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Lucky Chest Win Real Money VIDEO REVIEW


This Lucky Chest Win Real Money review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Lucky Chest Win Real Money:

Here's what we know about the Lucky Chest Win Real Money  app so far!



Hey everyone vince here today i'm reviewing lucky chest i hope you enjoy let's kick this off lucky chess is a money-making application that caught my attention because it allows the player to actually earn paypal currency but not only that various other gift card rewards just by either matching cards together or scratching cards on a daily basis now you can actually watch advertisements to earn the in-game currency of coins or you can just scratch the cards directly to try and win either coins or direct paypal money.


something i want to make clear here is that you're going to probably want to watch this video to have an understanding of what to expect with lucky chess because it might not be for everyone the main reason why i say that is because when it comes to these type of like lucky chance applications i always have some sort of uncertainty to see if they're actually legitimate or not now the reason why i'm bringing lucky chess to you today on this video is because i actually got a pretty positive vibe out of it and generally i can spot these scam applications pretty quickly and thankfully i didn't get that same impression with lucky chest especially with some of the reviews that i've seen on this application as well on the google play store now the thing is though about it it's going to take time.


i want to break down the currency system here and the actual earning experience to what you can expect if you give lucky chest a try you see for five dollars usd it's going to cost you around 14 million of the in-game coins and the way you earn the coins is either by scratching cards matching cards together entering the lucky star mini game they have where essentially all you need to do is just watch advertisements to earn stars and hopefully beat out the other players that are competing against you enter the various different raffles that they have available from either five dollars or ten dollars you can also watch video ads to earn coins as well if you wanted to and they have a daily login bonus area as well if you enjoy my content please remember to hit like subscribe drop a comment and join my free newsletter to never miss out on upload thank you very much i found the learning experience very straightforward you have to watch an advertisement to pretty much do anything on this application and now i know this is going to cause some drama for some people out there because this application is absolutely filled to the brim with advertisements.







that's a big problem for some people which i completely understand but something else i understand as well is that developers need to have advertisements to actually pay their players because generally what they do is they give you a little bit of a percentage of what they earn through the applications ads so it makes sense that there's so many ads but i have a problem with it because usually ads will appear when i'm just literally trying to flick between different tabs on the application itself so they have an actual area where it shows the winners of every single day okay so you can actually see how much people are cashing out on this application on a daily basis the problem is if i flick between the home page and then i go to the winners tab.


it will sometimes generate an advertisement and i don't like that i hate intrusive advertisements like that i understand they need to make money but why not just make it so we have to watch more ads while we're playing the actual games within the application itself no one likes having an advertisement literally appear out of nowhere okay especially when they're just trying to use the app's basic functions i did notice as well that there is an offer available where if you install another one of their applications they will reward you with a hundred thousand coins completely for free but just remember this guys it takes 14 million coins to actually earn only five dollars usd on this application and if you want some of the other various gift card rewards it can cost even more upwards into maybe 24 million coins i want to break down my own experience on this application so then you guys will have some sort of understanding on what to expect.


so first of all i tried to just scratch cards over and over again and i managed to clock up around one dollar worth of paypal currency in about 24 hours and just keep this in mind they don't let you just constantly keep scratching what the application will actually end up doing is putting you on some sort of timeout so they'll say okay you've scratched enough cards for now why don't you go do something else like play the matching cards game instead in the meantime while you're waiting for the cooldown to go away which i can kind of understand because people would probably just sit there and scratch cards over and over again all day but in my opinion if you're going to do that you have to watch an advertisement so i think it's kind of fair play here guys we're sitting through an advertisement to get a card to scratch with the chance of either scratching for real life money or scratching for coins.







my biggest problem is when it comes to a system like this i'm very scared that the developers might be taking a little bit too much liberty with how much they're actually rewarding you when it comes to coins compared to real life currency so what i noticed is that i was able to win around a hundred thousand coins in that time span as well of course i'm assuming you can earn a lot more coins if you enter into the raffles the star game giveaway and you keep playing that matching card game as well or you watch advertisements to earn coins but it just seems like you're going to be on a huge grind to ever get to that 14 million coin requirement just for five dollars.




another thing that i noticed is that they allow you to double your coin reward per scratchy that you've actually scratched if you watch an advertisement as well so not only do you have to watch an advertisement in between switching tabs you have to watch an advertisement to unlock the scratchy card itself then you have to watch an advertisement to double your coin reward also which i think is a little bit excessive in my honest opinion i notice as well the coins you get from the scratchy sometimes really aren't that much so just remember 14 million for five dollars in my experience i only got between like 1 500 coins to 6 000 coins rewarded to me or at least between that range.


when i scratch these cards obviously if i watched an ad i could double that of course and it all depends on what kind of icons you get on the screen remember it's a scratchy card system so the more icons you get that the scratchy card wants the more reward you can actually win they do claim that you can win up to a thousand dollars on some of these scratchy cards which i do highly doubt of course but this is one of those applications that i'm really on the fence about okay i want someone to try it out there with me because i'm going to keep on trying to get to that 10 cash out mark and i'm going with my gut here because i haven't got the major scam vibes just yet but i also did make this video as well to make sure you guys understood what kind of application you're going to be getting yourself into if you try lucky chest out this is definitely not a get rich fast application.


othis isn't even an application where you can really earn money fast in general what this is is an application you'd use in your spare time check in every day to get those bonus rewards and then you pretty much stop using it for the day it's as straightforward as that i can see though that there are some die-hard players of this application judging from the lucky star area that they have there because it does seem like a lot of people are watching advertisements on this application to get more stars now again whether or not they're botting these people i can't guarantee but i'm giving these developers the benefit of the doubt for now so is lucky chest for everyone.


i mean at the end of the day. we're going to be finding out together here aren't we it seems like a very straightforward application where really nothing is being hidden it's just when it comes to sweepstakes applications anything with these like raffle systems or scratchy card systems i always get a little bit hesitant but from what i can read from the reviews and these don't look like bought five star reviews by the way because people do have problems with the application as well myself included especially with the random ads when i'm just trying to use the app it does seem like hopefully it can be another legitimate app to add to our list thank you very much for watching i'll see you all in one to two days catch you next time.

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