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This Money RAWR review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Money RAWR

Here's what we know about the Money RAWR app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another video guys this is my money raw review for the android let's find out today is money raw legit or is it fake if you enjoyed please remember of course hit like and subscribe as always let's kick this off so everyone the whole concept here of money war is that they will pay us to complete levels on games at least that's what it's like for me here in australia in your country this application might be completely different with the way they pay you because on the application page they actually claim they'll pay you for every minute that you play games.


When i downloaded it here in australia i only got paid per level of completion on an application now that's not all it's cracked up to be and i'll be explaining that later on in this video but right now i'm assuming you're pausing this video and actually checking if money raw is available in your country see the thing is everyone money roared has just become available here in australia more than likely very soon it will be available in your country now money raw has the exact same application layout as most of these pay you to play applications the app features a coin currency system where you the user will actually earn coins the longer you play applications for in this case at least for me it was per level of completion.


I don't know why the application claims you get paid per minute for playing games and this is a big problem i have with applications like this everyone the amount of false advertising that goes on in these apps is really frustrating now that does not mean the application is fake so i gave money raw the benefit of the doubt and thankfully the app gave me around six or seven applications to actually play to earn money on now whether or not these applications were fun or not to play that's a whole other story you see the thing is everyone with money raw they give you applications that are absolutely spammed with advertisements and i understand that these apps need to make money somehow and the thing is with applications like money raw i know that they get paid for obviously referring us to play these apps the applications that they supplied me with really weren't that fun.



The applications that you have available to you will be based on your country so i had about six or seven paying applications that would apparently give me coins each time i completed a level i actually played some of the idle games that money raw supplied me with and even though i completed the levels on the game i wasn't rewarded with any coins and the fact that the only way that i can actually earn coins is by completing levels that application was completely broken for me i didn't get rewarded with any coins now each of the applications will actually have different amount of coins that they'll reward you okay so one game might only reward you with 60 coins per level while another one might reward you like 190 coins or 170 coins you might have much better paying applications so keep that in mind everyone you won't know until you download the app on the screen right now will be the cash outs that are available for paypal and itunes.


You might want to pause the video right now if you want to inspect them properly now my goal on today's video for money raw was just to show you guys the minimum cash out to get the payment proof but the problem is now with these applications everyone is that once you cash out once they might not ever pay you again so ever since i did my play spot review i've implemented a new review policy which is very sad because you'd expect these companies to reward their users with the money they deserve now just a warning everyone this application actually pays out in european currency which is actually quite good but just in case you weren't expecting that i thought i'd let you know i cashed out two times one with the minimum cash out of nine thousand coins or so and the second one for 24 000 coins and by the way you do have to submit your face for face verification which i know a lot of people don't like out there it took around 24 hours for the money to hit my paypal account.


And then the second cash out as well took the same amount of time everyone so even though money raw did pay me does that really make it worth your time honestly not really if they're paying you the amount of coins that they paid me which was like 60 or 100 coins per level with minimum cash outs up to the hundreds and thousands to actually make decent money i would say that this is not worth your time while i am happy that money raw paid me i expect to be paid when i dedicate my hours into apps like these even if you're in a country where one dollar european is a huge amount of money there are much better applications that will pay you on the market right now my channel has over 44 legitimate apps that will pay you in a playlist i do know that money raw has an offers wall as well where you can complete surveys and complete tasks for coins but again there are much better paying applications thank you all so much for watching guys i really hope that you all did enjoy and until the next few days guys please stay safe out there i'll catch you all later see you around.

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