you for getting closer to that cash out point is absolutely pathetic and at this point i could see straight through these type of scans and i'm sure you guys can as well thank you for watching stay safe i'll catch you all tomorrow.

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