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This LifePoints review will cover all aspects of the application and website plus it's money earning capabilities & my personal Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On LifePoints:

Here's what we know about the LifePoints platform so far!


Hey everyone vince here welcome to my life points review ladies and gentlemen what if i told you you could earn at least one dollar minimum per survey that you completed well on live points that's exactly what they're offering up on the screen right now you are actually seeing every single survey that i completed where 100 of these points equals one dollar real life currency of course before we get too far ahead of ourselves depending on where you live the survey prices will more than likely change.


At least here in australia 95 of the surveys that i was offered were bare minimum giving me one dollar currency for completing them the highest amount of points that i saw were roughly 200. what you'll start to realize when using life points is that depending on the length of the survey generally that will determine the price that life points will pay you for completing a survey if you have an iphone or an android device you can access life points by either going to their website or downloading their application also as soon as you sign up to lifepoint you'll discover straight away that the actual design of this platform is very straightforward they literally give you the survey straight up once you've had your account roughly for about 24 hours or so.



If you don't see survey straight away don't panic if you are ever prompted to complete any profile surveys make sure to get them done as well because this tells life points more about you the user so then they can give you more surveys it's very straightforward some tips to actually earn more on life points is to always answer the surveys honestly and with the same answers so don't go swapping them up every survey plus do not speed through the surveys either because these survey providers are watching how fast you get those surveys done.


Something that i found absolutely unbelievable about live points is that i actually was not disqualified once in the one hour that i spent completing surveys on their platform it was a very welcome surprise so to give you the cheat sheet for life points essentially sign up wait under 24 hours to get your first survey ideally find the surveys that pay you the most points in the shortest amount of time try and get them done in a reasonable time.


Achieve the minimum cash out and then head over to the rewards tab this is where you're going to find all the various cash out options that lifepoint has at least in my country i'm able to cash out multiple different ways on life points the main one that i was showing on today's video was a kohl's gift card which is a local supermarket gift card here in australia but you can cash out paypal currency amazon currency and various other currencies located in your general country you see that's the thing with life points it changes where you live obviously so what you're seeing on my screen might not be what you'll see in your country when you use life points i do know for a fact that the paypal withdrawal is around ten dollars minimum so you might have to keep that in mind but thankfully the kohl's gift card that i ordered only took a 5.50 minimum and when i cashed out that gift card everyone it literally only took two days to hit my email account so i can confirm that lifepoint is still paying its players at least in my country of australia and you can seriously earn quite a bit of money if you have the time and put the effort in i hope i helped someone out there see you all tomorrow for another review.

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