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This JustPlay review for Android will cover all aspects of the application and it's money earning capabilities plus Payment Proof to decide if it's legit or fake. I hope you enjoy it and consider becoming a Subscriber after watching!

Thoughts On JustPlay:

Here's what we know about the JustPlay app so far!


Hey everyone it's vince here welcome to my just play review i hope you enjoy let's kick this off so the whole concept of just play is something that i can really get behind all you need to do and all this app promises is that you need to download games play them for a certain amount of time or reach a certain objective on the game and then you can actually earn real life money in the form of coins you then of course convert these coins into real life cash now just play is promising three hour cash outs.


this is something that i've really never seen before with a money making application so it definitely caught my attention now something that i want to say straight off the bat here is depending on your age country and of course gender your application might look completely different to what you are seeing here on the screen okay so always keep that in mind this is my personal experience here in australia so if you're to download just play you might see something completely different to what you're seeing on my video the actual design of just play though is so straightforward everyone literally all you do is sign up to the application.



then you should see a huge amount of different games to choose from which is quite refreshing now you'll notice under the game's title that there are specific missions or tasks for you to complete to earn coins these coins will then be converted into real life money at the end of each three hour threshold so you'll notice at the top of the screen of justplay there is a balance section on the right of that balance section you'll see the cash out option if you tap that little cash out button you'll then see the three hour timer ticking down and once that three hour timer hits zero in theory you should get a certain amount of real life money based on the amount of coin that you collected while playing various applications on just play i just quickly wanted to say guys we're on the road to 80 000 subscribers so thank you all so much.


 i really do enjoy the various different types of games that just play allows us to actually install and earn real life money with something that i did notice though and this is something that i need to make extremely clear i tested the cash out method on just play multiple times and i'm going to explain to you why in a couple of minutes but i just want to talk about the actual objective section of this application aka playing games and completing a certain task to earn the coin what you will notice on just play is every time you complete a certain objective or complete a level on this application you will earn a certain amount of coins.


roughly here in australia i get around eight to ten thousand coins per objective completed something that you will notice as well is that every time you collect a certain amount of coins it adds towards your goal so you do have a coin goal that you need to reach to be able to actually cash out on just play now at least here in australia reaching that goal literally took between three to four minutes it really wasn't that long at all it's depending on country so even though it took me three to four minutes to reach that minimum cash out on just play in your country it might take you 30 minutes or more something that i also noticed and i feel like is a massive red flag is that sometimes just play didn't reward me with coins for completing objectives and that is a big problem to me.


i feel like a lot of these money making applications out there in the market have this type of problem where they don't really reward the player properly or don't explain why you're not being rewarded for completing a said task you can actually watch an advertisement to earn coins straight up everyone but i noticed as well the reward for watching these ads will actually decrease the more that you use it so seems that they have diminishing returns this is a massive problem okay so when you're expecting to earn a certain amount of cash for a certain amount of coins generated every time and then you see that you're getting less and less of a real-life money reward.


even though you're earning the same amount of coins that is really disheartening okay and i'm sure you guys out there will understand what i'm talking about if you use just play so the first time around you might earn 80 real life cents right for clocking up around 100 000 coins which could take roughly around 10 to 30 minutes alright at least here in my country but the next time around when you try to do that again after the first three hour threshold has passed you'll notice right that you only earn five cents so i don't understand how it goes from 80 cents to then five cents or even two cents everyone it is so crazy to me i've had times where the timer would go down to zero.


i would get no reward whatsoever for the coins that i generated that is not acceptable in my opinion under any circumstances to not give the player anything even though they've passed the goal by the way so my goal was like 60 000 coins and i managed to get like nearly 300 000 coins and the application rewarded me with absolutely nothing but then sometimes it would reward me for 60 000 coins without an issue whatsoever and this is what takes me to my next section which is the offers section on just play.


you can complete offers and tasks if you want to but i seriously wouldn't bother wasting time with that because if they can't even pay you correctly for playing games within their own application i'm not going to trust them to pay me for completing offers okay it's just that simple now as i said i'm trying not to be too negative on just play because i really do enjoy the actual application itself and the concept of it but they're not paying their players correctly which is a big problem so it roughly took me around six hours or so to earn two dollars worth of usd but in reality it only took me about one hour or so to earn that many coins over and over again what you don't realize though is that i lost easily nine hours of my time with missing coins.


so what i mean by that is that they either didn't pay me the right amount or they just didn't pay me at all multiple times at least in my country you can earn the coins extremely easy it's just you don't know if they're going to pay you after the three hours is up so when it comes to the actual cash out on just play guys there are multiple different cash out options i personally chose paypal for today's video but i did see amazon as well plus some other various ones that you will see on the screen at the moment i'm actually happy to say though that justplay did pay me instantly when i did ask for those paypal cash outs.


now the first time around there is no real minimum paypal cash out but the second time around you will need one dollar minimum to cash out by a paypal so please keep that in mind so what can i really say about just play is it for everyone i mean sure if they actually pay their players correctly all i can say guys is give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comment section below i'm really hit or miss with this application i had a bad time with the actual payouts of my rewards but they did cash out without any issues once i was allowed to cash out something to keep in mind here they will ask for verification including your address by the way so that might put some people off this application but that's why i do these reviews so then you don't have to go through it i would love to know how much money you guys made on just play so please let me know in the comments below because i'm very curious to see how it pays per country thank you so much for watching i'll see you all in one to two days guys stay safe catch you around

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