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This mGamer review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On mGamer:

Here's what we know about the mGamer app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome back to another review guys today we're reviewing a money making application called mgamer now something that makes m gamer unique in the sense of money making for applications is the fact that you can actually earn money through surveys offers and playing games now i can always appreciate a money making application that has such variety i do hope you enjoy the video please remember to hit like and subscribe if you did let's kick this review off.


Something that is unique about mgamer is the fact that you can actually cash out not only paypal but you can also cash out in-game currency as well for some of the most popular mobile games on the market at the moment it's very interesting to me everyone because there's not many applications that actually will pay you in in-game currency for today's review though i will be testing out the paypal currency option now something you have to keep in mind as well depending on what country you actually live in these cash out options might vary as i said here in australia.


These are the options that i was given but in your country you might be given something completely different fun fact i actually have reviewed m gamer in the past but i thought i'd give it another try to see if anything's really changed on the application and to see if it's still paying people now mgamer has various types of activities that you can actually complete as well to earn coins these coins are the in-game currency that you need to collect to actually cash out on mgamer ideally i was aiming to cash out two times to make sure both the payments actually hit my paypal account so that's what you'll be seeing on today's review guys.


I roughly needed to collect around 63 000 coins or so to get to the target cash out that i wanted of around seven dollars my goal was to try and collect that money as fast as possible with all the options available that mgamer allowed me to actually complete something that i really love about m gamer is the absolute massive choices of options to earn money through so we're not talking just one or two survey providers or offer providers somehow mgamer has managed to assemble this huge list of different type of providers to give you guys different money making opportunities so for providers for surveys i had like six or seven different ones to choose from and the same thing goes for the offers as well funny enough there is also a play and get paid section so this is the section where you know you play games for a certain number of minutes and they pay you a certain number of coins of course i actually did not try this out last time on the previous video.


It wasn't available to me but thankfully now i was actually able to play the pay per minute system so that really did help out my money making efforts on mgamer the thing is depending on your country it might not be available to you so with these money making applications it's literally based on different countries you'll have different outcomes which is something i don't really like i feel like money making applications are so limited these days but it is also nice to find legitimate money making apps of course so when i do find some i will still review them now not only can you earn coins through completing surveys or playing games or completing offers this application actually has different types of actual competitions.


Tou can play games and enter into like some sort of leaderboard competition situation or you can actually enter a lotto now i don't really care too much about lottos everyone i never ever win lottos but for the people that might want to enter these lottos you have the choice too on mgamer now as i said i really stuck to completing surveys and actually playing the games per minute section i found that the most enjoyable for me now if you are to complete offers though you can actually earn so many coins it's ridiculous everyone through the offer section and the thing is about this offer section as well is that it's actually multi-tiered which is very cool to see what i mean by multi-tiered is that you might have a offer that has 10 different ways to actually earn coins in it so let's say you only complete one or two levels in an application you still have eight other levels of possibility to earn coins through.



It's a really cool concept and i hope that more money making applications will actually involve this in their apps but who knows what's going to happen now of course we really cannot go into mgamer expecting to make tons of cash everyone again this is a very simplistic money making application where they will reward you a certain amount of money for the hours that you dump into the application okay this is no get rich quick app or anything like that you will need to dedicate hours to earn a couple of dollars that's just how these real applications work which is of course what we're used to here on the channel so that's why it takes me so long pretty much to make these videos because i have to try and get payment proof and go through all the hoops and loops of each application so again thank you everyone for being patient with this channel i'll try and make videos as much as i can but it does take some time with the pay and play section where the application will reward me for each minute i spend in a game i notice that it of course gets harder to earn coins the longer you play an application for.


To put it into some sort of perspective here let's say i want to play a game like i don't know clash of clans or something it might tell me okay if you play clash of clans for one minute we'll give you 300 coins and then i play the app for one minute but then it will say okay now i want you to play clash of clans for five minutes and we'll give you 350 coins now what ends up happening is the time that is needed to play these applications increases greatly while the reward really doesn't increase that much for the time you're investing into it so pretty much the scheme of this is they don't want you to play the same app over and over for long periods of time they want you to actually start installing multiple applications which i did on mgamer i installed at many applications to try and earn as many coins as i could obviously each application would reward me with different amount of coins though so that's something to keep in mind here.


As i said you can't go into mgamer expecting to get rich same concept applies for the surveys since i had so many survey options i did go through various different survey providers with different coin amounts for completing each different survey again the variety is amazing here in mgamer it's just sometimes i feel like you know with surveys getting disqualified is a massive pain and it's annoying to complete a survey up to the end and then to get disqualified so that's something you have to keep in mind if you want to go down the survey route you'll have plenty of options but you risk being disqualified simple as that same concept that goes to any survey application out there.


Now to get to the cashing out section i was able to actually earn around 63 000 coins in about five to six hours of constantly using mgamer now this is me completing surveys and actually playing a majority of the earn per minute section of am gamer so six hours or so for about seven dollars it's a pretty hard toss-up between is that really worth it or not ultimately i just wanted to make sure that m gamer is still paying the players and what i found is that after verifying my mobile number and waiting another day to cash out because you can only cash out once per day.


mGamer did pay me within two days of those cash out requests which is awesome to see so if you guys are willing to dedicate the time to earn this small amount of money then m gamer is the application for you now of course i feel like there are probably easier ways of earning money with other survey applications which you can find on my channel of course but i have no complaints i know for some people out there about six hours of time for seven dollars really wouldn't be worth it again depending on your country it might be so the choice is yours either way thank you all so much for watching i really hope you enjoyed the video i'll catch you all in one to two days see you around everyone.

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