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This Money Well review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Money Well:

Here's what we know about the Money Well app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my money well review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so everyone money well is a money making application that allows you to actually earn real life money including paypal and itunes currency by either playing games completing surveys or completing offers now the thing about money well is that depending on your country this application is going to behave differently so i just want to get that out of the way straight away here on today's video.



I've been requested to re-review money well to make sure that it's still paying its players as i've had a couple of comments asking me to do so so here we are moneywell is promising us the users that we can cash out within five minutes of using the application and now i'm here today to see if this is actually accurate or is it just a flat out exaggeration.


Money well has a ticket based currency system where the more tickets that you earn by completing various tasks within the application you can then convert those tickets into real life money now here in australia you'll be seeing on the screen right now the amount of tickets i need for certain thresholds of money as you can see the more money that i want to cash out the more tickets that i will need now if you convert the tickets for just 67 cents worth of australian currency i would need 4 90 tickets in my opinion the reason why money well was promising that you guys can cash out so fast is because when you join up to the application itself you instantly start off with over 4 000 tickets as a welcome bonus so without even trying guys you're almost already at the minimum cash out for money well which i really do appreciate when money making applications give us these little bonuses of course when it comes down to it though you're not going to be earning a bulk load of money from money well.


it's just one of these applications that will reward you for playing games completing offers and completing surveys in your spare time the highest amount of paypal currency i can cash out using this application is 26.74 for 182 000 tickets whereas with itunes for 10 worth of the itunes currency it's around 69 000 tickets 15 worth is and 103 thousand tickets so i can definitely appreciate that they're involving two different payouts here of two complete different companies of google and apple if you're enjoying my content please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and be sure to join my free newsletter links are in description below thank you very much now getting into the actual earning portion of money well as you can see on the screen it is an extremely easy application to navigate as soon as you sign up everyone you're going to get your welcome bonus and then you can literally choose what method you want to start earning with whether that be the surveys offers or playing the games now what you'll notice here is that on my country's version of money well.


it requires me to complete game levels instead of just running the games okay and what i mean by that is that if you just open up the application and letting it run on your phone and then you get rewarded i actually have to manually complete the game levels to earn the tickets in your country all you might have to do is literally just install the game app turn it on and then let it run on your mobile phone to start earning the tickets something that's very frustrating to me is that on this application i've had it in the past where all i had to do was just run the games to earn the tickets but i've noticed the developers just keep on changing their system and i know for a fact a lot of people love the way that you can just turn on an app and start earning instantly but here in australia i do have to complete the levels as you can see represented on each of the game icons that will show me how many tickets i'll earn for completing levels within those games my whole method is i pretty much targeted the highest paying game straight away and then i work my way down that list because you don't want to be wasting time on games that are going to reward you barely any tickets in my opinion.



 i just jumped straight to the highest paying ticket games instantly now when it comes to the survey side of money well i generally don't complete any surveys on these type of applications just because i'm using them to play games not really to complete surveys as well as the offers guys now this is what i was trying to say at the start of the video depending on where you live the games that you get offered will be completely different to what i receive here in australia they also base it off your gender and your age so this is always something to really keep in mind here when going into any of these money making applications that reward you for playing games don't get me wrong though i'm not saying that you shouldn't complete the offers or the tasks or the surveys within money well or any of these money apps that reward you to play games it's just as i mentioned guys i think it's a waste of time in my personal opinion.



because you can just use survey applications or better applications that have way more offers and tasks if you're going to use an app like money well you probably want to just use it to play the games okay that's where all the fun is and i have to say i had a great time on money well when it comes to the game variety that i was offered i was able to play many different games and earn my tickets extremely fast but something to keep in mind here the games do get harder obviously as time goes on so you're not always going to just get tickets extremely fast at the beginning of each of these games you'll notice that you earn a lot of tickets pretty quickly but then as you progress throughout the games it will get harder and harder thanks to the level based system if you just have to leave the application running on your mobile phone that's a whole different story and you'll probably have no worries at all earning tickets but if you're like me who has to actually complete the levels you'll notice that your ticket earning potential really does get limited the more that you use money well and it seems like a lot of these money making applications have the same kind of effect you really can't sit down and use these apps forever essentially they will run out of steam very very quickly in my honest opinion.


i think if you guys use an application like moneywell you know exactly what i'm saying like there's only so much money you can really earn on these apps and generally i found that it really is between that 30 to 50 range so thanks to having that welcome bonus i was literally almost at the point of cashing out just for signing up on the application which was very funny to me but what i ended up doing was completing about three to four levels on a certain game application and then i was actually able to withdraw my paypal money and mind you guys i've only been on the application for about literally five minutes so in reality it is actually possible to cash out within five minutes of money well now the money you receive is not going to be a lot everyone.


what i can confidently say is that moneywell did actually send me that paypal currency within two days and i did it two times by the way in general from what i can experience here it roughly takes about one hour to earn around one dollar worth of currency on this application at least here in australia from me completing levels remember the application gets harder the more you use it but they are telling the truth when you can cash out extremely fast it's just not going to be a lot of money but i know for some people out there they don't care if it's a lot of money or not like we're talking literal dollars everyone don't expect twenty dollars or fifty dollars within five hours or so you're going to have to grind for a long time but i am very happy that moneywell did keep their promise and the advertisements do seem to be pretty accurate here with the minimum cash out time thank you very much for watching i hope you enjoyed today's video i'll see you all in one two days for the next money making review see you next time.

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