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Make Money: Cash & Gift Cards Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?


This Make Money: Cash & Gift Cards review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Initial Impressions

So to kick off this Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review when first opening up the Make Money application, I noticed that the name of the application changes into Big Cash. For reference sake, I'll be calling this application Big Cash from now on. The design of Big Cash is straightforward and it has a list of things that you can do to earn coins that you can then exchange for money.

Cash Out Options

As this Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review is created In Australia I had various different options to cash out on, which is interesting. I'll be doing the PayPal cash out on today's video. However, if you plan on doing other gift cards, your experience may vary because I didn't personally test the gift card options. I went directly to what I like to cash out on, which is PayPal because you usually get it pretty fast. Keep in mind that PayPal is listed under the gift card section, but technically, it's not a gift card. They just send you direct PayPal money to your PayPal wallet.


Referrer Friend System

Big Cash also features a referrer friend system. If you like inviting your friends to play these money-making applications, this application has a cool little feature where the people you invite, you get 20% of their coins that they earn on the app. You can also get 10% of the friends' coins that they invite as well. Feel free to use my invite code. I have no idea if you get a bonus for signing up or not, but I'll include mine in the description of my Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review below.


Check-In and Featured Offers

The Make Money application has a check-in page where you can get extra coins for checking in daily. Users can earn around 10 coins per check-in. Additionally, there is a featured offers section where the app will get users to install other applications and pay them a certain amount of coins for installing and using those applications. You'll notice the coins in this Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review earned from completing these offers range from 30 to 60 coins.

Watching Advertisements

Another option I found when writing this Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review was to earn coins on the app is by watching up to 1300 advertisements. However, the payout for watching these advertisements is only one coin per advertisement. This is something to consider, as this is not an efficient way to make money. The amount of time spent watching these advertisements does not justify the low payout of one coin per advertisement.

Minimum Cash Out and Gift Cards

The minimum cash out on the Make Money application is 2500 coins. Some gift cards require more minimum coins to cash out, such as a Netflix gift card which needs 5,000 coins. However, for my PayPal cash out, it required 15 worth of PayPal for 2500 coins. I have to say while writing my Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review this is a pretty high cash out.

Making Money on the App

For today's Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review there are two main ways to make money on the app: completing offers and completing surveys. These offers do pay quite well, but they also require a lot of time and effort to complete. For example, one offer required users to reach level 81 on a casino app called Cash Billionaire Slots, which is not an easy task. Additionally, some offers require users to play complicated RPG games that take multiple days to complete, which is not worth the time for the low payout of around 1650 coins. Overall, users should carefully consider which offers they want to complete and whether the time and effort required is worth the payout.

Earning Money Through Surveys

While earning money through completing surveys for this Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review I found that it can be a frustrating experience. It took me eight hours to reach the minimum cash out and I was completing surveys every opportunity I could. However, the survey host used by the app disqualifies users frequently, which can be incredibly frustrating. This may not be the best application for those who hate being disqualified from surveys.

Paying Out Earnings

Despite the frustration of completing surveys while making this Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review the Big Cash application does pay out earned money. After requesting the minimum cash out, the money was transferred to my PayPal account within 12 hours. This is a positive aspect of the application, as it does pay out earned money as promised.

Survey Hosts and Frustration

The survey hosts used by Big Cash are becoming increasingly difficult to earn money through. The more difficult the surveys become and the more countries that are restricted from using the application, the less interest there will be in completing surveys. And on my Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review this is a problem with many money-making survey apps, as they are becoming increasingly frustrating to use.

Is Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Payment Proof Legit?

Overall for the Make Money Cash & Gift Cards Review while the application does pay out your earned cash, the process of earning that money through surveys can be frustrating. It is important to consider whether the frustration of completing surveys is worth the payout before using this application. Despite the frustration, it is a legitimate money-making app and paid me out as promised.

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