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This LootGain review will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!


Thoughts On LootGain:

Here's what we know about LootGain  so far!


Welcome to my LootGain Review! You can legit cash out in 1 hour on this new money making platform! If you want to earn money online in 2022 then look no further because you will be seeing my LootGain Payment Proof plus my own tips and tricks to make more cash using it! This is a super simple and easy way to earn cash as we find out if it really is real or fake by testing it out.



Remember everyone this whole LootGain review is based on my experience here in Australia so always keep this in mind because each person will have their own unique time on this platform. If you are looking to get paid by surveys or by playing games then LootGain is also a great choice but the amount of ways to earn money is a bit low at the moment.


Hello everyone vince here welcome to my loot gain review can you really make money within one hour on this platform or is it an absolute scam that's what we're going to find out today i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so loot gain is a new money-making platform where you can earn real-life cash by completing surveys playing games and completing tasks and offers now the currency that you earn on loot gain is called loot so any task or offer or survey that you complete on this platform will generate loot for you one thousand loot equals roughly one dollar at least in my country of australia.


of course when it comes to making money online depending on your age your gender and location the results will vary so always keep this in mind everyone now once you've signed up to loot gain you'll notice that the layout is extremely basic and easy to understand which is a very good start all of the main functions are located at the top of the screen first we have the dashboard tab which allows you to see how much loot or money that you've generated on loot gain plus you'll notice there is a daily check-in button as well loot gain allows you to earn free loot by checking in on their website on a daily basis at the time of this recording i was rewarded 10 loot for my daily check-in you will also notice some sort of a leveling system on the dashboard page as well so the more active you are on loot gain it seems that your profile levels up as time goes on this will also grant you extra loot rewards.


now if you scroll down further you'll notice that there is a referral system for loot gang the loot game referral system reminds me a lot of some other money making platforms that i've covered before where you get to earn five percent of your referrals earnings completely for free just for bringing them onto the platform and of course this does not interrupt their earning experience at all these rewards are all personally given to you by loot gain speaking of which if you use my referral code you'll be gifted a free 100 loot which technically is about 10 cents of starting currency so if you're going to join up to loot game be sure you enter in my code as of course it does support me as well.


obviously but at least you get some free currency on the right side of the screen you'll find the chat rooms this is where anyone that's using loot gain at the current time is talking amongst each other you can also contact loot gain support here from what i can see the next tab is the earn tab now this is where you can actually generate your loot by either completing surveys playing the games or completing tasks and offers a lot of these offers will require you to play a game that's the benefit of an offer wall system that loot gain has you'll notice that there is a featured offers section this is the section that loot gain thinks that you will enjoy the most or perhaps they're promoting at the current time now since loot gain is a new money making platform.


it is a little bit bare bones at the moment but i'm sure as time goes on they'll be adding way more money making opportunities at the current time of this recording there are about eight different offer walls for me to go through on loot games i did just want to mention if you guys enjoy what i do here on youtube please don't forget to hit like subscribe drop a comment share this video to anyone you think would like to see it and of course join my free newsletter you guys are helping me get to 80 000 subscribers so thank you so much something that's really good about the offer wall system on loot gain is the fact that a lot of these offer walls will have bonuses running at the same time.


now what that means is take for instance mon licks they're having a 50 bonus right now on all of their offers and tasks so that means no matter what you complete through that offer wall you'll get 50 bonus on top of the original price now when you're making money online you can imagine how much this actually helps your earning progress another instance is bit labs is also having a 30 bonus at the current time as well so that's the thing you have to do with these offer walls everyone you have to try and shop around and see which ones have the best bonuses running at the current time of you using their platform thanks to molex having that 50 bonus if you have a look at some of the offers they're providing they're literally ranging in rewards in the 50 to 150 dollar range it actually gets quite insane.


once you think about the amount of money some of these offers and tasks are allowing you to earn the only thing is though obviously with the higher paying offers and tasks you will more than likely have to spend a lot more time on them plus you might have to actually give your own money to some of these apps with in-game purchases or sign-ups so always remember that as well now moving on to the actual cash out tab of loot gain loot gain has two separate areas for cash outs one involving cryptocurrency and one involving general cash payouts as i said before it is quite bare bones and the cash out options are quite limited at the moment.


i'm sure as time goes on they'll start implementing new cash out options and hopefully we'll see paypal on that list because that's what i noticed was missing when i reviewed this platform some of these cash out options will have different minimums to cash out by the way for example one of the cryptocurrency cash outs only need a one dollar minimum while the cash gift cards might need five or ten dollars minimum so it all depends on what you're looking to cash out on loot gang the next tab is the leaderboard tab and this is where you'll find a 10 daily giveaway that loot gain is hosting on their platform so obviously the more that you get involved with the platform.


the more tasks and offers you complete to generate loot that will increase your chances of winning the daily giveaways i'm sure the price will go up eventually as well guys just remember though it seems that ten dollars is split between a certain amount of members each day so it's not like you're going to be winning ten dollars each the last tab is the your rewards tab which has your earning history on it so you can see what kind of tasks and offers and surveys you completed on the platform so where does loot game stand compared to other money-making platforms look as a new money-making platform.


i'm not going to judge it too harshly okay because the whole concept is this developer seems to want to try and grow this website into something bigger than what it is at the moment and to be honest with you it all worked pretty flawlessly so i don't have anything to really complain about with it except for not having too many options at the moment which i'm sure the developer knows already it does seem that loot gain has a verification system though where i'm pretty sure the more active users get their instant cash out bonus whereas people that don't have that verified status might have to wait up to 24 hours for their cash out at least that's what i'm thinking when it comes down to it does loot gain actually pay you.


i was able to generate one dollar worth of loot in about one hour on this platform by completing surveys i was disqualified a whole bunch of times as well but that comes with the package of doing surveys online so that wasn't that big of a deal i cashed out one dollar worth of litecoin cryptocurrency and i was paid within five minutes of activating that order so i am happy to say that at the current time of this recording loot gain is legit something else to keep in mind when completing surveys is of course please always answer honestly because if you don't the survey providers will more than likely try and backtrack your answers to see if you're always sticking to the same ones and if you're not then you get disqualified or banned i think that's one of the main reasons why people have trouble with surveys either that or they rush through them you do have to take your time when answering surveys so please always keep this in mind we now have hundreds of legitimate money making methods on the youtube channel so please be sure to check those out after you watch this video by the way so there you go everyone loot gain is another money making method to add to the legit paying list at the moment thank you so much for watching and thank you to loot game for sponsoring today's video i'll catch you all tomorrow for another review see you later.


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