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Make Money Real Cash Rewards


This Make Money Real Cash Rewards review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On Make Money Real Cash Rewards:

Here's what we know about the Make Money Real Cash Rewards app so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my make money real cash rewards review ladies and gentlemen I hope you enjoy let's kick this off make money real cash rewards had so much potential in my opinion guys I was so excited to come to you all today with this application to say hey everyone this is going to change the way you earn money online I absolutely love the simplicity of this application.


 all you literally need to do is log in create an account and then you can complete various different tasks to then earn coins now with these coins it converts into real life USD currency from what I can tell there is only a PayPal cash out option on make money real cash rewards now the actual way you make these coins are via completing surveys completing offers and playing games that's right everyone make money real cash rewards actually includes the play time reward option where all you need to do is literally install an application and play it and then you get rewarded for the amount of time you play the application for so that's a massive bonus right there for anyone out there that doesn't really like completing surveys although i personally chose the survey route and playing games route to earn my five dollars USD on this application.



it literally only took me about an hour guys or so to earn that much currency and i was completely blown away by this fact because I was willing to say that this was actually one of the fastest applications I've ever used to earn an online currency with obviously depending on where you live around the world this application is going to change with the availability of certain offers and of course how much money you can actually earn on it in my country though of australia 3.5 million coins equalled about five dollars or so currency I'm not too sure what it will be like in your country you'd have to actually install it and find out yourself now before you install the application though you have to watch the rest of this video because i do have quite a bit to say.


why i really have to warn you guys about it I would of course like to say if you're enjoying my videos please remember to hit like drop a comment join my free newsletter links in the description below and hit that subscribe button we're almost at 70 000 subscribers so thank you all so much honestly I would now like to talk about my personal cash out experience on make money real cash rewards you see even though I was completely shocked at the amount of time it took to earn the money guess what everyone when I cashed out my reward it said it was processing okay and I waited a week and I thought hmm this is a bit long compared to other applications then I waited another week so now we're two weeks down I then waited another week and then another week we are now at one month for waiting for five dollars worth of USD currency.


 I contact their support now funny enough their support said congratulations your payment is now processing this is after one month of waiting for five dollars USD at this point I'm extremely angry already because I just thought in my head they have literally kept me in the dark with no estimated time for my payment arriving we'll get this everyone another week passes so I end up contacting the support then the support tells me i have to wait until apparently, the offer providers confirm that i played their games or i completed their surveys and in my head i'm just thinking to hang on a second you've already told me I'm about to receive my money in 48 hours.


so why now one month and one week later you're telling me that I'm now under review again guess what everyone my timer got reset from when i requested my initial cash out it has literally been one month and one week and I've received no money whatsoever from make money real cash rewards this application may be legit but for my personal experience it is definitely not worth your time in my honest opinion there is no way on god's green earth anyone out there should wait over a month for five dollars worth of USD if I ever get paid I will let you know in my comments section below on this video they do have a referral friend section as well I know some of you guys out there still will give this app the benefit of the doubt so I will leave my referral link in the description below use it at your own peril guys thank you for watching stay safe out there I'll be back in one to two days for another money making application review catch you later.

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