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Make Money: Real Cash VIDEO REVIEW

 This Make Money: Real Cash review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Make Money: Real Cash:

Here's what we know about Make Money Real Cash So Far!

To me Make Money: Real Cash has ALOT of potential but sadly yet again it just seems like this is another one of those use once and never use again applications. 

My whole goal with this review was to see if this platform actually paid and yes everyone I am happy to say that it did but the only issue is there is quite a long wait for cashing out as you can see in the video plus completing surveys may be a big pain and the offers do take too long to actually complete in my view. 


Hello everyone it's Vince here welcome back to another video ladies and gentlemen we're covering a money-making application called make money real cash app that's literally what the title of this application is called now to me that sounded like a massive red flag straight off the bat just because of the name the thing is make money is quite a large application I think it has about a million downloads at least on the Google Play Store right now, so it's nothing to be laughed at it this application is based around earning credits that you can then turn into real life money the way that you can earn these credits is by either completing surveys completing offers or playing games now these applications are the ones I love the most because they offer the most variety in the ways to actually earn money from your mobile phone the thing is though is this application really worth it and is it actually going to pay us that's something we're going to find out in today's video so I hope you enjoyed please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop in a comment as well, so it does help the channel be seen all around YouTube let's kick off this review.

The layout of this application is probably one of the best I've seen on a money making app everyone the reason for that is because it's so straightforward and to the point as soon as you sign up you'll be welcome to the home page at the top of the home page you'll have categories of the different ways you can earn these in-game credits remember your whole goal is to earn credits to convert into real life money the thing is on the home page if you cannot decide what category to go through all you need to do is scroll down that home page, and you'll see all the hundreds of different ways that you can earn these credits and when I say hundreds I'm not joking everyone I swear there's easily over a hundred different ways to earn the credits at least for me here in Australia there are so many surveys offers and obviously you can play games as well that count every minute that you play, and you earn credits for that minute played you guys have probably seen those systems before here on the channel the longer you play a game for the more you get rewarded simple as that but I am so blown away by this design and I'm also so blown away by the amount of opportunities that this application has given us to earn the in-game credits but just because there's a lot of different ways that does not necessarily mean it's good and I want to talk about that because the whole concept here is that we have to do activities, or you know complete surveys complete offers to earn the credits.

Now the difficulty of these actions are quite high so the higher paying rewarded offers or surveys or games are obviously going to take you longer that's the thing everyone sometimes these applications really are not worth the effort that you put into them and I'm not going to say that all of them are worthless but honestly you're probably better off just going straight to a survey app if you expect to earn money extremely fast on these type of applications you can tell the applications like these really want you to complete those high paying offers because I'm sure at the end of the day they get a big cut of that revenue for you guys completing offers now you'll notice obviously the highest paying offers also give you the highest amount of credits, but they're also the hardest ones to complete so please keep this in mind going into this application the speed of what it's going to take you to get to the minimum threshold of cashing out is going to be completely different from person to person based on how you really tackle applications like these when I play applications like these I essentially go for the easiest way to get to that minimum threshold because at the end of the day I know for a fact you are not going to get rich of this kind of applications these applications barely classify as a side hustle when it comes down to everyone but what I do appreciate is when I find apps that actually do pay the players since they're so rare to find these days.

That's why I bring them to this channel the way that I've noticed that this application tells us if we're going to be in for a smooth ride or a bumpy ride when it comes to earning credits with a certain offer is that it has a difficulty scale quite interesting how that works now this does not involve surveys or playing games to earn credits per minute you have to separate them this difficulty system really comes down to completing offers so please keep that in mind now moving on to the credit system of the application something that is very interesting to me is that they've ended up making this credit system into the millions everyone to put it into perspective here the minimum cash out on this application is 3.5 million credits right for 5 usd, so you might be thinking 3.5 million credits how long is that going to take well that all depends on what offer you complete and what game you play and what survey you complete as well at the end of the day guys the speed of how fast you earn on this application it all comes down to you out there and what you're willing to put yourself through I chose the easiest option of playing games to get rewarded credits per minute now these games were awarding me around 200 000 of the credits per like five minutes or so it was quite easy to rack up those credits guys now just remember though the longer I played the application for the longer the time took.

So think of it this way I play a game for five minutes once then it will go to me okay you can have the two hundred thousand credits now you have to play the game for nine minutes, and we'll give you 220 000 credits so obviously the reward slightly goes up but the time to earn that reward goes up quite a bit but there were various games that I could play to earn these credits now all in all I think it only took me around under two hours to get to that minimum cash out guys thanks to me playing these games compared to if you out there were to complete surveys or to complete offers some of these offers reward literally millions of credits it all depends on how far you're willing to go on an application like this and how much time you have to spare I recommend you just play the games to get the minimum cash out and then leave it at that like I did because with these type of applications they really only have a limited life span on how much money they can really reward you in the long run like this is why I say to you that you can only really earn five or ten dollars on these money making apps from your mobile phone but I still do like showing you them just in case you like to mix and match and discover new apps to use on your mobile.

Now I do know for a fact that some of you guys might not be able to use this application out there in your country if you cannot use this application your country please check out my YouTube channel for other paying applications and websites all right it's as simple as that don't worry everyone I'm sure there's an application out there for you in your country now just mind this though depending on your country obviously the credit rates are going to change as I think I stated earlier okay the rate that I earn at is going to be probably different to what you earn at depending on what route you take to earn your credits I can't stress that enough everyone because I don't want you guys to get disappointed so thanks to me being rewarded the credits for playing the games per minute I was able to get to that minimum cash out reward in under two hours or so now the craziest thing is to me though I would have no idea how long it would take me to get to this point if I was just completing surveys or completing offers.

I'm sure if I completed two of the really hard offers I could probably get to that minimum cash out literally with just those two offers but I don't know how long it would have taken me some of these offers will take days or weeks to complete so that's something you have to keep in mind if you can earn the credits through playing the games definitely use that option in my opinion guys okay when it comes to the actual payout of this application let me just tell you something about it all right I thought it was going to maybe take one day or two days like the other applications I usually cover here on the channel not everyone I was waiting and waiting and waiting and after one week that PayPal money did hit my account yes everyone makes money actually did keep their promise thankfully very curious to see how you're going to like it out there guys thank you all so much for watching I really hope you all did enjoy please remember to hit like and subscribe to help support the channel and be sure to leave me a comment as well tell me what you think of this application stay safe everyone I'll speak to you all in one to two days see you next time.

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