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This LootUp review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On LootUp:

Here's what we know about the LootUp app so far!


Hi everyone vince here is my loot up review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off loot up is a money making application where you can literally earn real life cash just by completing surveys completing offers watching videos and playing games when i say playing games i don't just mean installing games and then getting to a certain level then you get rewarded with the offer being completed i mean you literally get paid real life money just for installing the application and letting it run on your mobile phone.


That is right loot up has the play time rewards section which I absolutely love in these types of applications and I'm sure you will too because it saves so much time and it is super fun to actually earn while playing games of course so the first thing you're going to notice is the very simplistic design of blue top all you need to do is sign up to the application you may need to actually create a profile on it as well so then the application knows what kind of surveys to supply you with so if you guys aren't comfortable with that you might not want to use loot up it's just the standard questions that you always get asked on these money making applications either way.


So it's nothing too out of the ordinary in my opinion so i created my profile and then i was instantly graded to all the various ways that you can actually earn real life money on this app the thing you're going to notice as well is the currency system of points 1 000 points roughly equals around one dollar in your country's currency so it doesn't seem like they pay straight out usd currency it does seem like they pay just based on whatever country you are from which at the end of the day isn't the biggest deal in the world but while we're talking about the various cash out i would like to bring to your attention all the different cash out options that loot up actually supplies you with so not only can you determine how many points you'd like to cash out at once on loot up you will then be greeted to a whole bunch of different gift card options as well on this application which i find absolutely fantastic you see not everyone has paypal or wants to cash out to paypal which is fine and that's why these gift cards exist so of course depending on where you live the gift card options are going to be different so always keep that in mind going into any of these money making applications.

I would, of course, like to say if you're enjoying today's video please remember to hit like drop a comment subscribe and join the free newsletter links are in the description below thank you very much what i noticed with lou top is that there are literally over 100 offers that you can complete on the application itself these offers range from literally installing various applications and then just opening them once to then get rewarded the install offer all the way up to literally playing a game reaching a certain level and then getting paid for reaching that level even trial based subscription services as well where some companies would like you to join their service with a discount of course by going through loot up and then in return loot up will pay you for literally signing up to some of these companies it's a very interesting aspect to the money making applications that i know that some people do actually use personally.


I do not use that kind of trial sign up offer guys i really don't like spending money when i'm trying to just earn some a little bit of cash on a money making application but the options are there for people that do want to sign up to various other subscription services whether it be netflix or something along those lines of course you will get paid quite a large reward as well for doing so so always keep that in mind if you're willing to join up to something these money making applications will usually pay you quite a bit of cash when it comes to the survey side of things there's not really much to go into here if you've ever used a survey application or completed a survey from one of these money making applications you know what to expect i personally did not complete any surveys on loot up so i'm not going to go too in depth into it but i'm sure it's just like any other money making application out there that has surveys on it bluetop does offer a free giveaway section as well with various different giveaway prize pools on their application the only thing is you will have to enter in your details to actually qualify to win anything in these giveaways.


Now remember with these type of applications and their giveaways there is no guarantee you're ever going to win anything but again the option is there for anyone out there that likes to enter in giveaways that happen all the time so as i said everyone has the choice is yours i again don't really enter into giveaways personally because i seriously have the worst luck i feel when it comes to giveaways but maybe some of you guys out there might actually win something so the choice is yours i guess let me know if you do enter in the giveaways because i am curious to see who actually does take the time to enter these type of sweepstakes you can find the giveaway tab at the bottom of the screen very very easy to spot every 24 hours you can actually enter into a spinning prize wheel section where obviously you spin the prize will and hope to redeem a prize and usually guys you're going to win something on this prize wheel.


So it's not like they're not going to reward you whether or not you'll get a high paying prize like here in australia i had the chance to actually win up to 50 cents which was pretty cool that means 500 points by the way speaking of which now that we're talking about the whole point section again i just want to say when it comes to the points you're going to want to try and target highest paying offers so if anyone out there is going to complete offers on loot up try and find applications that you think will actually not take that long but will pay you a high amount of points you don't want to invest your time into applications that more than likely you'll never end up being able to actually beat without spending real life money such as a majority of the casino applications now you might see some really high paying offers for casino applications on loot up for instance but the chances of you getting to the required level without spending any real life money is actually very very slim.


Obviously with casinos you know the house always wins and you end up running out of those free credits eventually so then they require you to buy more it's a very straightforward system the application developers are running here they're hoping that you don't ever make it to that mark without spending real life money so then eventually obviously everyone makes money in return you get paid for completing the offer the developers get paid for you buying the in-game credits and loot up gets the commission for sending you to that application that's just a quick breakdown of how these things actually work and what you should be aware of before you start taking on various different offers now moving on to the play time rewards section of loot up what i have to say is pretty simple it is literally just like every other playtime rewards application where all you need to do is install the application literally let it run on your mobile phone and then you get rewarded for spending time in that game it's as simple as that everyone now it doesn't even matter if it's a game or not by the way it could be any application that they're asking you to download what i did notice though is that obviously the longer you play the game or application for you do get a little bit more reward but the time between getting rewarded keeps getting longer and longer.


So that's always something to really keep in mind and of course, the more you download the games the less and less rewarded games you're going to get so what I mean by that is you could start off with a very high paying game but then all the other games that the application recommends that you download are going to be much less when it comes to how much they're going to pay you for using them which is pretty standard again with these type of applications so i just wanted to make that clear you're not always going to get high paying games on loot up but i was lucky enough to get one or two very high paying ones which allowed me to achieve the cash out amount.




Now it's time to talk about the actual cash out on loot up in my experience so with the cash out it was extremely easy guys I cannot make it any clearer all i did was go to the PayPal section of loot up and enter in the desired amount of points that I wanted to actually withdraw and then within 24 hours that money hit my PayPal account it was one of the smoothest experiences which I am so happy about you have no idea so I can confirm lootup is a legitimate application as you can see by the payment proof on the screen right now I don't even know if there's a minimum withdrawal on this application because I was able to cash out around 2.50 almost without any issues whatsoever so give it a shot everyone let me know what you think in the comments below thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed i'll see you all in a few days catch you around.

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