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MODE Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards APP VIDEO REVIEW


This MODE Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


(used to be Current Rewards)


MODE Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards APP Review

Here's what we know about The Mode Earn App so far!


Hey everyone Vince here welcome to my mode and review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off modern is promising you guys out there real life money to listen to music but I've had multiple comments recently telling me to re-review this application to see if it's still paying users in my country so that's exactly what I'm going to do for those who don't know mode urn will allow you to earn real PayPal money.


But not only that real life rewards for listening to music completing surveys playing games and you can also get cash back deals on it as well mode earn runs on a point-based system where each minute you listen to a song you get a certain amount of points plus the other offers and tasks just mentioned will reward you with points as well depending on your country though the amount of points you get will change dramatically and this is the biggest problem I have with modern and you're going to see exactly why in a couple of minutes this is the music earning rate as you can see here in Australia I can only earn 0.1 points per minute of listening to music but if I complete a survey or play some games through the mode and app or complete other offers and tasks I can increase my earning rate to 0.5 points per minute.


I'm going to be straight up I dislike this kind of system I hate that we get penalized for not completing offers and tasks on the screen right now you can see all the different Cash Out options that I have available here in Australia now you'll notice that I have PayPal currency and some game currencies as well plus the real life rewards you also see that the base rate for one dollar USD is almost 10 000 points this is a big problem everyone because if I was to purely use music to earn my money on the mode earn app it would literally take me so many hours to earn even a single dollar and you can imagine how long it would take if I didn't have the super boost either that's why I kind of feel like the mode earned after is forcing you to do other tasks as well as listen to music it can be a positive thing though if you enjoy completing surveys at the same time as listening to the music or playing games at the same time because you can combine those things.


I'm 100 certain there are people that are coming into this application just expecting to earn real life money and I kind of feel this is where you get misled because the advertisements for this app don't show how long it's actually going to take for you guys to earn specifically through the music on the flip side though if you're okay with actually earning that slow rate or if you get paid a faster rate than I do at least here in Australia you'll be greeted to thousands of different albums and music tracks to listen to I feel like it could actually replace applications like Spotify to a certain degree you will see advertisements plastered throughout the application but that's usually the way that these developers get paid to have these applications.


You can also earn points by charging your phone and you can even earn points by locking the screen with which I don't really like too much because I feel like it's a bit too invasive plus I've seen multiple claims at the mode and app drains your battery very fast I didn't personally experience that but I can imagine that is true because when you have pop-ups on your mobile phones lock screen all the time obviously that's going to use battery now let's talk about the super boost section first of all the reward and play time area aka the get paid to play game section really was not worth my time investment whatsoever.


I was severely disappointed with the awful wall section had absolutely no offers for me to complete in my country which was a letdown the surveys though did pay a considerable amount I guess if you really want to call it that I still feel like you can get better paying surveys on other applications I've covered on my channel already you can also watch advertisements for literally the most smallest amount of points and manageable apparently it does help your super boost as well if you watch enough of them another way that you can earn is by inviting friends to join so if you can invite people to join through your link you can get two percent of their earnings completely for free without impacting them plus apparently you can earn up to 25 dollars per person you invite which I have yet to see because I've invited hundreds of people to this application and I never ever got that kind of money now it's time to see if motor and will actually pay me or not so I cashed out the ten dollars PayPal currency and I am happy to say everyone that it did arrive within about four days to my Paypal account so at least here in Australia mode earn is still paying their players I hope I helped someone out there thank you for watching see you tomorrow.

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