This Money RAWR review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Money RAWR

Here's what we know about the Money RAWR app so far!

Money RAWR is a decent application to earn some real cash with but yet again we do have to go through quite a huge grind to even earn 3 dollars or so.

The thing about these applications that reward you with real life revenue to play games is that most of the time they really aren't worth the effort.

Find out if Money RAWR is worth your effort or not by watching the video review above and to see my Payment Proof!

App Description:

You don't have to pay. You just have to play.  Start playing games and earning money with our great mobile games. 


Are you a player already? Then choose the right games. You have come to the right place. We provide you with a new portfolio of games every day. And our games are not just fun!


Our games help you to get financially more stable with rewarding you for your time. You play. We pay. This is our way of thinking and YOUR way to success. Let us give you a step by step guide to keeping the fun going. 


Play our app for free Choose from our big offer wall and play any of our free games Earn coins for every second you play The more you play the more coins you get Payout and trade your coins for gift cards or real cash rewards Enjoy your reward and continue collecting coins Do it over and over again to keep the fun on.


This sounds too good to be true, you might think. As your success is our success, trust in our concept of making your life easier and better. Why Money Rawr?


It's free! It's fast! It's safe! It's fun and it’s exciting! It's always something new! It's your time that we value! What keeps you waiting? Start changing your life. Start making money today.

Public Reviews:

EZ: 11 August 2021 - "Good for the first one week then it will take forever to earn just a dollar. I earned $20 for the first one week super fast then after that, hardly a dollar in 2 days... There were 2 instances the app didnt give me any points after I spent a good 4 hours to play games so now I quit this app to save my precious time. If you like to have $15-$20 extra cash, it's great. After that, just uninstall lol"

RS: 13 December 2021 - "App pays in Euros not US currency. If you have a PayPal App acct, sign in and go to Menu. Look for Wallet then click on it. Options transfer to bank let's you transfer in US currency to a debit card or bank acct but only if you have a debit card or bank acct linked to your PayPal acct. Draw back is for a 20 dollar payout, PayPal charges you almost $2 to convert the payout into US currencyThat's my main reason for not giving App 5 star's."

PM: 5 December 2021 - "Wonderful until after I cashed out the first time. I received my reward, but after I cashed out they started only offering me these generic looking games that don't give nearly as many points as the more popular games I was allowed to choose from before. Another app (App Station) did the same thing to me, but they let me cash out a few times first. Very disappointing because I loved it until that happened."

NS: 7 November 2021 - " I have been using this app for days, and its been good. They ask me if I want to pay out every day. But I wanted to rack up points for a bigger gift card. And then last night. I played ALL night long.I played, 1 game all night, traffic puzzle. Now this morning I go to change games. And it says I had no internet connection!!? How is that possible when I've been playing the game! I have service. I hope it's not some skeezy way to watch how many points you rack up. Totally disappointed."

MBW: 4 November 2021 - "So the game is legit. My husband and I have both been playing it. Together we have made about 20 bucks, we haven't been playing long and I think getting paid to do something I do anyway is great. My reason for 3 stars is that at first I was making coins fast and now that I have cashed out twice the amounts of coins I get have went down so it takes much longer to have enough to cash out"