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Lucky Step & Happy Step VIDEO REVIEW


This Lucky Step & Happy Step review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Lucky Step & Happy Step:

Here's what we know about the Lucky Step & Happy Step app so far!


Hey, everyone, it's vince here today I come to you with a simple warning there's an application out there called lucky step now lucky step is promising at least here in my country up to almost 200 for literally walking okay the only problem with lucky step, in my opinion, is that I think it's a complete scam app now this to me is nothing but one of these applications that wants you to watch advertisements every single millisecond.

Now I'm not talking like once every minute or two minutes but you will watch and add every single move on lucky steps at the moment they're not actually on google play anymore mind you it's been downloaded over a million times because there's no regulation on the google play store and with the evidence that is shown still on the internet their ratings were plummeting because people were starting to catch on that this application is another fake money making app what's insane to me is that lucky step also has casino elements to it to earn coins now the only problem is with earning these coins is that yes you can earn coins through walking okay here in australia it's four coins per one step and to be able to cash out at all on lucky step you'll need to clock up at least two million coins just remember.

Though anything you do on the application will force you to watch an advertisement so even when you're flicking between the screens an ad will show up randomly so let's just say you're going to play one of the casino elements on the game so either you spin a prize will play the slot machine or scratch some lotto cards as soon as you even tap the button an advertisement will appear but then when you go to claim the coins another advertisement will appear then you go back to the main screen and then another advertisement appears you flick between the tabs to see how many steps you did today an advertisement appears.

Guys I'm telling you now something does not feel right about this application if you want to earn money for walking try sweat coin or win walk these are actual legitimate applications that I've covered before if you enjoyed today's video please remember to hit like and subscribe be sure to drop a comment and join the free newsletter links in the description below thank you so much to me lucky step has every single red flag imaginable unrealistic claims and ads every single second maybe by the time this video is out lucky step will be available in the play store but I've done this long enough to see a scam trash app.

Trust me this looks like nothing other than a fake one, especially since the developer has literally just appeared out of nowhere managed to spam a million downloads worth of ads on the google play store and then literally just disappeared so the app will still work but you can't go on the google play store page to complain when you don't receive your money so technically these scam developers have just conned a million people at least funny enough another application's just appeared out of nowhere called happy step again.


In the same situation watch an ad to earn unrealistic rewards guys be aware these scam developers are infiltrating every single niche on the google play store just remember realistic apps take hours to even earn a dollar or two so please stay safe out there don't fall victim to these ridiculous apps I didn't even bother trying to get to the payment proof for lucky step because I could not put myself through that torture it is so fake bro I'll catch you all in one to two days for the next review see you next time.

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