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This Lively Zoo review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On Lively Zoo:

Here's what we know about the Lively Zoo app so far!

Welcome To My Lively Zoo Review! Another new money making application claiming that you can win hundreds of dollars merging animals! Is it a fake scam or real legit? I'll try and get Lively Zoo Payment Proof to see if I can Cash Out on it.

Remember everyone Lively Zoo has been created for one single purpose in my opinion and that's to make money off of you the user! These type of money making apps are completely rigged in my view and they need to be dealt with ASAP by Google because the longer they are online for the more money that the developers are making by scamming you.


hey everyone vince here welcome to my lively zoo review i hope you enjoyed let's kick this off lively zoo is a money-making application that has been spamming my mobile phone with ads it's claiming that you can win up to 360 dollars just by merging little tiny animals together not only that lively zoo is also claiming that you can win thousands of dollars worth of real life prizes and get them sent to your home we're talking about tvs macbooks nike air jordans ps5s it literally goes on and on the only thing you have to do is collect enough puzzle pieces for these items the way you get the puzzle pieces is by merging the animals together lively zoo is also claiming that they have multiple cash out options so not just paypal currency.


there are two different currencies including the in-game coin currency or the straight-up cash currency both of these can be used to cash out real-life money they're also claiming if you invite your friend you can earn up to 324 dollars which is an extremely high amount just to invite someone the gameplay itself is extremely simple they do give you limited moves but generally i don't think you can actually lose on this game now the way you get paid the currency is each time you merge those animals you get closer and closer into a prize when you eventually unlock that prize you will then be gifted straight up cash.


something that i caught onto very fast on lively zoo is that the more you play the application the more advertisements will spam you every single action will cause you to watch an advertisement this is a big problem straight off the bat but to make things worse the more i played lively zoo the more i started to realize as well i was actually entering a diminishing return system if you don't know what that is think of it as the closer you get to the minimum cash out of 360 dollars the more and more advertisements you'll be forced to watch and what that means is that essentially this is a developer's way of tricking you into watching more and more advertisements fattening their wallets.



remember every advertisement you watch the developer gets money from that's why you'll find apps that are spamming ads every single 30 seconds or less so what does that mean for lively zoo well in my personal experience i was able to earn 10 to 20 dollars almost just by merging those little animals together at the start of my gameplay experience but then the closer and closer i got towards that goal of 360 dollars what i realized is that i was starting to get only five dollar rewards down to three dollar rewards down to one dollar rewards it just kept going lower and lower and lower now remember you have to watch an advertisement every single time to claim the rewards so when they kept giving me lower and lower rewards that means more advertisements i swear to god i easily watched over a hundred advertisements getting this footage avoid lively zoo like the plague in my opinion it is a complete joke app and you will never see that money i hope i help someone out there see you all tomorrow.

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