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This Mistplay review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Mistplay:

Here's what we know about the Mistplay app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome back to another review ladies and gentlemen we are talking about mistplay on today's video now on this video i'll be showing you my full experience with mistplay to find out is it really going to pay us or not i hope you enjoyed please remember to hit like and subscribe and be sure to drop me a comment as well telling me what you think of mistplay let's kick this off.


the first massive compliment i have to give mistplay is that as soon as you turn it on it asks you what kind of games you actually enjoy playing this is such a great feature in my opinion to have with a money making application the whole concept is mistplay will try and cater to your gaming needs that then will allow you to actually earn money by playing the games within mistplay it's a very simple system and that is something i've always loved about mistplay because at the end of the day we don't want complicated applications we are already spending too much time on these type of apps we want to get it done as fast as possible now when i say that there are tons of games available on mistplay i am not exaggerating as soon as you sign up to mistplay there is a games tab on this games tab you're going to find all the various featured games that missplay is recommending you guys to actually try out out there to start earning some revenue.


if you are not happy with the features tab then you can head over to the search tab this is where mistplay allows you to actually go through each individual genre of games that are available on their application and i have to say i'm completely blown away by the amount of actual variety in games on mistplay it seems since i last reviewed mistplay they have improved their catalogue so much and definitely increased the amount of games that you have available to play there is an actual in-game earning system that i will be talking about later in this review but right now i want to talk about probably the main reason why you guys are watching the whole money making process on mistplay there is a shop tab where you'll find all the different cash out options available to you on mistplay the only problem is everyone is that depending on your country you're obviously going to have a very different experience with this application here in australia.


on the screen now you will see the available options that mistplay actually allowed me to cash out to on this video i'll be testing out the virtual mastercard that they'll send you through email i did also have an amazon gift card option as well as various shops in my country there is also a gems system this gem system is more the premium currency in missed play so if you spend real life money within the apps that misplay is recommending you to try out then mistplay will reward you with some gems that then you can convert into the missed play currency that then you can convert into real life money hopefully that makes sense there is also an avatar section as well where you can purchase different avatars for your profile which i'll talk about in a second but i didn't really care too much about the pictures on my avatar guys so i completely skipped over the avatar section.


mistplay also features a chat room function guys so yes most of the applications available on mistplay from what i've seen have their own unique chat rooms this is where you can talk to the community of those games now mind you i have no idea how patrolled and restricted these chat rooms are i saw some pretty questionable things on the mistplay chat room so if anyone from this play is watching i don't know what your age of restrictions are and stuff but you might want to check out some of those chat rooms because they can get pretty risky okay so i'm just warning everyone out there yes public chat rooms are available on mistplay but be warned if you're going to enter some of them be prepared to see some pretty strange stuff now the last tab is the profile tab this is where you can keep tabs on pretty much all of your progress within mistplay this includes the two different experiences called gxp for the game experience and exp for the profile experience now yes you can level up your profile on mistplay i didn't really pay attention to any of that because all i cared about was trying to earn revenue through the gxp because that's how mistplay actually rewards you guys out there.


the longer you play games for on mistplay the more revenue you get through this gxp the in-game currency on mistplay are called units so that's something to keep in mind here as well everyone now let's go a little bit more in depth into that pxp and gxp system each game on mistplay will reward you with a certain amount of gxp and pxp the more gxp you earn that means you get more progression into a game mistplay runs on a checkpoint system for each game so the longer you play a game for the more checkpoints you complete each checkpoint will reward you with units of course each checkpoint though takes longer and longer to actually progress into so always keep this in mind everyone there are also challenges on misplay.


as well for each application these challenges include let's say you reach checkpoint five on an application you'll get a bonus amount of units or if you complete up to checkpoint 15 on an application you'll get a bonus amount of units now these challenges seem to change depending on what app you're actually playing so always keep that in mind as well you might want to pay attention to that area because you could be missing out on important bonuses that mistplay is trying to reward you but you have to manually redeem them here in australia it took me around eight hours to reach that minimum cash out threshold for the mastercard on mistplay that is 1800 units everyone of missed play currency now i earned that currency that fast due to me smashing out the highest paying applications mind you though guys depending on if you've used mistplay or not before these applications will probably pay differently as well the deeper you're into an application and the harder checkpoints you're trying to complete that obviously means it's going to take a longer time.


i've covered mistplay before so it wasn't a brand new experience to me so i was further into some applications than others i did try and play the highest paying units of these games but sadly it did still take me eight hours or so you on the other hand might have a faster experience especially if you're a new player so always keep this in mind but yes it did take me eight hours to reach that minimum threshold once i did hit that threshold though i did ask for that mastercard to be sent to my email address and i am happy to say guys in two days mistplay did deliver that virtual mastercard to my email address so it seems yes mistplay are still paying the players which is great to see but i do have a problem though because there is a virtual wallet system that requires extensive identification processes so keep this in mind as well guys you got to be careful out there if you don't want to reveal yourself too much you probably won't be able to cash out misplaced so always keep that in mind as well that's my little warning to you that might have just saved you some time thanks for watching this review i'll see you in one to two days see you next time guys.

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