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This Lucky Dollar review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Lucky Dollar:

Here's what we know about the Lucky Dollar app so far!

Welcome to my Lucky Dollar App Review for the Android! Can we really earn up to 200 dollars by scratching cards on this new money making app? Let's see if I can get Lucky Dollar Payment Proof and Cash Out evidence. Find out if I think it's truly real legit, fake scam or just a waste of time.

Even if Lucky Dollar - Real Money Game is legit i honestly believe it is not worth your time especially since the offer wall is so bad compared to other make money online platforms and apps out there. I really would say becareful when trying this money making app out because it may not be all you think it is.


Hi everyone Vince here welcome to my lucky dollar review I hope you enjoy let's kick this off lucky dollar is promising you guys out there up to 200 to scratch these scratchy cards completely for free on today's video I'm going to be looking at if this is really worth your time or not now if you look at the top right corner of the screen you'll notice that I have 2 million worth of coins this represents 20 cents of real life currency on the left of that you can see that I have real world currency of up to 6.39 now you might be thinking that's really good but if we tap those coins you'll notice that it says I need 10 million of the coins to activate a one dollar cash out so you can look at it as 1 million coins equals roughly 10 cents.



 now if I'm to tap the real world currency value you can see I need a 50 minimum in order to cash out now in my opinion that is quite steep everyone something that I do like about lucky dollar is that every single scratchy is free to use but with this system I don't quite understand because why would anyone else waste their time with these other scratchies wouldn't you just jump straight to the 200 Mega prize scratchy all the time which that's exactly what I'm gonna do right now so I've just tapped that 200 Dragon scratchy this is what it comes up with when you try and scratch one of the cards it's really as simple as this you don't really have to put too much effort into this guys.







I'll just scratch the card now it says congrats you won and all I want were some coin it says I can two times the coins if I watch an advertisement or I can just collect them so I'm just going to press Colette because I can't be bothered watching an ad and now my coin balance has updated as you can see in the top right corner it's really that simple let's try the 100 scratchy to see if we can win any apparent real life money so I've just tapped the 100 scratchy it says I can scratch the card let's scratch it I've just won some coins again what I noticed on lucky dollar is that this is what it starts turning into at the start you do win cash regularly but the more you use it it seems the less and less real world money it gives you now located at the bottom of the screen you'll find the different tabs that you can navigate through we have the scratchy tab which we're on now we have the offer tab we have the refer a friend Tab and we have the cash out tab let's take a look at the offer tab quickly.









so this is a special offers tab here there are two different offer walls now this wall is where I start to have a problem with lucky dollar when I started to figure out pretty quickly everyone is that I feel like we're getting heavily short changed with the rewards that they're allowing us to receive for completing offers through their offer wall what I mean by that is that on other applications let's just say like free cash or why cents you might find these offers paying way more than this application would for instance take this Yahtzee app offer where it's claiming if you get to level 32 in a certain period of time they'll reward you with 42 million coins now that might sound like a lot but once you crunch the numbers if we head over to free cash you can literally see that there's a yahtzee with Buddy's dice game offer and all you need to do is complete level 21. turn 8.50 compared to Lucky dollars four dollars or so this is why I'm saying you have to shop around when completing off a wall was this is critical everyone to saving you time out there.










now if we go back to the offers tab you can see that there's a mega office section here as well this is a game pretty much the same concept the fact that it says credits instead of cash it makes me think that it is definitely going to go to the coin I cannot see this application paying us 203 million dollars to complete an offer so more than likely this is just going to convert into coins I would love to know what this application is paying you and your country but just remember 10 million coins equals one dollar now lucky dollar does have a pretty interesting referral system if I refer you you instantly get one dollar and then so do I and then you get a bonus of 10 of your referrals earnings up to 90 days from what I can see I guess I will leave a referral Link in the description below just to see if I can eventually cash out on this application because I know a couple of you guys out there are going to be curious to see if it is legit or not.







so there's my code everyone feel free to use it because even if I call an app a scam I have seen that people still use the apps just to test them for themselves so do it at your own Peril last but not least we have of course the cash out Tab and as you can see it clearly states I have 20 cents in my balance at the moment because I have two million coins with a minimum of one dollar to cash out one dollar equaling 10 million coins something that is interesting though at the top of the screen it's trying to say that I get five percent back at five to nine dollar cash out and ten percent at a 10 cash out or more I have no idea what they're trying to say here they have haven't really explained that too good are they trying to say that I get a cash back value of that much it just doesn't really make sense and at the bottom of the screen there you can see that I have the actual cash balance.


this is the other currency of real world money with a minimum of 50 needed to cash out there is a game level area as well not too sure what's so good about this game level but either way there is also a daily winner that apparently wins up to ten dollars per day there is also a diamond scratchy now this one here is a bit different guys you have to scratch 100 cards before it unlocks for one single time before locking again for another 100 scratches funny enough I completed one of these diamond scratchies and really won nothing of value just remember though it does come back every 100 cards that you scratch at the end of the day everyone you have to really determine it is an application like this worth your time or not.


any type of sweepstakes applications I start to get worried with I've just activated the 200 card here as well let's see if we can win some money nope yet again all I get is coins with lucky dollar I can really see them pushing the coins rather than the real world value because multiple reviews stay that lucky dollar actually has a diminishing return system that makes sure you never get to that 50 cash out the fact that they have such a high minimum cash out for the actual real world money is a little bit concerning to me and it does raise some red flags okay especially with how little of the money I'm actually winning per 100 scratchies you see something that you have to think about here everyone is how come I'm able to earn 6.39 of the real world money from scratching cards but then I'm only able to generate 2 million coins from doing the exact same thing these kind of currency systems really do raise red flags as well.


this is what really leads me to believe that lucky dollar more than likely is not worth your time whether or not it actually pays its users or not that's another question altogether but I've played enough of these type of applications to see when an application is really just taking you for a ride to get advertisement views or is one that actually cares about paying you for your time money making apps as a whole don't pay you enough as it is so when you have applications that are literally only paying you like 20 cents per hour unless of course you choose to watch watch every single advertisement possible and times two or times three your coins.


you really are at a huge disadvantage as a user my final verdict on Lucky dollars I believe they're going to pay you out the coin cash out because that seems more realistic than the 50 that you can generate really quickly at the start of using the app but then it starts dying down as time goes on so whether or not you want to take the risk and use it that's completely up to you I've given you my input as someone that's covered hundreds and hundreds of these applications just remember to stay safe out there and if you think that something's not right be sure just to uninstall it and rate it one star and share your experience simple as that thank you very much for watching see you all tomorrow for another review

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