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This Make Money: Word Search review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Make Money: Word Search Review

Here's what we know about Make Money: Word Search so far!


Hi everyone Vince here welcome to my make money word search review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off make money word search is promising hundreds of dollars I feel like once you watch this review you'll more than likely come to the same conclusion that I did when it comes to make money word search so this is the home screen of the application as you can see you have all the different genres and categories that you can pick from to match the words to apparently earn this real life cash there are actually quite a bit of different categories which is quite nice to see if you're looking just to play a game where you match words.







I know a majority of you guys out there are probably watching this because you want to try and earn some real life money from it you'll notice on the top left corner of the screen you'll find a Coin if you tap this coin it will take you to the minimum cash out pay but not before playing an advertisement and if you close out of that advertisement you're then greeted to the cash out page this cash out page is offering up ridiculous amounts of money for you guys to match words together as you can see now if we press the back button another advertisement appears so already in the span of literally 10 seconds or so we've had two advertisements for the people out there that have played legitimate money making apps you'll know that this is a big red flag now you also notice a bunch of phones flashing on the left side of the screen again tapping on that will play an advertisement but this is where the application really starts to shine as you can see we have literally a spinning wheel here that will apparently give away Apple watches iPods iPads MacBooks iPhones just from us collecting enough of these little puzzle pieces down here now we've seen these kind of systems before where you need to try and get 100 of a certain item to apparently win it.











These type of systems are absolutely ridiculous the concept of watching advertisements for us to earn these puzzle pieces is such a joke now in the top right corner of the screen you can see that we have the PayPal symbol here is where the applique patient is legitimately offering up up to one thousand dollars for us to apparently merge these words together again we've seen these type of systems before I'm going to try and aim for the 200 cash out on today's video of course when I try to go back another Advertiser plays we also have a spinning prize wheel at the moment it says it's free to spin so let's see what happens all right here we go apparently I've just won twelve dollars PayPal instantly but for me to earn the money I need to watch an advertisement so for the sake of the video let me just do this off camera alright so I've just spun the wheel again and apparently I've won 13 worth of PayPal currency instantly all I need to do is watch another advertisement so I'm literally going to keep spinning this wheel now you'll notice you'll start getting coins when you spin the wheel the reason for this is because obviously they can't just keep giving you the PayPal currency constantly.










Mow they're saying if we watch an advertisement we can get either times two to times 10 worth of these coins but if we press not thanks then an advertisement will instantly appear either way this is the application's way of trying to force you just to watch that rewarded video ad that goes for 30 seconds or so because they make more money that way if you guys didn't know when you've seen advertisement for five seconds they don't really get that much cash but if you watch the full video ad for 30 seconds or 15 seconds they get a lot more money and I'm talking about the developers by the way so press no thanks and there's an ad straight away but now I have 1500 of these coins in the top left corner again if you guys forgot the minimum cash out for coins let me show you that's right everyone one million of the coins for 100 worth of Visa apparently or any of the other Cash Out options here of course which is such a joke that's literally like a thousand advertisements right there. if you're lucky enough to get a thousand of the coin for advertisement but we're still not done because we actually have a little bottle here with an Amazon icon in it tapping that will just bring up another prompt to watch an advertisement.



Remember if I press and I thank you an advertisement appears instantly massive red flags even on the main screen I haven't even started the word game and I've already earned apparently 49 worth of PayPal so let's try the word game now let's pick animals it states do I want to play The Casual mode with no Rewards or don't want to play their progress mode where you can complete levels to win coins complete all levels to win a key so let's just go progress mode play next okay here we go so right at the top I can see mice okay so I've just matched mice together good here's shrimp pretty straightforward okay every time we get a correct answer we get closer and closer to that apparent PayPal reward here's mammal all right there we go oh look at that everyone apparently I've just won ten dollars worth of PayPal currency for matching three words I have to watch an advertisement to collect it I've just found Gekko okay it seems every third word we get the PayPal currency just found shark easy here's urchin done now got eight dollars okay I have to watch an advertisement again all right the ad has been watched and there we go Marmot done easy as that and apparently I've just earned seven dollars now something you've noticed pretty quickly the more closer you get to that cash out point the less and less PayPal you're going to get and this is called diminishing returns.










Huge problem with these type of money making applications that promise big money and we've just pretty much keep on going here so here's Falcon clam kiwi as you can see it's really not that difficult here's another eight dollars what actually ends up happening is that we spend most of our time just watching the advertisements instead of actually playing the app remember each time I claim one of these rewards I have to watch 30 seconds worth of ads and every three words I get right there's a 30 second ad this application literally turns into an ad Farm squid sloth copy you whatever that is there's nine dollars just pretty much such an easy word game because in reality it hasn't been set up to be hard every one they need you to get the words right because then they can play the advertisement now apparently I only have a hundred and six dollars left already within 10 minutes of playing the app before I can cash out my 200 so that stage is complete we can continue on as you can see it just literally keeps on going everyone I'm not going to stop until I get to that 200 cash out because I can guarantee you right now it's going to force me to watch advertisements to continue my order or something stopping me from getting that money.







Now you'll notice I only got rewarded four dollars worth of PayPal currency instead of ten dollars you see how the price is starting to fluctuate now it's because now I've earned over a hundred dollars worth of the PayPal currency I'm getting closer to the cash out so diminishing returns is really starting to kick in all right now I can cash out six dollars I know I said I was going to skip to the 200 cash out but just check this out this proves that these applications are completely rigged against you I now have only 48 dollars left before I can cash out the 200 and now I'm only getting two dollars per advertisement watch can you see how the app is punishing me for getting closer to that cash out Mark seriously alright everyone Moment of Truth we've now collected enough money after watching this advertisement to cash out that 200 we now have 202 worth of PayPal currency I easily watched over 40 advertisements to get to this point everyone in about an hour or so so think about it 202 within one hour of watching advertisements and of course matching words so if I hit this redeem tab I should earn that two hundred dollars right let's find out an advertisement appeared when I hit redeem are you serious aha here we go everyone look at this about 72 hours left for me to watch 200 advertisement to activate the order what did I tell you this is another one of these applications that's just farming you for advertisement views in my opinion and I've been doing this for over two years now stay away from this trash I have over 100 legitimate money making applications on my website in the description below please check it out to actually find real paying apps I hope I helped someone out there see you tomorrow.

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